Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas For Your Home

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When your bedroom feels dull and empty, it is time to create a strong accent wall that compliments the decor theme. No matter your interior style, you can always find the right fit. With so many colors, designs, textures, and patterns to choose from, leaving the wall empty is no longer acceptable. In this post, we bring you the most popular bedroom accent wall ideas spotted on our favorite decor enthusiast’s feed. Once you go through them, you will gather the inspiration you need to tackle this project.

Balck board and batten

A board and batten wall will add a touch of visual interest to your bedroom. Especially when painted in black. Since black is pretty dark and might make the space feel dull, it is better to break it down like this design. The wall is gray, while the black board and batten make a gorgeous statement. The stylish artwork adds a touch of playfulness, breaking down the monotony. 

Floral accent wall

Bold floral wallpaper is the ideal way to spruce up your bedroom. We love how this bedroom has moody vibes while looking elegant and luxurious. The colors present in the floral pattern are borrowed from the room’s color scheme featuring muted pink and navy blue. This simple step creates a cohesive and tasteful design.

Faux exposed brick wall

Exposed brick walls make a daring statement, complementing a wide range of styles. However, executing an exposed brick wall might not be possible. Or it might be a time-consuming and costly project for you. In this case, you can fake it. You can find affordable faux brick panels at your local home store, which can be easily installed. Whether you prefer the original bold red brick or want to go subtle with whitewashed brick, the choices are endless. Whether you love industrial or rustic styles, the rough and unfinished texture of bricks will add a visual touch to any space. 

Sage board and batten

When choosing colors for your bedroom focal wall, it is essential to go for relaxing and serene colors. You would want to avoid visually jarring and overly stimulating colors, as these can disrupt your sleep. Sage green is a calm color that is highly popular at this moment, and you can quickly implement it in your color scheme. 

Mirror gallery wall

Don’t let the space above the bed stay empty and lifeless. Use it to make a bold statement and introduce a dose of style into your room. A mirror gallery wall is an excellent way to add a unique feature and customize your bedroom. Feel free to mix and match and create a visually pleasing gallery that feels cohesive. You can get the mirrors from your local thrift store and pair them with modern ones. It is essential to choose mirrors with similar frames when creating the gallery. They should have a common point, such as the shape, color, style, or material.

Black bedroom accent wall

If you feel bold enough, black paint will introduce drama to your room. The black accent wall looks stylish and tasteful while still having that moody vibe. The light piece of artwork and plants introduce liveliness, breaking down the monotony of this dark color. 

Wood plank accent wall

If you are ready for an easy DIY project, the wood plank accent wall is your pick. The planks introduce a touch of warmth with the wood grain texture. You can choose whether you want to paint the wall in color or keep it crisp white for an airy look. 

Nature-inspired mural

An oversized mural with a nature motif is the right pick if you want to make your bedroom feel closer to nature. With so many choices available, you can find the right fit for your needs. Whether you prefer a dark forest, lush jungle, or a tropical beach, there is plenty to choose from.

Jewel-toned wall

Feel free to go bold with the paint choice if your furniture is neutral. A jewel-toned wall will add a pop of color and freshen up your bedroom. The deep blue tone looks so elegant and luxurious. It creates a nice contrast with the rattan bed with a more relaxed vibe. The Morrocan rug completes the unexpected but tasteful combination with Boho vibes.


If you want to achieve a romantic and luxurious look, hanging drapes above your headboard will do the job. You will end up having a canopy like a bed with an elegant feel. You can go for a sheer curtain that feels light and airy for a more relaxed vibe.

Geometric pattern

A subtle herringbone pattern will add a visual touch to your bedroom while making the ceiling appear visually higher. The lovely neutrals complement your color scheme, while the vibrant print brings dynamics. 

Tropical wallpaper

If you aren’t afraid to go bold, a tropical leaf pattern will freshen up your bedroom. The green colors are calming and soothing, adding a touch of nature to the space. With peel and stick options available, you don’t need amazing wallpaper to align skills to tackle this project. All you need to do is peel off the protective layer and stick the wallpaper to the wall. When you get tired of the pattern, you can replace it with a new one. Therefore, this is the simplest and cheapest way to give your bedroom a significant makeover.

Add open shelving

Whether you want to display your decor collection or need extra storage space, open shelving will suit your needs. Layer leaning artwork, decorate with climbing plants, and add your favorite bedtime books for convenience. 

Faux stone

Faux stone panels imitate the natural texture, adding an organic feel to your bedroom. Complement with rustic finishes to create the cozy mountain house feel.