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Creating a well-curated home requires you to think of the details that form the bigger picture. In some cases, the basement door can be an eyesore.

If you believe that the door is an odd element that doesn’t match your particular style, it is time to give it an update. If you don’t have ideas on how to improve the basement door, we have you covered. 

We curated a list of the best basement door ideas. When you check them, you will be amazed by all those brilliant solutions. Also, they will inspire you to update your door design and make it cohesive with the interior style. 

Basement Door Ideas:

1. Bookshelf door

When a door seems to look off, it is time to disguise it. This bookshelf doubles as a door that leads to the basement, with a fantastic design that doesn’t disrupt the decor. This example shows how they have transformed an ugly basement door into gorgeous shelves for displaying decor. You will get extra storage space and spruce up the door design. 

2. Reclaimed door

If your home is decorated in a rustic style, the current basement door might not fit your aesthetic. In this case, switching it to a reclaimed door would be the best solution. The aged wood adds character to the space while making a lovely statement in traditional styles. The sheer curtain covers the glass to hide the stairs, while the lush wreath adds a decorative touch. You can check your local thrift store and see if you can find a rustic door that fits your home. 

3. Rustic barn door

A sliding barn door is a convenient solution for your basement. Plus, you can choose the aesthetic that best fits your decor style. This rustic barn door made of reclaimed wood is a gorgeous decor element that makes a statement. The unfinished texture adds the wow element while complementing your decor theme. If you prefer a sleeker style, opt for a barn door painted in white or gray. This will bring the modern vibe of the hotel while adding a touch of charm. 

4. Modern door

The cheap hollow core doors in your basement might not ideally match your aesthetic. And sometimes you might not have the budget to get a new one. However, there is a solution if you are keen on DIY projects. Give the old doors a quick update for a fresh and modern look. Feel free to use trim to add details, creating an intriguing texture. Add a fresh coat of gray paint, and your doors look as good as new. 

5. Disguise the door

When you’re looking for a simple solution to fit a wide variety of styles, this is what you were looking for. Paint the door and wall in a striking color to create a focal point and match the door. With this, the door will look more cohesive with the setting. This relatively simple DIY project requires paint and the needed equipment, plus the enthusiasm to deal with a painting job. Others might opt for peel-and-stick wallpaper to make this project simpler. 

6. DIY herringbone door

When you’re on a tight budget, consider updating your existing doors. The herringbone pattern will add a dose of visual touch to your interior while being a top trend. You can use cheap MDF found at your local home supply store. Plus, use any paint color you like to customize the door design to your liking. Update The hardware with the new set, and your door will now look like a brand new expensive door even if you spent only $40 on the update. 

7. Glass door

Here is a stylish solution when you can’t find a suitable door that matches your aesthetic. A sliding glass door is an ultimate choice for modern and minimalist homes. The paned door with a sleek black frame is an aesthetic feature that will complement the rest of the decor. If you wish to add privacy, go for frosted glass. Sliding doors are easy to install, so you can tackle this DIY project yourself. 

8. DIY update with flooring planks

If you’re feeling creative enough, here is another DIY project you can tackle for a weekend. Updating an old door with flooring planks is a simple and easy way to add style to your home. The trick is to use self-adhesive vinyl to cover the door surface. The planks are affordable and available across home stores, so you can easily find them. Being available in different colors makes you find the right match for your style.

9. DIY paneled door

Enhancing a door with wood is an easy way to add texture. This method adds dimension to any flat door in your home. 

10. Pastel colors

When you wish to add vibrance, feel free to update your home with pastel colors. Pain the doors in different tones to add charm, and the basement door won’t even be noticed. 

11. Shiplap door

12. White sliding door

13. Folding glass doors

14. French door

15. Secret basement door

16. Gray sliding door

17. Double sliding door

18. Paned glass door

19. Sliding glass exterior basement door

20. Paned sliding door

After checking these basement door ideas, you can grab inspiration to tackle your next project. We shared many ideas so you can find the right match for your style. Follow us for more!