70s Interior Design: 10 Interesting Interior Design Ideas From the 70s

The 70’s style was recognized by the earthy colors, occasional pops of color, and the use of natural materials. The iconic style is back in trend, with a modern twist to give it a fresh update.

If you wish to begin the retro vibe in your home, we have some ideas for you. This post features interesting interior design ideas from the 70s.

When you go through them, you can grab the inspiration you ended to update your home! 

1. Earthy colors

The iconic 70s style came right after the famous mid-century modern style. Therefore you might notice the influence of the past style. One of the common characteristics is the use of earthy colors. They add warmth to the space, making it look more inviting. We can’t ignore that the 70s had some major design mistakes. The avocado kitchen and ugly carpets might be the first thing that comes to your mind. And let’s not forget about the burnt orange fridge. However, we can leave those features behind and go for more updated choices. 


2. Biophilic element 

In the 70s, adding nature to the home was extremely popular. The same trend was seen in mid-century modern as well. However, the trend continues even today. Contemporary styles also implement biophilic elements as a way to bring nature closer to us in a dynamic lifestyle. 


3. Mix and match

Using a mix-and-match approach when admiring the space with prints is another way to bring the maximalist vibe. However, you will still need to keep things cohesive to avoid the kitschy look. When mixing patterns, make sure that they have something in common. It might be the print type or the color scheme. You can purchase already-made sets with different patterns to ensure a tasteful look. 


4. Natural materials

Adding a touch of nature to your home is always trending. Even back then, they did their best to add organic elements to their home design. Through the deliberate use of furniture, they brought a recognizable style to the space. If you wish to implement the style in a more modern way, go for wicker or rattan furniture. Wood paneling will also do the trick. Terrazzo flooring is another thing to consider as a way to add visual interest to the home. This material was prevalent back in the 70s for flooring. However, you can implement it in any way that resonates with your space.  


5. Vibrant colors

Although we’ve seen warm neutrals, a pop of color wasn’t unfamiliar with this style. We can see occasional boosts of avocado green, rusty orange, and wine red. However, you can keep the modern look while still introducing vivid colors. The avocado green accents in this living room convey the desired style while giving it a modern twist. However, be careful when using colors.

As you can see, the bold colors are primarily used as accents to refresh the space. Ensure to avoid the mistake from the 70s when people used to mix clashing colors. This creates a chaotic look in your home, and we believe we learn this from past mistakes. 


6. Intriguing prints

Whether it is an eye-catchy wallpaper, throw pillows, or decor, the intriguing prints are a signature feature of this style. Nonetheless, we don’t want to have a mix of clashing patterns. The modern approach focuses on the moderate use of prints to add visual interest without overwhelming the space. You certainly don’t want to overdo it, so opt for a set of mix-and-match accent pillows. This living room keeps the color scheme neutral, while the vibrant pillows add decorative touch typical of the 70s. 


7. Retro lighting 

Go for retro lighting when you’re looking for decor options that convey the 70s style without overriding it. The use of luxury chandeliers will bring a retro vibe to the space while making a significant statement. Add one over the seating area to anchor your living room. Floor lamps will also add a decorative touch while providing additional lighting where you need it. 


8. Plush textiles 

The upholstery will have a decorative touch with its plush texture. Boucle was one of the 70s favorite choices. Although it isn’t loved by many, it is still a part of this style. The fabric is considered difficult to clean, so some will try to avoid it. But we can’t underestimate the beauty of the textured fabric. If you still wish to add a boucle without sacrificing effort and time, go for simple accents. But also, you can go for plush velvet to add the 70s vibe. An elegant chair will make a gorgeous statement in the home office. You can play with the color and go for deep jewel tones to add drama. 


9. Maximalist decor

The 70s style implements lots of details that ornate the space. We know that this passed the line and questioned the tastefulness. However, be sure that you can introduce maximalist decor to your home and still make it look tasteful. A mirror coffee table would be the ideal modern addition to this style. 


10. Furniture shape

When it comes to furniture, keep in mind that it takes different shapes. Curvy and bulky furniture will make a statement in a large living room. You can go with bulky pieces with curved silhouettes to introduce the 70s spirit. However, you can add rattan and wicker furniture to bring texture to play. It is important to note that the 70s were a time of change. Sunken living rooms were introduced as an alternative to the standard setting and were highly popular then. This living room design enjoys popularity today when seen as a luxury feature and a part of high-end homes. 


The 70s style is back in the interior design world. Based on our ideas and tips, you can implement them in a modern way. Add interesting patterns, implement Moore warm neutrals, and get furniture in unusual shapes to breathe this style into your space. If you need more inspiring ideas, make sure to follow us!