Breeze Block Wall – 15 Ideas & Designs For Your Home

image source: theranchmine

Breeze block walls are an intriguing architectural element, often used to add visual interest. With being affordable and easy to work with, they are trendy among savvy DIYers looking for ways to spruce up their home. Even though the breeze blocks are often used for the outdoors, you can use them to enhance your interior with a great decor touch. If you wish to hop on the trend but are unsure how to do it, we have you covered. This post shares the best breeze block wall ideas. Once you go through them, you will grab the inspiration you need to start the project. 

1. Pergola with plants

The hollow breeze blocks were a popular architectural feature back in the 1930s. The outstanding technique allowed designers to create great focal walls, adding drama to the space. Now, the blocks are back. And it is up to you to get creative and find alternative ways to use them in your outdoor space. This design features an elegant white pergola with a breeze block wall separating the seating area from the driveway. With an attached planter box, it makes the ultimate statement. 

2. Cabana with breeze block wall

If you are a DIY enthusiast, setting up a breeze block wall will be an easy job for you. The blocks are joined with cement, so if you have experience, you’ll easily install the wall. However, keep in mind that the blocks can have harsh edges. Make sure to use proper protective equipment when handling them. The sophisticated seating area is secluded and private, thanks to the wall. With this, you can create a relaxing retreat within the awkward corner. 

3. Al fresco dining area

If you wish to keep your dining table away from the curious eyes of the neighbors, a breeze block wall will provide privacy. At the same time, it will release the natural sunlight and make the small yard feel airy and bright. You can enjoy al fresco dining with family and friends, while the wall will become the main focal point. 

4. Provide privacy for the front door

If your front door overlooks the street and you want to avoid the curious looks, this solution is ideal for you. A breeze block wall in front of the door will add the privacy you need while still looking like a part of the architectural design. You can leave the blocks with their color or repaint them to fit your unique style. You can use masonry paint for this purpose. If your style supports it, use bold colors and add planters to enhance the design. 

5. Breeze block wall deck

Installing breeze block walls is a relatively affordable DIY project. The total cost depends on the types of blocks you choose and the size of the wall. We love how they managed to divide the deck here and turn it into a private space for outdoor entertainment. The blocks are an ideal fit for mid-century modern style, adding charm with the fantastic texture. 

6. Indoor-outdoor space

The blocks bring so many benefits. Despite being gorgeous and affordable, they make the space feel more connected to nature. With the pattern, they will provide shade and air circulation while still keeping the area private. The contemporary space is ideal for relaxing after a long day. Thanks to the breeze block wall and the retractable cover, it is protected from weather conditions while still feeling closer to the outdoors. 

7. Charming yard spot

If your patio feels exposed to the outside, you can add a block wall from both sides to provide privacy and make it feel more intimate. The crisp white color of these blocks and the mix of blues bring the Mediterranean vibe to this setting. Feel free to hang plants to make the green color pop from the white blocks.

8. Stylish backyard

The breeze blocks don’t necessarily need to be used individually for building a wall. If they are too transparent for your needs, you can use their pattern for decorative purposes. This design features an existing wall covered with breeze blocks just for the sake of good looks. And it perfectly fits the coastal beachy vibes of this home. 

9. Pool area

A yard with a pool sounds like an outlet spot for relaxation. However, you might not feel comfortable if the area feels too open. To provide privacy, install a breeze block wall. It will ideally fit the relaxed beachy theme while keeping the pool hidden from plain sight. All you tend to do is lay on your sunbeds and make sure you soak up the sun rays. 

10. Fence and bench made of breeze blocks

The breeze blocks are versatile, and you can always find new ways to use them. In this case, the designers created a fence with the blocks. The fantastic concept includes a built-in bench that perfectly fits the space. 

11. Conceal the trash bin

A trash can is an eyesore and doesn’t do any good for curb appeal. Therefore many homeowners will look for ways to conceal it. But at the same time, it should look like a part of the exterior. The simple design shows you how to hide the trash bin while still flattering the house design. 

12. Garden

Breeze block walls are available in so many different designs. They were designed to provide shade and keep the air circulating at the same time. However, their fantastic appearance became an aesthetic feature. The diversity of patterns allows you to choose the right fit for your needs. The raised garden bed, cactuses, and sand bring desert vibes to this landscape. 

13. Breeze block screen 

In this case, the owners decided to open the kitchen to the outdoors and enhance their entertainment space. The breeze block wall conceals the private area, making it the ideal indoor-outdoor space for gatherings. The white blocks ideally later the white shiplap exterior, creating a relaxed ambiance. 

14. Balcony breeze block wall

You don’t necessarily have to be a huge fan of mid-century modern styles to implement this feature. The design is pretty versatile and can fit various styles with ease. If you wish to turn your balcony into a private retreat where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings, the breeze blocks will help you. The structure will still let the sunlight through but have your balcony hidden from plain sight. 

15. Room divider

The use of breeze blocks isn’t necessarily limited to the outdoors. They can always spruce up the interior in the form of room dividers that create separate zones within the home. The terracotta breeze blocks in this design are a stunning feature that supports the style. However, their functionality is even more critical. The blocks are used to make a partition, which clearly separates the kitchen and living room in this open-plan space. This is a great solution when you think that a regular wall will disrupt the natural light in the space. The room divider separates the open layout into different zones while still keeping them connected and releasing the natural light.