Decorative Crystals – 15 Home Decor Ideas Using The Prestigious Crystals and Gems

You can never go wrong about choosing decorative crystals or items with crystals to decorate your abode with. Crystals and timeless, classic, and ultimately luxurious-looking pieces of treasures that define incomparable elegance and symbolize elite appearance.

With crystals in your home, every sight will be so divine and majestic. Crystals are definitely versatile items that can turn your home into a glamorous and shiningly splendid haven.

There are various decorative crystals that you can opt for to enhance the beauty and coziness of every space and room.

Thus, aside from beautification and adorning your space, these crystal decors can truly make your home feel cool through its mystic, glittery, and icy effects.


One of the most popular and highly functional types of crystal is Amethyst. Amethyst stone decors are ultimately luxurious. These amethyst decorative crystals are best for living areas and study rooms particularly in center tables, console tables, or a freestanding element at the center of a room or space. Amethyst has healing energies that purify thoughts and emotions, thus inducing wisdom and a contemplative environment where it is emphasized and made a focal point. This stone is perfect for any design theme and scheme of an interior. See these photos for decorative ideas for amethyst:

Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has a gentle and soft approach that balances the sleek and modern effect of an interior design scheme. You can decorate this crystal variety with monotonous-colored interiors of contemporary, post-modernism, and transitional styles. As this stone has a soft and feminine color, this will be very enhanced when placed in an unused candle holder on or beside dark to medium-toned wooden furniture. Here are some ideas to use Rose Quartz for decoration:

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Citrine has a tangy appearance that induces the vibrant and dynamic spirit of the environment. Hence, this stone has a color that symbolizes productivity, fruitfulness, and resourcefulness. This is great when decorated inside the kitchen, offices, classrooms, studios, stores, and on any desktop. Citrine can be paired, mixed, and matched with vases, pots, or baskets with earth colors or warm-tone colors like reds, purples, yellows, browns, and wooden pieces of decors to enhance its colors and brightness. You can get some decorating ideas for Citrine through these photos:

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You can select crushed or smaller stone sizes of Celestite in several pieces and place it on a plate together with a white candle. This setting can be decorated on a tabletop, desk, or at the edge of a dining table. You can place a white vase with contemporary design faux flowers beside it and it will totally make a difference in the elegance of the room. As the color of this stone is of a cool tone, you can place it on a furniture piece with light or faded colors. See some photos of Celestite here for some design insights:

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Tiger’s Eye

Make your home or favorite space at home ultimately personal and comforting with the healing power of this crystal. The Tiger’s Eye has the earth and neutral streaks of color on the surface of the stone. This is a versatile stone that you can decorate if you opt to have tulle fabrics, white-washed or light gray fabrics for rugs, and sofa covers. Freestanding Tiger’s Eye stone is best for decorating on bedside tables under a lamp, living area side tables beside a photo frame, pianos, shelves, racks, and console tables. This stone is ultimately welcoming and warm.

Get ideas through these photos for Tiger’s Eye stone decorations:

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The Turquoise stone is an extremely soft and cooling stone that gives a cooling and tranquil character to a room or space. Turquoise can be hung and make it as a lantern. Place this decorative crystal near a light to enhance its color and spread out positive energies to the surroundings. Place several small pieces of turquoise stones inside a clear plate or visible glass and place it on a table, shelves, and racks. Place a white or brown candle beside it and see how magical and mystic the place could be!

See some photos here for some Turquoise design ideas:

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Ruby is an expensive type of crystal. Choosing Ruby as a decorative element needs to consider that the stone should be safely kept and guarded. Rubies can be placed inside a transparent container or closed bottle and decorate it inside a glass cabinet, or on a shelf that is hard to reach but is completely visible and attention-capturing. Like Amethyst, Ruby can be the focal point of a space or room through its incomparable red beauty.

See these photos for decorative ideas for Ruby:


This black stone is known to fight away spirits and eliminates emotional and mental blockages. Obsidian stones can be placed on any table close to a window, door, staircase, or any kind of openings such as hallways, foyers, and corridors. In using Obsidian as decorative crystals, it must not be mixed with any other crystals or earth elements. Obsidians can be mounted on a mouth of a wooden or glass vase and you can place them to decorate it beside any home decor like a photo frame or a pile of books. See here to gather ideas about decorating Obsidians:


One of the most luxurious and precious stone among the decorative crystals, Emerald can make a statement as a decorative crystals options for your home. Emeralds are great when paired with marble slabs and prints, silk, satin, and velvet fabrics. Metallic, gold, and silver accents are also the perfect decorative elements that you can match with the presence of Emerald. To decorate using this stone, you can place the emerald inside a clear glass goblet and adorn it together with gold beads or chains. Make several groups of these and see the mesmerizing view on any tabletops and shelves.

See here for some other Emerald decoration insights:

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Jade decorations may not be new to you. Jades are usually decorated with buddha statues, bonsai formations, and figurines. But there is something new that you can decorate with Jade – jade Fairy Garden. For this design idea, you can grab a pot and fill it with small pebbles or gravel. You can use small sizes of Jade stone as the bushes, vines, and trees. Decorate with other elements like fairy figures, flowers, and little pavements to make it really look like a fairy garden. See some inspiration for the fairy garden here and don’t forget to use Jade stones for the greeneries:

Lapis Lazuli 

Another blue-green stone to make your space or abode feel calmer and more connected with nature is the Lapis Lazuli. This stone usually comes in dimensions of 2 inches by 2 inches so you can have a Lapis Lazuli crystal bowl or crystal plate. This is best for adorning your work desk or reading couch’s side table and feeling its energy giving your mind the dynamic vibe for learning and thinking.

You may also like to see these photos to get ideas for Lapis Lazuli decorations:


This white stone is a mesmerizing positive energy source to spread positive vibes throughout the day. Moonstone is best for decorating dressers, study areas, and reading areas of the home or on your office table. This stone is good for inner and personal growth so you can place the little moonstone pieces inside a glass bottle and place the bottle inside a basket or bowl and add some little beads or pebbles inside for glowing decorative crystals. You may also like to see these photos to get ideas for Moonstone decoration:

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Garnet can be decorated by making crystal glass bowls or encasing it in a container or something like a tiny golden bird cage. With its red color, Garnet makes a passionate environment and is a great color to induce appetite. So this stone is best for decorating kitchens, dining areas, pantries, or on patio dining sets. You can pair a garnet decoration with a tiny potted plant and a pile of books. See these photos for amazing Garnet decoration ideas:


It is so undeniable that Selenite has earthy and angelic colors. Make every room or space truly cozy and serene with a big Selenite crystal cut stone that free-standingly glows on any tabletop or shelf. Complement Selenite with gold-framed photos, white candles, and angel figurines on a shelf, rack, lamps, and table tops. Selenite can best be the decorative crystals for contemporary and minimalist interior design schemes.

See here to gather ideas about decorating Selenite crystals:


The clear stone, Peridot, could be decorated also by making crystal bowls, Peridot bottles, and encasing a large Peridot stone in a metallic cage-like container. But peridots can also be decorated as dangling beads and hang it on a wall, or make as a lantern or suncatchers. This makes the precious gem crystal look like fairy dust in the air or a string light decoration that you see in magical castles. See here for some other Peridot decoration insights: