15 Black and Silver Bedroom Ideas

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Who doesn’t want a chic, clean, and classic bedroom look? Black is a neutral color and yet can make various patterns and colors stand out! This is especially true when black and silver are paired together.

You can get creative when it comes to using black and silver as the base color for your bedroom. Although it is tempting to simply paint the walls in a room with black and silver paint, it is better to use the colors strategically with decorations. 

Listed below are 15 different black and silver bedroom ideas to create an aesthetically pleasing room!

1. Black and Silver Bedroom Décor

When playing with these iconic and classic colors, it is best to alternate colors in the décor. For instance, instead of finding a comforter set that is all black, some pillows can have splashes of silver to make the room pop!

Décor comes in many forms, though, not including bedding accessories. Picture frames, rugs, chairs, and wall art can be black and silver, but these decorations should not be one solid color. Without some diversity in color, it can feel boring and uninspired.

2. Classy Black and Silver Bedroom Décor

For those interested in the classier, vintage, and older black and silver bedroom style, there are decorations that reflect this trendy look.

One potential decoration that is often left forgotten are drapes and curtains! While it is tempting to add a solid-colored curtain, why not add some flare? For a more elegant and upscale look, you can add a classic black and silver patterned silk curtain.

To add a pop of color or shine, the curtains can come with rhinestones or shiny pieces of glitter. These two tones complement each other and bring a feeling of class to any bedroom.

3. Black White And Silver Bedroom Ideas

It has never been easier to style a bedroom in a chic way! Black, white, and silvers are colors and shades that complement each other really well. When it comes to ideas, there are many to choose from, including starting with an all-white bed set.

In the bed set, you can incorporate black and silver as the ‘pop’ of designs. For instance, pillowcases with geometric shapes and lines are interesting and eye-catching. Silver studs on the headboard draw attention in a simple and light fashion. These colors are neither too much nor too little, the perfect combination!

4. Purple Silver and Black Bedroom Ideas

Who doesn’t want to feel like royalty? Silver and black are already classic colors that capture attention. Adding in a regal purple only makes the combination of colors even better! The best part about choosing purple as a central color in your bedroom are the endless possibilities and shades.

For instance, when using these three colors to decorate, you can use variations of purple like plum and amethyst to emphasize certain areas of the room. Since purple is a drastically different form, black, and silver, the eyes follow it!

5. Silver and Black Bedroom Designs

You can never go wrong with adding designs and patterns to a bedroom, especially when the primary colors are black and silver. These monochromic colors emphasize any designs on the walls or decorations. 

Silver and black designs also include texturized headboards which often have square or crossed patterns. The designs are sophisticated, clean, and easy to create! It is best to plan a new bedroom design around a common theme like silver and black.

6. Black Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas

Monochromatic colors are so in right now because of how well they compliment each other—looking for new ideas? Look no further; we have some great black, grey, and silver bedroom ideas that work well! 

Decorations and accessories can make all the difference. When using black, grey, and silver as the main theme, you can add candles, mirrors, and silver tables to add depth and texture to the room.

Another common black, grey, and silver bedroom idea is to place a plush rug underneath the bed that stretches to the table.

7. Black Pink and Silver Bedroom Ideas

Using the colors black, pink, and silver, you can creatively make your room to your liking! There is a big difference between hot pink and pastel pink. Light shades of pink bring a classy and elegant tone to your bedroom. You can add a light pink comforter set, curtain, or lampshade to bring the color out.

For those of us who like hot and wild pink, it brings a side of spunky personality. With this brings pink color though, less is more.

8. Black, White, Gold and Silver Bedroom

A black, white, gold, and silver bedroom is a dream luxury room! This set of colors looks chic, elegant, and comfortable! The shimmery and shininess of gold and silver can make centerpieces in a bedroom stand out easily!

Although it is easy to get mixed up in the larger furniture, a bookshelf and storage shelf that alternates between these four colors is a wonderful addition to a modern bedroom. Within the spaces can be solid-colored decorations and items like boxes, letters, and flowers with glass.

9. Black and Silver Bedroom Furniture

Often, people forget about the importance of a well-chosen piece of furniture. However, you can’t go wrong with black and silver as your choice for bedroom furniture! Black is a classic color that can be matched with nearly anything! It is also great for texturized objects like bed frames and rugs.

Silver is not as classy as black, but it brings spunk and personality to a room. The sparkle and shine that silver glimmers off on furniture like couches and nightstands.

10. Black and Silver Striped Wallpaper Bedroom

Stripes can create an illusion of a longer or shorter bedroom, depending on the color and the placement! Black and silver striped wallpaper in the bedroom is an excellent choice for those who want an elegant and modern appearance. If the stripes are facing horizontally, then the bedroom also gives an illusion that it is bigger.

The stripes are classy, while the fluctuation of colors and the shine that the silver stripes bring are eye-catching. They add sparkle to a bedroom, which makes it more enjoyable. Perfectly, the silver stripes pair well with glass tables and solid black furniture.

11. Teal Black and Silver Bedroom

A teal, black, and silver bedroom is a fantasy waiting to be fulfilled! We all know that black and silver accompany each other well, but what about this interesting shade of blue? Teal is vibrant blue-green that reminds many of the ocean.

The teal, black, and silver colors are great for those wanting to add intricate designs to their bedroom. For instance, a comforter set can have a floral or regal design in black and silver, while the pillows and lush curtains reflect a deep teal.

12. Black and Silver Bedroom Comforter Set

There is nothing better than hitting the bed and being engulfed in a warm, clean, and cozy comforter set. Modern-day bedrooms usually have solid colored comforter sets, but those looking to add flare in their lives should include colors like silver.

Black is a wonderful base for comforter sets, and although it can stay alone, I prefer it not to. Silver adds extra shininess that is missing, especially with the addition of sequins in a symmetrical line.

13. Black and Silver Bedroom Curtains

Black and silver bedroom curtains are not easy to come by, but when you do find them, they are gorgeous! These curtains differ depending on the design but add a touch of color and vibrancy to your room. Window curtains are often forgotten but should not be!

Since black is a dark color that can make any other color pop against it, a bedroom idea using black and silver is to find a set of curtains with a black base and a unique and artistic silver design.

14. Black and Silver Bedroom Wallpaper

A new role of wallpaper can make all the difference in a bedroom! The small change to the bedroom walls can change the entire atmosphere of a bedroom. For example, when looking for an expensive atmosphere that is rich and modern, there are black and silver bedroom wallpapers that use marble designs.

These easy-to-peel wallpapers are gorgeous and jaw-dropping. The base of the wallpaper is in black, while the marble swirls and movement are silver. Yet, the silver is not dramatic nor sharp enough to look tacky or cheap.

15. Black Red and Silver Bedroom Ideas

Red is the color of luck, passion, and love. The vibrancy and dark shades of red can capture a room’s message and purpose easily. With a few small changes to your bedroom and additional black, red, and silver décor, the atmosphere can change.

Just a few splashes of red throughout a room with mainly black and silver can make all the difference! This deep color can be overwhelming, though, if it is not used right. Instead, the red pieces in a black, red, and silver-themed room should be minimal, making specific objects and décor stand out!