15 Closet Door Design Ideas

When the builder-grade closet doors don’t seem to fit your chosen style, it is time for an update. Professional designers would advise you to turn the ugly doors into a stylish feature that complements your interior with grace. Bold colors, daring patterns, and sleek textures are some of the ways to spruce up the design. With so many options available, there is something for every budget and taste. In this post, we share 15 closet doors ideas that will make a remarkable statement. When you go through them, you can choose the right fit for your style. 

Closet Door Design Ideas For Your Home:

1. Modern barn door

Whether you love the modern farmhouse aesthetic or are seeking a creative solution, barn doors will impress you with their appearance. The charming paneled design will make an extraordinary statement in the space while concealing your closet.

The satin black paint is a gorgeous finish that makes an outstanding contrast with the white walls. Hence, the door will become a focal point instead of just serving its function. If you are ready to get crafty, go forward and build your own custom barn door from scratch. 

2. Mirror closet door

In some cases, the closet doors might not look like they fit there. If you don’t want the doors to be an eyesore, you can introduce mirrors for a remarkable statement. A mirrored door will look like it is barely there while complementing any interior style or personal preferences.

In addition, the reflective surface will make the space feel larger than it really is. This versatile feature makes an excellent choice for any type of closet, resulting in a harmonious and seamless design. 

3. Inexpensive closet door

You can update your closet door with burlap if you have a limited budget for this project. All you need to do is put together a wooden frame that matches your closet’s dimensions. Cover the structure with burlap, and you have a gorgeous door that mimics rattan.

The result is a tasteful feature that adds a relaxed vibe to your space. The organic texture will fit a wide range of styles, adding a subtle visual appeal.

4. Sliding mirror door

The barn-style door comes with a mirror for enhanced functionality. The clever design is an excellent fit for tiny bedrooms that need a stylish touch-up. Despite the aesthetic appeal, sliding doors don’t require extra space for an opening while allowing maximum storage space inside the closet.

This advantage makes them ideal for small and narrow spaces where you can’t fit a door that swings out. Also, the added mirror reflects the light and makes the room appear visually larger. 

5. Yellow closet door

Closet doors don’t have to be boring. If you want to add a pop of color to introduce cheerfulness, feel free to do it. These bi-fold doors feature a lovely yellow color and an adorable sunburst design for the ultimate impression.

Therefore, the fascinating doors will become a vibrant statement in the space. If you want to enhance the closet design further, apply patterned wallpaper on the inside. Whether you want to hide the utility room or a home office, the bold and brave design will add a fresh update to your home.

6. Mirrored French closet door

French doors will make the space look more elegant with the intriguing design. This simple feature brings the traditional style into the room but can ideally complement many different tastes. The glass panes look luxurious, but they might not be ideal if you want to conceal your closet.

Therefore opt for mirrored glass to provide privacy and convey the vintage vibe. The result is a glamorous closet door that doesn’t only serve its function but also becomes the main focal point in your master bedroom.

7. Geometric pattern

Closet doors don’t have to be plain and boring. A bold pattern will make a remarkable statement and add freshness to the space. Geometric patterns are popular across a wide range of styles, so feel free to get bold and add an intriguing decorative touch.

The dark blue pattern on this closet door makes a stunning visual statement, supported by the rug within the same color scheme. Brass pulls are a simple detail that makes this pattern fit contemporary styles.

8. Pink closet doors

If you don’t like how the ugly closet door disrupts the space’s visual appeal, all you need to do is paint it. This DIY project is pretty simple and easy but makes a huge difference. Keep in mind that a vibrant and fresh color will elevate the space and add a touch of freshness.

A lovely pink tone is an excellent choice for feminine rooms that crave a visual touch. For a cohesive look, make sure to distribute pink accents across the space evenly. 

9. Curtain

Sometimes you might not be feeling ready to take over a new DIY project. Or, you might have a limited budget for designing your home. When the closet doors become a huge hassle, you can switch them with dreamy curtains.

This smart option will conceal your closet and keep it accessible while not costing much. Curtains are easy to install and available in a wide range of colors and patterns to match your style. On the other hand, it brings a romantic feel and classiness to the space. 

10. Floral design

If the plain white closet doors don’t fit the ambiance, you can give them a quick makeover. A romantic floral design would be an excellent choice for feminine bedrooms or kids’ rooms. Get floral decals that match the room’s color scheme and apply them to the plain door.

This simple step will turn the boring closet doors into artwork and a part of your tasteful room decor. 

11. Fabric panels

If you want to add a dose of texture, feel free to experiment with fabrics. Introduce fabric panels to the closet door design to bring an organic texture for a more natural look. The cane webbing on this design mimics the rattan look for a relaxed and modern feel.

The design looks like it is bespoke-made, but you can do it yourself. Feel free to incorporate this element in more informal and casual styles.

12. Mirror panel closet door

An outdated closet door isn’t a desired feature in your home, especially when in plain sight. A mirror panel door is a versatile element that will complement modern and sophisticated spaces while doing its function.

In addition, mirrors diffuse the light and make the space feel open and airy. The black frame looks sleek and trendy while ideally complementing your interior style. We love how it looks with the dark blue walls, as it breaks down the moody vibe.

13. Shiplap doors

The faux shiplap doors convey a modern coastal look to your home. The distinctive texture brings a decorative touch, turning the ugly closet doors into a visually pleasing focal point. The lovely dark tone perfectly complements the hardwood floor, while the minimalist hardware lets the design stand out.

If you are feeling crafty, you can DIY this project. Many DIYers like to mimic the shiplap design using plywood sheets. Feel free to add a fresh coat of paint to make a daring statement. 

14. Ceiling medallion decor

When the doors look too dull, feel free to turn them into a bold focal point that injects style. Get creative and use the conventional supplies in an unexpected way to leave a personal print in the space. We love how they used the ceiling medallions to come up with a unique design that turns heads.

The lively color makes the gorgeous details stand out, while the gold hardware adds a dose of elegance. Hence, this inexpensive DIY project will bring the Parisian charm to your home effortlessly. 

15. Cover with wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is a helpful supply for many DIY projects. The best thing is that you don’t need to have experience with applying wallpaper, and all you need to do is peel off the protective layer and stick it. The wallpaper is an excellent way to give your closet doors a makeover without spending much money or effort.

Now it is up to you to find a lively pattern that matches the color scheme. Also, don’t forget to update the knobs, and you have a complete beginner-friendly closet door makeover. This gorgeous floral design brings serenity to the space, making it ideal for your bedroom.