Bathroom Door Ideas – 20 Ideas to Revamp Your Bathroom Doors

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A bathroom is designed with functionality as the utmost priority. However, this does not have to mean that they will lack style.

Designers will add visual interest through different design details. The bathroom door is one of them. Through the deliberate choice of design, material, texture, and color, they will bring a decorative touch to the otherwise plain space.

If you wish to make a statement with the door but lack inspiration, we have you covered. This post shares the best bathroom door ideas. Let’s go through them together and pick your favorite! 

Bathroom Door Ideas:

1. Mirrored pocket door

Small bathrooms can be pretty challenging to work with. Regardless, you can still find a way that works for them. Regular doors that open to the inside will take so much of your precious space. As an alternative, designers often use pocket doors. This type of door will slide to the side when opened and won’t take your precious inches, leaving you space for something else. The added mirror will make the tiny bathroom appear visually larger. 

2. Split french door

The split French doors are another excellent solution that works well for a small space. They open to the hall, which does not take up bathroom space. Coming with frosted glass, the door releases sunlight but still keeps privacy. On the other hand, the charming split design is a decorative detail that fits the decor theme. 

3. Wood slate door

A barn door with wood slate is a solid focal point. The sliding door has a fantastic texture which adds visual interest to the space. The space already has organic textures, which will nicely complement its beauty. The modern barn door design can be easily fitted in various styles. 

4. Geometric door

A modern barn door with an intriguing geometric pattern would be an excellent choice for the bathroom. Coming with detailed texture and a gorgeous sage tone, this door is the ideal decorative choice for your bathroom. The best part is that it is a DIY project. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your bathroom door with a few supplies you can get from your local home store. 

5. Modern design

A modern sliding door with glass is ideal for modern home styles. The frosted glass is there for privacy but still adds a decorative touch. The charcoal door will ideally fit the contemporary styles, matching them to perfection. On the other hand, it makes a beautiful statement in a neutral color scheme. 

6. Glass doors

Glass is a natural choice that fits many styles. It might not be a typical bathroom door choice, but you will change your mind once you check this fantastic design. The paned door with a thin black frame is a sleek solution that fits contemporary styles. The privacy glass is excellent for a bathroom while still being an aesthetic solution. This design ideally fits a sleek and minimalist bathroom design. 

7. Double sliding door

If you’re looking for bathroom door ideas that fit farmhouse styles and aren’t barn doors, this is the right choice. The double sliding doors are a charming addition that will make a remarkable statement with their dark color. The black doors stand out against the white walls and neutral bathroom design. On the other hand, this design choice is quite convenient since it doesn’t take up much space when opening. 

8. Glam door

In some cases, you would want to conceal the bathroom to make the door appear part of the decor theme. A glam door is an excellent choice for a bathroom located in your bedroom. The sliding door features a decorative mirror for the visual touch. The gorgeous design conceals the bathroom, appearing like part of the decor. The mirror complements the elegant style, adding flair to the simple setting. At the same time, the mirror makes the room appear visually larger. 

9. Gray and gold

A simple door with a shiplap-like surface will fit a wide variety of modern styles. Completed with golden details, it is the ultimate design choice for sleek bathroom designs. This door design is ideal for a marble bathroom that feels sleek and sophisticated at the same time. The charcoal gray tone stands out nicely as it contrasts with the marble tiles.

10. Gray door with molding

The bathroom provides peace and relaxation after a long day, and the design should reflect that. The light gray door follows the cabinet’s design and color. The molding details make the door cohesive, creating a calm and pleasant ambiance for relaxation. The light gray walls and marble tiles follow the serene color scheme. The bathroom feels light and airy while featuring a dose of style at the same time. 

11. Bold yellow bathroom door

12. Green door

13. Frameless glass door

14. Elegant double door 

15. Wood pocket door 

16. Sliding screens 

17. Art deco door 

18. Arched door

19. Elegant barn door

20. Mirrored sliding door

With so many bathroom door ideas, you can now find the ideal fit for your space. We feature different design choices to fit various interior styles. Whether you prefer a barn door to ad character or an intelligent choice to suit your contemporary home, you now have the inspiration you need. Follow us for more design ideas and tips!