Black and White Gaming Setup: 15 Cool Black and White Gaming Room Setup Designs and Ideas

image source: jaydimaster

Having a setup solely dedicated to gaming is many gamers’ dream. However, executing this idea doesn’t have to be too difficult.

You can always find gaming room setup ideas that match your taste and budget. The most important thing is to have ample space to accommodate your equipment and a comfortable chair with ergonomic features.

The black and white combo is a standard for fellow gamers, thanks to its versatility and masculine note. With a little effort, you will create a black-and-white gaming setup that allows you to enjoy endless online sessions. 

Black and White Gaming Setup:

1. Focal wall

When you position your desk next to a wall, you have a natural focal point. To anchor your gaming area, feel free to make a statement. The excellent design showcases a bold focal point that enhances the setup. The black and white gaming setup features a patterned wallpaper that adds visual interest. The addition of plants makes the space feel uplifted, even though the walls are all black. The white LED light strips highlight this setting, adding a dose of magic to it. 

2. Modern-style gaming setup

The modern feel of the gaming room daily compliments the bedroom style. It has a moderate industrial vibe, which is more prominent when you check the floating shelves with their intriguing design. The cozy rug defines the gaming area, while the dark walls add depth. When your gaming room is set up like this, you can enjoy endless hours of fun with friends. 

3. Small gaming setup

Many people don’t have a spare room dedicated solely to their hobby. In most cases, they will turn an empty corner in their bedroom into a gaming setup. In this case, you will need a compact desk that is functional enough to accommodate your gaming sessions. The small desk comfortably accommodates you for playing while providing plenty of storage space. The black and white gallery wall adds charm to this setting while allowing you to bring your personality with the decorative touches. 

4. L-shaped desk setup

If you have a room dedicated to gaming, this is one of the black-and-white gaming setup options to consider. The L-shaped desk allows plenty of space for your equipment. The wall decor adds a pop of color to your nicely curated setting. The wood flooring adds warmth, creating a pleasant and stylish space for endless hours of gaming. 

5. Affordable gaming setup

We all dream of having a high-tech gaming setup dedicated to our hobby. When your budget doesn’t match your wishes, it doesn’t have to mean that you won’t have a gaming setup. In this case, work with a small budget to get the best for your bucks. This simple design shows you how to turn the cheap Ikea finds into a stylish and functional gaming room. The drawers provide storage space for your necessities. The recessed lighting attached to the floating shelves is a gorgeous detail that adds extra effect. 

6. Simple black and white gaming setup

This is another simple and budget-friendly idea to consider. The simple Ikea desk might not stand out as much. But, it is the intriguing wall art that makes a statement. You can always DIY your wall art to save money, but you also get to customize your gaming setup. The wall lighting is a gorgeous detail that also adds a decorative touch.

7. Colectilble display 

Your gaming room is a reflection of your personality and interests. Therefore, don’t mind personalizing it with something you feel proud of. If you have a collectible you are proud of, don’t mind showing them off. The floating shelves are easy to install and affordable, so they will allow you to display your precious pieces. You get to admire your collection daily while letting it speak of your personality. 

8. Sleek setup 

For many, their gaming setup doubles as a workstation. If You are one of the people that work from home and enjoy gaming, a sleek setup would be the ideal solution. During the day, the desk will be your designated workspace for maximum productivity. When the working hours are over, the sleek layout will become your gaming setup. 

9. LED strips

LED strips add the wow effect and enhance even the most straightforward setup. The modern black-and-white gaming setup feels minimalist. But, the LED lights are the minor detail that adds visual interest. The subtle illumination makes the setup pop while enhancing the design features. The blue color makes a statement and breaks down the monotony. 

10. Floating shelves setup

Setting up gaming stations in small spaces can be tricky. And you want to maximize the storage space available. For this, you want to take advantage of the vertical space. Install floating shelves above the desk for additional storage. With this, you have plenty of space to accommodate your necessities but also have a designated gaming setup. 

11. Futuristic gaming setup

The black and white gaming setup will amaze you with this futuristic design. It looks expensive and sophisticated, but you don’t need to spend much money to recreate the look. The textured feature is achieved by mounting panels on the wall. You can find the textured panels in home stores for low prices. Mount LED lighting above the panels to let the rays highlight the intriguing texture. Tp with floating shelves, and your setup is ready to go. 

12. Moody PC setup

A black wall is an ideal backdrop for a moody gaming setup. Adding white elements will create gorgeous contrast and make the decorative details pop. Add wall art above the desk and assemble a DIY gallery wall highlighting the gaming setup. 

13. Black and white with gray combo

If black and white appear too harsh for your taste, you can soften it with Aidan gray. The color will soften the transition between black and white, creating a stylish gaming setup that you can enjoy for hours. The desk features an intriguing design, while the led strips follow its zig-zag shape for cohesiveness. Complement the setting with an ergonomic chair to prevent pain from long hours of sitting, and your setup is done. 

14.Gamiing setup with minibar 

When playing for hours and hours on the PC, you will appreciate having a cold drink within arm’s reach. A gaming setup isn’t only a place where you can unwind and indulge in long sessions. You can have friends over and discuss gaming topics or compete against each other in person. In both cases, a mini bar equipped with cold drinks would be welcomed. Find an affordable mini fridge and stock it with your favorite beverages and snacks. 

15. Red accents

A black-and-white gaming setup is an ideal base for adding a pop of color. Red accents will add dynamics and a dose of energy to your design. You might choose to add a red gaming chair for a statement. Or introduce red LED lights such as this fantastic example. The gaming setup is compact but packed with style. The floating shelf and wall decor anchor the gaming setup, creating a visually divided area dedicated to gaming.