15 Black Tile Shower Ideas 

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Are you considering a bathroom remodel?

Using a darker color scheme for your bathroom can add a new and exciting aesthetic to your home. Maybe you’d like to minimize the visible dirt and streamline the weekly cleanings or create a more spa-like experience within your own home. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is by replacing the existing shower tile with black shower tiles. Black tiles look sleek and sophisticated. Before you start thinking it will be too dark or dull, let’s talk about 15 black tile shower ideas that will really transform your plain bathroom to dramatic and polished. 

1. Black and White Shower Tile 

This color combination can provide an ideal blend of light and dark for a bathroom with minimal natural lighting. The contrast of the colors creates clean lines. This works well for a smaller bathroom, where the mix of colors makes the space feel larger.

You can choose black as the main color with white accents, white with black accents, or mix it up to turn any bathroom into an expensive-looking, custom bath. A unique shower tile design elevates a bathroom look and allows you to be creative with your design. The white and black tile coordinates well with a variety of fixtures.  

2. Black Shower Floor Tile 

This type of tile in the shower can make the shower enclosure feel like a true escape. The moment you step onto the smooth, black tile, it is as though you are transported to a luxurious spa. The darker floor is easier to clean, which is why many high-end spas will have it as their primary shower floor.

When you put it in your home, you will enjoy the low-maintenance and sleek look it provides. The darker tile will show less dirt and grime, so cleaning it is a breeze. 

3. White Tile with Black Grout

To create a distinctive look in your shower, consider a white tile with black grout in the shower. The darker grout lines provide stunning contrast, while the bright white tiles keep the bathroom light and airy. Grout lines are notorious for showing dirt, and especially in the shower, the grime tends to appear quickly, regardless of how often you clean it.

With the darker grout, your cleaning efforts can last longer, like the appearance of dirt will not be as visible. In addition to less cleaning, the white tile can be an extension of the flooring and walls to give the appearance of a larger bathroom. 

4. Black Subway Tile Shower

A black subway tile shower is a modern look for your bathroom. There are several different sizes of subway tiles, so it is important to find the right size for your space. The most common size is 3 x 6 inches, and this is the most popular size of subway tile.

However, any rectangular tile with 1-to-2 dimensions can work as subway tile, with other subway tile sizes including 2 x 4, 4 x 8, and 6 x 12. These tiles are usually laid to be 50% offset, meaning the middle tile will be aligned center to the upper two and lower two. 

5. Black Penny Tile Shower Floors 

Black penny tile shower floors are a fun way to incorporate a darker color into your bathroom. Penny tiles present a vintage vibe, but with the solid black color, they transform the floors into a more modern feel.

The smaller tiles provide traction and some texture to the floors, which can help to decrease shower falls. These types of tiles require less cleaning due to the minimal amount of grout between each tile. The whimsy of a penny tile pattern can feel like a turtle shell or a sea creature. 

6. Black and White Shower Floor Tile 

Black and white shower floor tile is the perfect contrast to any bathroom. With a minimalist appeal and easy-to-find options, it’s easy to see why it is a homeowner’s favorite. The black and white tiles can be arranged in all kinds of ways, including checkboard, stripes, and complex patterns.

A shower floor could easily be a solid color, white or black, with trim in the contrasting color. The neutral colors of black and white allow for contrasting colors throughout the shower or the bathroom itself. 

7. Black Hexagon Shower Floor Tile 

Black hexagon shower floor tiles create a custom look with your choice of tile sizes. Opt for a monochrome, modern look with all black hexagon tiles for the shower floor or add in some accent colors to liven it up. Hex tile is available in ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone, as well as in a variety of sizes, starting from 1- and 2-inch hexagon tiles and going up to 12-inch tiles.

There are many possibilities for patterns, mosaics, and custom designs when you use this type of tile for your shower floor. Keep in mind the smaller the tile, the more traction it will provide on the shower floor, which is a bonus of this type of tile. 

