15 Black Headboard Bedroom Ideas

Usually, the headboard is not the critical element in a bedroom’s decor. Furniture, lights, beddings, amongst many others, attract people’s attention better.

However, to make the perfect bedroom, one has to pay attention to everything in the bedroom.

They range from the placement of furniture to the color of bulbs, the design of beddings, and, of course, the bedroom’s headboard. All these have an impact on the overall decor of your bedroom. Speaking of headboards, there is quite a range of design ideas to choose from, and they come in different colors. 

Hence, below are 15 bed with black headboard bedroom ideas:


Let’s start with some traditional styles. This headboard is winged at both sides, and it gives your bedroom a different design look. You can have this design in different colors, depending on your preference. More so, you can take it a step further by extending the design beyond the width of your bed to further create a niche for a bedside table. 

This type of design is particularly perfect if you have a large bedroom; the theme, texture, design of this headboard generates warmth and interest.

  1.  A Headboard Bespoke-made To Complement Decor

If you’re not personally interested in any particular headboard design, you can let your bedroom’s decor determine your headboard’s color, shape, and size. And for a fact, there is no wrong or proper selection; whatever you choose, as long as it blends with the design of your bedroom decor, is acceptable.

If you are working with a large budget, having a handmade bespoke headboard is fine; otherwise, you can purchase one just off the shelf.

The uniqueness of this design is that it will be customized to suit the design of your bedroom, and you can take it a step further by selecting matching fabrics for your beddings. Suit yourself!

  1. Wrap Bedside Tables Into Your Headboard Design

This design speaks more of comfortability than design. Having your headboards wrapped around the bedside tables provides convenience and ease. More importantly, these headboards help extend the width of a room; longer headboards are often used in smaller rooms or rooms with low ceilings to help give the space a large feel. 

The tables can be freestanding, and you can have them merged with the side, whichever you choose; you can be sure of getting maximum comfort and the flavor it adds to your bedroom decor.

  1.  Quilted Headboard


For a guest room, a black Chanel-quilted leather headboard can be used to anchor the bed that is covered in a Moroccan wedding blanket. Okay, we are not in a guest room; we are talking about making your bedroom royalty. A quilted headboard symbolizes royalty, elegance, power, and, of course, comfort. 

Having a quilted headboard, any color of your choice impacts your bedroom with warmth, comfort, and beauty. Whoever comes into the bedroom will be wowed. 

  1. Embrace The Latest Headboard Trend

Color and designs are used in headboard designs, but you can make them more appealing by contrasting them with the color of your fabrics. Adding a band of cord trim, fringe, or timber beading helps elevate the design. For example, a patterned headboard with an elegant velvet border is a subtle but effective design detail. Again, you should know design is all about how creative you can be. While some may prefer to have soft textures in the center of the room and then layer with patterns, you could design to have the other way round. It’s your bedroom, make it tranquil and relaxing as you see fit. 

  1. Combine  Lightning Into Headboards

Another idea you could consider for headboards in your bedroom is combining lights with your preferred headboard. This has been a trend that is common to most bedrooms. Lighting as simple as putting hanging lamps on either side of the bed can make a difference. 

It illuminates brightly at your bedside, creating interest, intimacy, and the much-needed warmth in making such a bedroom. Moreover, you may include layering some space or free up enough space to create luxury. As always, it’s your bedroom, be as creative as possible. 

  1. Combine A Headboard With Wallpaper

Wallpapers can not only stay on the walls of your bedroom or any other place in the house; you can also have them ingrained in your bedroom’s headboard. A Simple timber profile around the edges of the wallpaper frames it beautifully and makes it more relaxing and refreshing. 

There are a handful of wallpapers to choose from, but your room’s decor will determine the type, color, and size of the wallpaper to use. It doesn’t have to be all wallpaper; it should be a blend of both. 

  1. Be Brave With Pattern Pairing

You can consider matching a bedside lamp to the headboard. The headboard brings the scheme together and makes the animal theme feel more sophisticated. This is particularly perfect for your children’s bedrooms. For your big bedroom, it all boils down to preferences. 

Regardless, there are custom-made patterns or designs that you can perfectly fit on your wall if your budget permits. Also, there are some lovely artworks in your local stores that you can always get if you are running on a tight budget. 

You could have printed for the lamp and headboard and mixed up the scale of patterns in the rest of the room for a vibrant effect. The larger the light, the bolder your design should be to make an impact. 

  1. Use Room Existing Features

Have you noticed that unused chimney breasts or alcoves can be expensive to remove or replace entirely? These extra pieces take up valuable spaces. Fortunately, there is a way around that; you can easily integrate the chimney breast into a bedroom accent wall covering the entire wall behind the bed.

Other niches can create shelves, incorporate bedroom lighting ideas, and disguise radiators. These are some options to put the extras in your bedrooms to good use. 

  1. Choose a Complimentary Headboard 

Another idea is to make your headboard compliment your fabrics and maybe the wallpapers. It’s easy; if your walls are patterned, choose plain fabrics for beddings, and vice versa. You can then experiment with the shape of the headboard to compliment both the materials and the wall designs. 

  1. Upholster with Velvet

Building contrasting layers of textures in the bedroom is one beautiful idea to use. You could choose from different colors, but preferably, velvet is fantastic; it has a silky smooth texture, a luxurious sheen, and a soft finish. 

The decor is left to your designer, but you could suggest deep rich shades to perfectly compliment the sheen luxury of the velvet and create contrasts of texture and patterns.

  1. Match the Headboard to the Bed Frame

Usually, any scheme that pays attention to details always looks more appealing and elegant. Here, the headboard fabric has been pulled right through to the bed frame to bring a pattern into the room in an impactful way. 

  1. Layers in Colors With Headboard Ideas

Color-blocking on walls, softened by an embroidered fabric headboard, is a dynamic scheme for a bedroom. A plain white wall and classic white bedding allow the colorful elements to sing out and take center stage. Each piece here has been carefully chosen to work within the overall scheme. And no one piece overshadows any other. They each have enough air and space to enjoy all their beauty. 

  1. Chrome Headboard

Let’s throw it back a little; a chrome headboard adds warmth, dimension, and freshness to your bedroom. To make the design more perfect, ensure you have well-furnished furniture, some beautiful lamps, matching carpet, and elegant bedding fabrics. Anyone who enters your room will be surprised at your exquisite taste. 

  1. Tufted Headboard

Let’s wrap it up with this lovely tufted headboard. It comes in different colors and provides your bedroom with warmth and calmness. 

S, the above are the 15 black headboard bedroom ideas you can choose. You can have them in different colors and customized to your preferences. We hope these tips are helpful and that you have fun while designing your bedroom headboard.