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When a baby is about to be born, everyone is excited. Grandparents start impulse buying ( buying on sight), parents are buying in advance. Creating the perfect room/nursery for your little one can be the most challenging but satisfying task as a parent-to-be. Most especially, on revealing the gender, it influences many things such as the color of clothes, choice of toys, the color of the room, and so on.

If you are expecting a baby girl, you must have had a series of choices flood your head, from the room color to the crib’s design. There is more than enough research and planning that goes into creating a safe and appealing nursery. If it’s a baby girl, the immediate thought that comes to mind will be pink, which is a feminine and pretty color. 

Pink didn’t start up as a feminine color; in the early 1900s, pink was associated with boys because it was a stronger and bolder color. But for some unknown reason, the color pink switched genders and became more suited for the female gender. There is no doubt why girls love pink, it is also a very calm color, and it is easy to sleep in. If you don’t know, some colors are easy for babies to sleep in and feel comfortable. 

Along with pink, all hues of grey are also a perfect choice for your baby girl. In cases where you would love to keep the colors around your baby girl neutral, grey is the perfect choice of color. Depending on your preference, you can use these colors for your baby girls’ nursery as a combination or alone ‘monochrome style. 

Now, I will walk you through some ideas for your baby girl’s room to help you channel your creativity into creating and decorating your baby’s nursery.


Pink is a very adaptable color, and there are many ways to incorporate it into your baby girl’s room


This room idea is quite the fierce one, perhaps one that represents just how strong and stylish a woman you want your baby girl to grow into. It is made evident with the choice of decorations used here.

This room idea features a chocolate brown babyletto 3-in-1 convertible cot laid out in contrast to the soft pink wall. The wall also has leopard print wallpaper for that strong and exciting aesthetic.

The aesthetic is helped along even further with a cute little plant pot just by the side of the cot. You can also see a plush, hand-tufted rug with bright colors, suitable for your princess’s room.

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This room outlook is simple and outstanding; some items are put in place to give the room a fascinating look. 

This idea features a cotton candy pink colored wall; cotton candy pink is a soft and cheerful cerise pink and the ideal color for your baby girl’s room.

 The shade of pink gracefully embraces the acrylic luma crib with Rafia tote bags laid on the ground as a form of decoration and storage. The addition of a white fur rug makes the appearance of the room pop more.

In this room outlook, you can also see a plant vase by the window; this particular piece of decoration gives the room a touch of nature, making it a great idea to be considered for your little girl’s nursery.

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The next idea will allow you to channel your creativity and instinct; it entails working with a very light pink hue. This room outlook shows us wood-paneled walls painted in pink accent. This space occupies a modern white convertible crib with a light pink pillow fluffed on it. 

There is a tripod lamp placed on the corner to better announce the aesthetics, which is meant to light up the room to give a cool effect. We see a boucle Swivel chair on the side with a pink ottoman for comfortable snuggle times.

 The room is also designed with a draped wooden bead chandelier and a round mini table with a little pink houseplant. Thereby completing the design with pink linen curtains and a white cotton rug.

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When simple is your go-to, this is the right choice for you. It contains the color pink with a mix of white and beautiful items. 

Gracing this esthetical view is a plain white Flynn cot lying in a wood-paneled wall room painted in light pink. The room is graced with a white tulle curtain to complement the light shade of pink. 

 A butterfly wall art is hung on the wall to intensify the baby girl feeling of the room, and in addition to it is a medium-sized plush swan placed on the floor. And the rust area rug to back up the aesthetics.

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This particular room idea is interesting and probably good enough for you to whip up for that precious little addition. The outlook plays with glass and comfort, the glass chandelier at the top and the glass end table with a cute table lamp by the window. 

This idea features a grey painted background that subtly accepts all the pink and white kept in its space, such as the pink swivel glider with an ottoman, the pink round mat, the white curtains, and the white soft fluffy rug that covers more than half of the entire floor.

The cherry on this particular icing is the presence of a 3d flower frame with a name inscription on it, which you can customize with your baby girl’s name.

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This idea is supposed to be named the ‘picture perfect manger.’ It is a clear representation of deluxe and class.

It features a pink camo wall mural and an acrylic crib. This acrylic crib may look delicate, but it is made of non-toxic materials and would even be an advantage for your little princess when she gets to the teething stage. You would not have to stress about her nibbling on wood or iron.

A pleated backdrop draping over the acrylic cot with a lifelike plush giraffe standing over the crib, a medium-sized rocking pony to intensify the deluxe feel, and a light grey rug that spans across the room. There is also the presence of a bookcase/dollhouse with drawers for decoration and storage.

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Dream catchers are said to affect sleep and dreams, protect from bad dreams, and make good dreams happen, but they are also good to look at when draped over a sebra cot. 

This idea shows the beauty of a white tulle backdrop with a pink flower design complimented with giant paper roses and butterflies on both corners of the horizontal slat wall painted in powdered pink. 

A birth poster or baby drawing is seen hung on the wall, a round pink ottoman topped with a star and a starry round rug are put in to accentuate the look.

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We can see the white crib with pink ribbons sitting pretty room painted light grey for this idea. There is the candle chandelier gloriously draping from the ceiling to illuminate the soft linen curtains on the window. 