8. Black Pebble Tile Shower Floor 

The black pebble tile shower floor is the first choice for those who want the feel of the outdoors brought inside. Smooth black pebbles have a massaging effect on your feet and, contrary to what you might think, are not uncomfortable to walk on. This type of floor is not slippery. Choosing a variety of shapes and shades of black will give a textured, earthy look.

The larger the pebble, the higher the price. Keep in mind this type of floor requires a lot of grout, about double the usual amount, and it must be sealed to avoid mold and mildew issues.  

9. Black Shower Doors 

Black shower doors offer a modern feel to any type of shower. Whether you need a single or sliding double shower door, the black trim around the shower will instantly create an elegant feel. Adding a black-trimmed shower door can provide strong lines and contrast to a light bathroom without being too heavy.

Many homeowners appreciate the minimum amount of contrast, especially in a small bathroom. This type of black accent can be trendy yet timeless when kept simple and not overpowering. Pair this type of door with black tile in the shower, and the entire bathroom will coordinate. 

10. Matte Black Tile Paired with Black Grout

Matte black tile paired with black grout is a modern take on the black and white bathroom. Using only black tiles with black grout in the shower provides a seamless look throughout the bathroom. The shower is seen as an entity on its own, rather than just a wall of tiles.

Matte black tiles with black grout require less cleaning as they rarely look dirty. You will not have to scrub grout lines as they will not show dirt. The look and texture of the matte are simple and sophisticated. 

11. Geometric Patterned Black Shower Tile 

Geometric patterned black shower tile is a fun way to incorporate designs while keeping the colors simple. You can use all black tiles within the shower and then in the rest of the bathroom, and colorful accents will complement the black tiles. pastedGraphic.png

The varying shades of black can be patterned to create shapes and designs while maintaining that sleek look. Consider using different sized tiles to add to the geometric possibilities without changing colors or the calm feel of the bathroom. The shower walls can be works of art with just some unique placement of monochrome tiles. 

12. Showers with Black Herringbone and Large Tiles 

Showers with black herringbone and large tiles can provide a seamless transition from the bathroom floor to the shower floor. The herringbone can offer a texture and eye-catching variation in contrast to the large tiles. When you use large tiles, ensure they have a non-slip feature to prevent falls in the shower.

The large tiles can help to open the room and add a more luxurious feel when they are matched to the rest of the bathroom, from the floors to the walls and the counters. A black herringbone pattern offers depth to the plain tiles without adding color or unnecessary elements. 

13. Handmade Black Shower Tiles

Handmade black shower tiles are a great option if you strive for sustainability and less waste from your projects. While the tiles will take longer to create, you will only get what you need, and many companies use recycled materials. The materials are responsibly sourced and offer the same high quality you would expect from a mass manufacturer.

Imagine being able to choose the exact black color tiles you want in your shower, along with the size and material. Not only could you stick with black for your entire shower, but you could add a splash of color to create a custom work of art for your bathroom. 

14. Modern Black Patchwork Wall Tiles 

Modern black patchwork wall tiles will become a focal point for your shower. Think about a quilt and the pieces and variety of each piece. Now think about your shower; why not keep it simple with black but add some character through the patchwork wall tiles?

With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and individually designed tiles, your shower can be interesting, even with a monochromatic color scheme. By adding some textured tiles to the patchwork design, your shower can be less slippery, and with a darker grout, it will be easy to clean. 

15. Black Marble Tiles 

Black marble tiles are a timeless look with an updated twist. The monochrome black is a modern take on white marble with accent colors. Black marble offers a moody feel with just a hint of a lighter color throughout.

Choose from the common accent colors for marble, such as white, gray, or gold. Large marble tiles are elegant and feel luxurious in any bathroom. The seamless look of black marble tiled floors paired with black marble tiles in the shower is a beautiful and dramatic look.