20 Curbless Shower Ideas for Modern Looking Bathroom

A curbless shower is one of the latest trends in bathroom design. And it is here to stay, thanks to its convenience. A curbless shower features a sleek design, with no barriers when stepping in.

Without obstacles, the shower looks refined and has a minimalist aesthetic. But also, the design makes it easy to step in for people with mobility issues.

Whether you prefer the convenience of aesthetics, best sure that a curbless shower will ideally complement many interior styles. If you’re looking for curbless shower ideas for your next remodeling, stop right here.

We curated a list of the best ideas along with professional tips. 

1. Luxury bathroom

This shower design comes with so many advantages. And one of them must be versatility. The curbless shower features a simple design that will fit many different interior styles. But it will still add a luxury touch to your bathroom. Also, you are free to implement additional features such as a soaking tub or built-in seating. This exquisite design features a combination of a corner tub and a curbless shower. We love how they continued the tub to create a built-in shower bench. The result is a luxury bathroom that has a spa feel. 


2. Contemporary bathroom

When installing a curbless shower, you must have one thing in mind. Since the shower doesn’t have a barrier, draining can be difficult. That’s why the shower floor should be steeper than usual. With this, the water will quickly drain without flooding the bathroom. This contemporary design features a gorgeous walk-in shower with patterned tiles to make a statement. 


3. Traditional design

The curbless shower design is versatile enough to fit various styles. This setting demonstrates how the features ideally complement a traditional style. Layered with creamy whites, this bathroom feels so elegant and luxurious. The glass door has no frames, which contributes to a clean look. The shower is spacious but feels connected with the rest of the bathroom. 


4. Doorless shower

A curbless shower can come in so many different forms. In this case, there is no door like a traditional shower. The shower area is divided by a wall but still feels open to the bathroom. This is an excellent idea if you hate scrubbing the soap residues and limescale off the glass panels. There is no barrier, which makes the bathroom look more spacious. 


5. Black and white

A sleek bathroom with a curbless shower will remain on trend for years. This space features a minimalist vibe thanks to the minimal use of elements. The shower feels continuous and even has the same tiles. The ¾ shower partition has a sleek design with a black frame for a statement. The design doesn’t have a classic door, which brings a modern vibe. 


6. Spa feel

Make your bathroom feel like a spa with a spacious curbless shower and a soaking tub. The faux wood tiles create a great accent wall, complemented by a built-in bench. The stone tiles bring an organic texture, creating a cozy area for relaxing after a long day. A freestanding tub overlooking the luxurious greenery complements the bathroom design, giving a luxury feel. 


7. Industrial bathroom

The curbless shower design makes its way into many styles, including industrial. This gorgeous small bathroom features a doorless shower with a ¾ glass partition. Thanks to this brilliant trick, the bathroom feels continuous, and no barriers disrupt the layout. To divide the wet area visually, they used different tiles than the bathroom flooring. 


8. Minimalist design

The minimalist shower design adds a refined feel to this bathroom. The ¾ glass partition divides the shower area while creating a continuous flow. The stone tiles are used for flooring and wall connection for a cohesive and refined look. The curbless shower creates an uncluttered space, which is easier to clean than a regular shower. With the lack of nooks and crannies, the process will be straightforward. However, one of the disadvantages is that they lack privacy. But this can be solved if you lock the bathroom door. 


9. Statement wall

If you want to go bold, feel free to use statement tiles to create an accent wall. This example showcases how you can bring personality to the bathroom while keeping the design simple. The blue tiles layered in an interesting pattern draw the eye forward, making the bathroom appear visually larger. The curbless shower with transparent doors doesn’t overwhelm the statement wall. The result is a stylish and tasteful bathroom that feels elegant. 


10. Elegant style

The elegant bathroom features gorgeous gray flooring. To visually divide the shower area, they used marble tiles for the walls and hexagons for the flooring. When renovating your bathroom, don’t forget about one crucial thing. The curb is there to contain the water and prevent your bathroom from flooding. Therefore it is critical to conduct the sloping properly so the water is directed into the drain. The slope should be away from the entrance to ensure it gets into the right place. 


11. Patterned tiles


12. Built-in bench


13. Gray bathroom design


14. Half-wall shower


15. Natural textures


16. Half-tiled shower


17. Bold tile shower


18. Walk-in shower


19. Curbless design with shower curtain


20. Stone tile


Now that you have our tips and ideas, you can create the spa-like bathroom of your dreams. Feel free to implement this design in a way that resonates with your style and preferences. If you need more ideas, feel free to follow us!