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Are you planning to build the home of your dream? Do you wish to include multiple rooms in your project? If yes, get familiar with the different types of house rooms. Accessing various possibilities will let you include everything when crafting a lovely home. Space is a deciding factor here. For instance, if you have a limited area, you can’t encompass all types of rooms. However, staying up to date with various possibilities will help you build an elegant abode.

Types of house rooms

People usually think of a hall, a bedroom, and a kitchen when buying a home. This point also holds when building a house on a plot. However, there are endless possibilities concerning the types of rooms you can add to your home. Besides a regular hall (drawing room), bedroom, and kitchen, there are various other rooms. Let’s check each possibility to include a maximum number of rooms in your house.

1. