20 Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

A coffee bar is an ideal feature for coffee lovers. There is nothing better than having a designated spot for preparing your favorite beverage. Despite the functionality, a coffee bar will also add a decorative touch to your home.

Their design is quite versatile and can come in various shapes, depending on the space you want to reserve and your budget. For more straightforward projects, you can reserve a part of your countertop or a bar cart.

If you are a serious coffee lover, you can dedicate a full kitchenette to this. Make sure to check our coffee bar ideas and choose your favorite!

1. Rustic coffee bar

This design is ideal if you wish to create your DIY coffee bar. The rustic setting features a double cabinet as a base. We love how they mounted wooden crates on the wall. Despite making a fabulous statement wall, they provide space for displaying your coffee essentials. In addition, the coffee syrups add a decorative note with a cohesive design. 


2. Traditional home bar

The traditional bar gathers all the supplies needed for brewing a good coffee. The coffee machine sits on the countertop, while the essentials are neatly organized in the cabinets. To compliment the bar’s functionality, they added a wine fridge. During the night, the coffee bar transforms into a party bar for gatherings. 


3. Hidden coffee bar

If you’re one of the people that prefers streamlined aesthetics, hidden compartments inside your cabinets will work fine. When you open the doors, the coffee bar is ready for your needs. The surface is retractable, so you can pull the coffee bar forward for easy access. The small shelves provide storage space for your stylish coffee mugs. Once you close the cabinet, your coffee bar is neatly tucked away from sight. 


4. Farmhouse coffee bar

The farmhouse coffee bar complements the main dining area while making a gorgeous statement. The wall is painted with blackboard paint, allowing you to customize it with chalk. The wooden shelving adds a natural texture with its unfinished look. Therefore, the shelves are ideal for displaying your stylish mug set or cake stands. The cozy corner gathers all the supplies you need to prepare your favorite coffee while keeping things stylish. 


5. Small coffee bar

You don’t have to dedicate a large part of your kitchen to a coffee bar. This tiny bar is a coffee bar and a drink station at the same time, tucked in the corner of the main dining room. The colorful mugs are nicely displayed on a tray for convenience and aesthetics. With a mini fridge available, you can store your cold milk and whip up an iced coffee in no time. 


6. Kitchen cabinet bar

The kitchen cabinets feature an excellent spot for creating a curated coffee corner. The pocket doors open up the space, making it easier to access the essentials. A coffee machine and mugs are enough to create a stylish bar. However, store your coffee and other ingredients in smart containers or jars for a modern and tasteful look. Keeping the coffee in its original packaging will make the coffee bar look cluttered. 


7. Modern coffee bar

When you have shelving instead of cabinets, you can easily create a coffee bar. The open concept includes a mug display and coffee machine. The white kitchen cabinets are simple, with clean lines that don’t overpower the space. However, the wooden shelves add a decorative touch and bring a playful look. With this, you have the coffee-preparing essentials within arms reach. Once you prepare a cup of aromatic coffee, you can sit on the bar stools and enjoy every sip. 


8. Dedicated kitchenette

If you’re dedicated to consuming coffee, creating a kitchenette with a coffee bar is a thing to consider. A kitchenette is a smaller version of a kitchen with only a few functionalities. For example, a kitchenette can include a mini fridge and small appliances. The difference is that a kitchen has devices such as a dishwasher, stove, and fridge. For a coffee bar, you will need your coffee-making machine and a mini fridge if preferred. You can include a small sink, but it isn’t a must. The glass front cabinets display the mug collection, highlighted with recessed lighting. 


9. Shelf bar

Even the most specific setting will work fine when you don’t have enough space. A coffee machine, a couple of mugs, and syrups are all you need for a functional coffee bar. In this case, they added decor to make the coffee bar feel connected to the decor theme. The stainless steel appliances bring a modern feel and complement the gray color scheme. 


10. Display mugs

If you’re a fan of mugs and have an impressive collection, don’t mind showing off your precious pieces. This wet bar features shelving to organize the essentials while proudly displaying your mug collection. The wooden shelves and cabinets stand out from the white wall, adding a touch of warmth to this dining area. 


11. Home office and bar


12. Dedicated space on the countertop


13. Pocket doors


14. Artistic coffee corner


15. Charming space


16. Curated home bar


17. Simple bar


18. Sleek bar


19. White design 


20. Mid-century modern bar


Now that you have these coffee bar ideas, you can create a dedicated corner for enjoying a cup of fine coffee blend. Some will prefer to make a kitchenette to have everything handy. Others will even add a wet area. But you can also keep it simple and use the shelving in your kitchen. We brought so many ideas, and now you can choose depending on your budget and available space. If you need more decor ideas, don’t forget to follow us!