Bedroom Ideas for Couples – Create Your Bedroom Paradise

Having a welcoming and cozy aura for every space and surrounding is how a bedroom should be characterized. There are no standard rules on how to make a bedroom comfortable, cozy, and loungy because it is based on personal tastes and preferences.

However, there are certain proper considerations that are needed to take especially when designing and layouting a bedroom, especially for couples. A bedroom for couples is much more challenging because it takes to consider two preferences and personal tastes to make the room the best fit for both parties.

But take note that it is important to induce natural lighting, spaciousness, sufficient clearances and loosened traffic flows and harmonious mixing and matching of decors and furnishings. However, there are unlimited bedroom ideas for couples that might interest you:

Elemental Ideas

Accent Lightings 

Fill the bedroom with lighting fixtures whether it is small or big. Try to install a pair of the identical sconce, an identical pair of drop lights on every side of the bed, and an identical pair of lamps. This gives equal and balanced appeals of comfort and features for every couple. Indirect lighting and cove lightings make it a completely romantic, heartwarming, sweet, and relaxing environment for the couples to spend quality time with each other. You can refer to these photos for some inspirations and ideas:

Place a loveseat in the middle of the room

This is great for large and spacious bedrooms. Surround the loveseat with artificial flowers to make the spot more romantic, serene, calm, and mystic. Adding a rug or carpet underneath gives a more appealing and passionate elegance to the bedroom. Couples would love to go home with this design idea. Loveseats can also be placed nearby the window for an amazing view of the stars and moon and couples can caress with the warm winds blowing.

You can see some insights from these photos:

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Bedroom is for BED

In a general sense, make the bed the focal point of the bedroom. Make the bed the most comfortable and primary object inside the bedroom. This means, that all the other elements of the bedroom should be matched according to the bed’s design. The best bed frame design and bed setting ideas should be of white and neutral colors to make them versatile. Thus, these colors can go with any other accessories and decorations around them. Having whitewashed and light-colored sheets are more comfortable. Remember that the bedframe design is the most important aspect of the bedroom design so make your bed frame look classy, poppy, and attractive.

Colors make the biggest difference

Wall paintings and patterns can definitely give a visual effect to your bedroom. More than choosing the colors, you can refer to these wall coloring application techniques in this photo for more ideas according to how you want your room to look:

Design Theme Ideas

Romantic Modernism

Most bedrooms for couples have the theme of romantic renaissance interior designs that characterize embellished walls, headboards, cornices, and moldings. This bedroom idea is ultimately classic and timeless. But if you want to make it more personal, you can customize romantic bedroom ideas for couples with some modern twists like using tulle fabric curtains instead of using multi-layered draperies. You can use simple-cut furniture pieces instead of complexly carved wooden furniture. You can refer to this photo as an example:

You will see that the wall is painted in black making it more innovative than the aspects of the traditional romantic renaissance style. Some examples are also included in these pictures:

Art Deco

On the other hand, if the couple might want to add a more vibrant and juicy environment, the Art Deco design theme is best to apply to the bedroom.

These rooms in the photos could be the perfect examples:

This is best for couples who are in their middle ages between 35 to 50 years old. This can add a more groovy effect to the mood and a dynamic sight. Art decor bedroom ideas for couples can have metallic accents in some furniture pieces and home decor like wall frames, vases, lamps, and mirror frames.

Art Deco style is more playful because of the poppy and curvilinear edges of the furniture pieces. You can choose a neon-colored corner chair and pair it with a rug with an Art Deco pattern.

See these seats and couches for some ideas:

An out-of-the-way bedside lamp table could be a good idea too. Choose a bedside table with a different appearance from all the other furniture in the room and match it with an 80s-style lamp. You can also refer to this photo for more furniture and decor ideas of Art Deco:

Coastal and Beach-inspired

A resort-style interior design for bedrooms is always a good bedroom idea for couples, especially busy and working ones. Resort-style interiors give the sensation of an “everyday vacation”. achieve a cool and serene effect by having more blues, greens, whites, and earthy-toned colors, especially in the fabrics like curtains and rugs. Selecting medium-toned and lighter-toned wooden furniture is best suited for this design theme. Make it simple by not putting too many furnishings and home decorations to make it like a daily honeymoon. Small pieces of decorations can come with shell-inspired designs.

You can refer to these photos for inspirations:

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Unlike the beach and coastal-inspired bedroom design idea, you can also opt for the tropical modern bedroom idea for couples that is more embellished and elemental. To achieve this style, you can cover some parts of your walls or ceilings with woven wooden sheets, and add some accent lighting to it. You can choose and select white ceilings and floors with ultimate minimalism such as white fabrics. Thus, potted plants, plants, and vines can complement the general design so you may place it beside the bedside table, under a window opening, dresser, or on any furniture. See these photos for some examples:

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The farmhouse design style is perfect for retiring, retired, and even for young couples who are inclined to live a simple life. The farmhouse theme is characterized by monotonous colors, laid-back rugged, and worn-out beauty. This can be completely minimalistic by putting only the furniture pieces such as wooden shelves and racks, the bedframe, and the bedside table only in the bedroom. This is a good design to consider for small bedroom ideas for couples.

See these farmhouse bedroom ideas for inspirations:

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English Countryside

The English countryside bedroom design would be the most romantic bedroom for newly married couples. The magical and dreamy designs will truly give them memories of their wedding day and first meeting. The fairytale-like appearance of the English countryside flowers, flowing patterns, and magical lighting accents. You can cover your walls with floral printed wallpapers in turquoise or baby pink background with white cornice and gold molding finishing touches. Never forget the lush red or dark blue carpets and the gold accents in tabletop decors. Bold colors of silk, satin, and velvet fabrics for the couch, seats, sofas, and curtains should be present.

See these photos for English countryside ideas:

Industrial Nordic 

Industrial Nordic interiors as bedroom ideas for couples are overrated but it is practical and highly functional. Some contemporary design inspirations are taken from Industrial Nordic and Scandinavian themes. These bedroom ideas for couples can be achieved by applying the ultra-contemporary and minimalistic approach to white and neutral painting colors, and furniture designs that are sleek, straight-lined, and thin-framed. The decorating principle of this ideas is beautifying the interiors through its simplicity, spaciousness, and boxy features.

See here the photos of Scandinavian and Nordic contemporary bedroom designs:

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and some Nordic Contemporary design colors and elements that you can be applied for bedrooms:

Contemporary Glamour

Themeless luxurious bedrooms are always a trend for couples. Elegance and prestige are felt with this bedroom design idea for couples making them feel loungy and achieved in life. Hence, this style can be made into a reality by decorating the bedroom with marble accents, large mirrors with warm-white lighting accents, metallic, gold, silver, and white porcelain tabletop decors, neutral and earth-colored carpets and tulle fabric curtains, and gigantic chandelier for the finishing. Like the industrial Nordic design, contemporary luxurious bedroom designs also have minimal furniture pieces for a more cozy and spacious feel.

See these photos for examples:

These ideas make the bedroom appear more settled and peaceful.

Bedroom design points and tips to remember:

  • Choosing furniture pieces should balance the weight of the visual presence of other design elements like flooring, windows, ceilings, and walls. 
  • Choosing decorations and accessories must match the furniture pieces.
  • Choosing the perfect fabrics, draperies, and cloth patterns should not compete with the level of attractiveness of the furniture and home decor pieces.