At the corner of the crib is a white dresser decorated with table flower décor. While a pink shag rug is doing its entire best by giving the room the princess feel.

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This charcoal-colored wall is a sight for sore eyes for a more subtle color of the environment. The way this dark hue embraces the baby shade of pink is entirely amazing.

This idea features a charcoal-colored wall with a crib fitted with baby pink sheets and a blanket. The glass chandelier is a good addition to the appearance; the drum rattan stool, the white dresser, and the baby pink rug are also. 

This baby girl room idea includes a pink rectangle rug, a pink ottoman, and a bunch of 3d butterflies around the vintage mirror hung on the wall.

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This baby girl room idea sees baby girl wall art placed on a light grey wall. The exquisite gold crib is covered by a baby pink curtain tent or canopy with star garland.

The Moroccan leather bean bag adds more flavor to the mix in color grey, accompanied by a grey plush teddy bear and a piece of pink fur rug on the side.

Aside from the wall art, this idea’s artistic part also includes wooden eyelashes in the color pink stuck to the wall above the crib.    

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I am sure your baby girl means the world to you, and she’s your princess, and every princess needs her little castle. This is the aesthetic of this baby girl room idea, a gothic royalty feel.

Here we see a primarily grey outlook, with grey walls covered in white lattices to accentuate the color. The grey tone of the room is complemented by the soft, almost lotus shade of pink that graces the cot and other adornments in the room.

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Do you want your baby girl’s room to exude style and a high sense of fashion? Then this is the one for you. If you desire the best and most soothing color and texture combination for your child’s room? Keep reading then.

For this room idea, we see mostly hand-knit accessories to create a more “centered” and calm. It features a knit chandelier, a pouf, and soft pink curtains that help give the room that palpable sweetness overall. The cot does a great job of offering a contrast with its off-white shade.

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Here we can see just how masterfully you can combine colors such as grey and pink without being a bore or cliché. Often, interior décor is not just down to taking bold steps and hoping it sticks; there’s a lot of work involved.

For this baby girl room idea, we see a much darker shade of grey, almost ash even, and sharp contrast with the bright pink of the curtains.

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Pink is a vibrant and enthusiastic color, evoking calm, containing passion and heightened relaxation. Your baby girl needs to be surrounded by a healthy amount of pink.

Here, the supply of pink is the crib, which is 100% bright pink, and boy is it beautiful! The wallpaper of choice is such a brilliant one, offering much-needed contrast between the two dominant colors.

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Grey is supposedly one of the few cool to look at colors, and having it in the mix for your creative prowess of working on your little girl’s room is lovely. The hue itself offers a sense of semblance and chill. 

The convertible cot here is grey, which very much compliments the baby pink curtain. Apart from the pink curtain, the only other supply of pink is the huge rose flower prints on the light grey wall. 

The wide grey dresser table also compliments this aesthetics, plus the white fur rug placed at the center of the room.

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Just in case you didn’t know, tassel chandeliers are a thing and a very beautiful thing. They give the room a traditional but chic look.

This idea features a simple pink crib to accentuate the blush rose wallpaper. The blush pink tassel chandelier drapes gracefully from the ceiling to complement the entire ensemble of the room. 

The room is complete with a stack of alphabet décor and a round rug.

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Featuring a couple of rose garland frames on a grey-colored room is top-notch. The colors agree and create a beautiful look. 

A French chair complements the white crib in this idea for comfort and nice cuddle naps. The window blinds are a perfect match for the room décor and the side stool with a side lamp and a vase of decorative flowers.

These features are the right fit for the grey rug that spans across the room.

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A grey area rug accompanied with a light pink tulle curtain is one of the combinations that can fit into your baby girl’s room. The grey crib in this outlook is layered with light pink sheets.

We can also see peony flowers beautifully arranged on the grey wall; this contrast is everything. It intensifies on the feminine and neutral side of your princess. The addition of a metal chandelier to cap it all is what makes it stand out.

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This 4 in 1 convertible grey crib is one of the ways to treat your baby girl like the royalty that she is. The crib is placed in a room with wooden panels. 

These wooden panels are seen to accommodate a name inscription on the wall. Also seen is white window blinds accompanied by linen curtain. A grey convertible chair is placed by the window, and a side stool and a mini plant décor.

Other wall frames stacked on the wall for perfection and the side lamp beside the convertible chair, finishing off with an off-white rug.

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Starting from the ceiling, we can see a white and gold flush mount light, then to the dark grey flower wallpaper gracing the wall. The grey wallpaper is the highlight of this idea.

What is a baby girl room idea without a crib? This idea shows a brown wooden crib, a white dresser, and a one-seater sofa that contains plush stuffed toys.

 We can also see a vintage rattan ottoman placed by the sofa, finished off with a multicolor vintage rectangular rug.

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The excitement that comes with preparing for the arrival of your beautiful bundle of joy is so overwhelming, and when it’s almost time, you almost feel like you don’t have enough time to put things together. Meanwhile, you have been preparing since you got the news.

Creating the perfect living and sleeping environment is tasking but enjoyable; it is like putting all of your feelings in a room, getting ready for your bundle of joy to feel all your love through everything you have put together.

So with these few ideas, I’m very sure that creating the perfect room or nursery for your little princess will no longer be a challenge.