20 Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget

A backyard deck is ideal for enjoying the morning sun or gathering with family and friends. However, building a deck doesn’t have to be too expensive. If you have the skills, you can also turn this into a DIY project to showcase your knowledge.

We gathered a list of the best backyard ideas on a budget. You can find the ideal fit for your specific needs with so many different designs. Make sure to go through them all and choose your favorite!

1. Small deck

No space is too small for setting up a cozy deck. Even the tiniest backyard can become a comfy area for outdoor entertainment. This simple yet charming design offers everything you need for a Sunday barbecue with family and friends. You can build a DIY bench to provide ample seating space if you have extra planks after your project. The small deck has enough room for a barbecue and a cozy seating area. 


2. Deck with outdoor kitchen 

If you are serious about entertaining, you might consider building an outdoor kitchen as part of your deck. The gorgeous deck features a warm wood tone, creating a cozy setting. We like how they used the same material for the kitchen cabinets. The small pergola and panels protect the kitchen appliances while making a lovely statement. Add a dining table to this, and you have the perfect setting for al fresco dining with your family. 


3. Covered deck

Sometimes the weather conditions can make your outdoor stay uncomfortable. When your deck feels too open to the outdoors, you can cover it. This fantastic design shows you how to cover a deck while staying on budget. The wooden posts provide a stable structure for the side panels and the top. The seating area will be protected from the wind and rain, and you can enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. 


4. Deck with pergola

When you want to create an outdoor living area and enjoy it to the fullest, a covered deck is an ideal fit. The wooden deck extends all the way to the fence, providing an ample surface for your needs. When you wish to cover the deck but still make it feel connected to the outdoors, go for a pergola. This simple structure will provide partial shade and let you enjoy the sun’s rays. If you wish to turn your outdoor space into a green oasis, feel free to add climbing plants that will embrace the wooden structure. 


5. Contemporary deck

A small deck overlooking the neighborhood is ideal for enjoying your morning coffee. The streamlined design brings a contemporary note to complement your curb appeal. When you’re going for an updated look, the metal fence is an ideal choice. The cable rails bring a modern vibe to this design, showing you to enjoy the view. The wooden seating area features a minimalist design, ideally complementing the contemporary look. Even though the space is compact, it still provides a cozy spot for enjoying the view. 


6. Traditional design

Not every home has an ample backyard space they can dedicate for an expansive deck. In such cases, you can introduce a compact design with tons of style. This tiny deck is detached from the house but still feels inviting. The traditional design features a cover and curtains for a romantic feel. Even though the deck is small, it is still enough to fit a table with chairs. The traditional setting is enough for enjoying the outdoors with your family. 


7. Deck with privacy screen 

This is a simple and cost-effective solution when you wish to conceal your private space from curious eyes. The sample panels will provide privacy, creating an intimate retreat in your backyard. Introduce climbing plants to add a natural vibe to this setting. If you use untreated wood to build a deck, make sure to do yearly maintenance to protect the material from deterioration. 


8. Corner deck design

Sometimes you might work with an awkward yard layout. In such cases, a corner deck design might be the ideal fit. The corner design complements the house shape, creating a secluded spot for enjoyment. The stairs make a flawless transition to the seating area. The pergola offers full coverage with a sheet installed on top. With this, the place stays protected from the rain while still receiving plenty of sunlight. 


9. Beach-style deck 

A modern deck with a compact design provides just enough space for gathering with your family. Even though the area is narrow, it is still functional. The built-in bench provides seating space, complete with a table. If you wish to cover your deck, consider vinyl covers. This option is the most affordable on the market for covering outdoor space.


10. Deck bar

A deck bar will complement your outdoor entertainment area. If you have wood left after making your deck, you can build your DIY bar. Add a modern bar stool and create a pleasant space for entertaining with friends. Introduce a pop of color with an outdoor rug and enjoy the weekend gatherings. 


11. Modern deck


12. Outdoor entertainment area


13. Contemporary deck


14. Simple design


15. White beach-style deck


16. Enclosed deck


17. Midcentury modern backyard deck


18. Modern backyard deck


19. Sunroom deck 


20. Roofed deck


After going through these backyard deck ideas, you can make the final choice. Now, you can define your wishes and determine whether you want a detached, covered, or individual deck. You can save the photos and show them to your contractor so that they can get a clear idea of your requirements. If you need more inspiring ideas for future projects, don’t forget to follow us!