Best Paint Colors For Summer

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Summer is the best season for introducing fresh colors to your home. No matter your style, you can always find the right fit. Whether you love sage, coral, cobalt blue, or off-white, you will pick the ideal match for your refined taste. Before you go forward and choose the paint color, consider the top summer choices. We feature the best paint colors for summer selected by professionals in this post!


Coral is the best choice if you want a fresh accent color that will spruce up your home instantly. The lovely shade of pink makes it’s way into various color schemes and decor styles. Pair with navy to create a stylish and modern summer color palette. If you prefer a more subtle approach, a mute coral will add a dose of sophistication.


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If you want to add a touch of freshens but still keep things calm, peach is your favorite choice. For an elegant and sophisticated feel, opt for muted shades. When curating a color palette, you can layer peach with the basic neutrals. For a pop of color, introduce sage as an accent color through the space. 

Marigold yellow

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Yellow is the climate reminiscent of summer. Therefore, it is ideal if you want to make a statement and bring freshness. However, keep in mind that yellow might be visually jarring sometimes. And it is better to use it in spaces that need energy, such as living rooms and home offices. Avoid painting your bedroom yellow since it doesn’t create the serene and relaxing atmosphere you need.

Therefore, it is better to plan its implementation and ground it with other elements. Neutral furnishings will let it stand out without stealing away the attention. 

Warm gray

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If you are looking for a subtle color choice that isn’t white, go for a warm gray. These colors are trending now, as the whites and beige are going off the decor scene.

With so many lovely shades to choose from, you can always find the right fit for your home. However, one thing to be careful with when choosing the right gray tone. Warm grays look cozy and inviting and don’t have the cold feeling that cool tones do.

When painting your home with a warm gray, it is essential to see how it behaves in your space. The color has a yellow undertone that gives it a touch of warmth.

When paired with cool whites with a blue undertone, the yellow will stand out more. Unless this is the look you are going for, always get a sample of your desired paint before committing to the specific color. 

Flamingo pink

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If you feel more on the bold side, flamingo pink will introduce cheerfulness to your home. This is a bold color choice, so you want to present it in moderate doses. A small accent wall is an ideal point, but you can also update an old piece of furniture with this color. 


Sage is a beautiful muted green that brings nature a step closer to your home. It is a versatile color choice that brings freshness but is as neutral as it doesn’t stand out much. The serene vibe of this color makes it the ideal choice for your bedroom or any other space that craves tranquility.

Pale green

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Pale colors are the ultimate choice for the summer days. They add a moderate pop of color but don’t stand out as much. Pale green is subtle enough to fit a wide array of styles, and it brings relaxed coastal vibes to your home.

Jade green

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Greens are a pretty popular choice for the summer, and it is easy to see why. Designers love the combination of tranquility and freshness it injects into the space. Jade green is a lovely rich tone that brings the jungle to your home. Complement with oversized plants to enhance the feeling of nature while strengthening the decor theme. 


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Even though it is a rich tone, teal is an ideal choice for the summer. If you prefer to add a bit of drama and make a statement, this color choice fits the summer spirit. Painting a teal focal wall is an ideal way to brighten the living room and spruce it up.

Off white

If the stark white appear too sterile for your taste, it is time to switch it with a warm white tone. This color choice has a softer look and has the power to transition your space into a cozy coastal home. The room will look bright and airy while creating a sense of a visually larger space. The clean and pristine look will fit a wide array of styles while being a blank canvas for styling with bold accents. 

Sky blue

Sky blue is an ideal addition to your summer color palette. It is a fresh and relaxing color, reminding you of your favorite vacation destination. Complement with white to recreate the coastal vibe at home and enhance with nautical details for the authentic feel. Colors have a significant influence on our mood. Blue is known to promote peacefulness, as it decreases blood pressure and relieves stress. Therefore sky blue would be ideal for painting your bathroom, turning it into your home spa. 

Cobalt blue

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Cobalt blue is an energizing and vibrant color for the ones preferring daring choices. The brave color will make a bold statement in any room in your home. Paint your focal wall in this blue tone to add playfulness to your home. Complement with yellow details for a contrast that brings out the playful side of blue. Or, pair with coral for a fresh color palette that radiates summer.


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For an eclectic approach, feel free to play with striking colors that inject a generous amount of energy into the space. Tangerine is a bold color choice that adds liveliness to the area. However, keep in mind that the color might appear too bright if misused. Use it in moderate amounts and try to break it down with neutrals.