An awkward living room can be challenging to work with. Coming up with the proper layout is difficult when your room has an odd shape. It can be a long or narrow one. Or, the space may be too big, and the furniture may look disproportionate.

However, there are still ways to work around an odd layout. This post features the ultimate awkward living room ideas and professional decor tips. Once you go through them, you will know how to manage your living room.

1. Furniture away from walls

An awkward living room makes it difficult to arrange the furniture. It might have odd architectural features or an unusual shape. When creating a layout seems complicated, all you need to do is move the furniture away from the walls. In this case, the sofa and armchairs were moved away from the wall to create a more intimate seating area. A large and bulky sofa is ideal for big living rooms, as it will look proportionate.

2. Follow the natural focal point

When the living room has a lot of visual interest, working around it can be confusing. We can take this living room as an example. There are so many things that grab your attention. First, it is the large windows. Then, it is the architectural details on the ceiling. And we can’t help but highlight the beauty of the stoned fireplace. In such cases, it is better to go minimal. Simplify the furniture and introduce minimal decor since the space already has visual interest.

3. Farmhouse living room

The fantastic fireplace is the natural focal point in this living room design. The seating area is built around it, creating a cozy place for relaxing. The decor is kept minimal to avoid a cluttered and heavy look. Simple artwork over the mantel and a floor lamp is enough to add a finishing touch to a farmhouse living room without overwhelming the space.

4. Conversation areas

When the living room is long, creating separate conversational areas will make the odd layout appear more conventional. In this case, we have a cozy reading nook by the fireplace. The two armchairs in front of the window accompany the main seating area while giving the awkward space a purpose. The area rug defines the living room, anchoring the conversational area.

5. Long narrow space

Working with a long and narrow space is challenging, especially if it is an open-plan space. In this case, the log space is a living room and a dining room. The rectangular table perfectly complements the odd shape instead of working against it. The two loveseats create the perfect seating arrangement to work for the irregular shape. With this, the open space is separated into different zones.

6. Large living room

In large living rooms, zoning separate areas can be beneficial. In this room, they managed to create two different zones which interrupt the odd layout. This is done with the help of two different area rugs. The gray patterned rug anchors the main seating area, consisting of sofa, loveseat, ottoman, and armchairs. The two armchairs by the windows are anchored with a light gray rug to divide the different zones visually. With this, the awkward layout is broken down into two cohesive parts.

7. Furniture position

The traffic flow is an important thing to consider when shaping the living room layout. You want to make it easier to move around the room without bumping into furniture. This living room is divided from the dining area with pocket doors, meaning optimal traffic flow is needed. The placement of the armchairs allows a proper traffic flow while keeping the conversion area snug. The smaller items are placed along the corners to avoid obstructing the traffic flow.

8. Simple layout 

A centered seating area is ideal for an awkward living room. In this case, the sofa world blocks the sunlight if placed next to the oversized windows. But also it will stop the traffic flow if placed near the entry. The small sofa takes a central position for an optimal layout. Also, it will visually divide the seating area from the kitchen.

9. Furniture shape

A circular setting will work perfectly fine when you find it difficult to set up a cozy and intimate conversational area. Center the seating area with a round coffee table and position the furniture around it. A sofa with a curved shape will ideally complement awkward living rooms, making the setting feel snugger. However, you can play with traditional furniture if you try to create a circular shape. If the living room doesn’t let that, you can even go for a semi-circular shape for an intimate setting.

10. Add accents

When your living room has awkward architectural features that make it challenging to work with, implement them in the setting. The odd fireplace in the corner was given an update to match the color scheme of this fantastic living room. The large sectional creates a cozy seating area scored with oversized art. The TV is still the focal point, creating a living room for entertainment. Sticking to the defined color scheme is the solution for creating a cohesive space while working with an odd living room.

11. Neutral color scheme

12. Two sofas layout

13. Custom shape sofa

14. Easy traffic flow

15. Symmetry

16. Go bold

17. Window seating

18. Eclectic style

19. Layout tailored to your space

20. Mid-Century style

With these fantastic ideas and helpful tips, you will know how to set up an awkward living room. You can play with the furniture layout, create separate zones, or use accents. If you need more interior design tips, don’t forget to follow us!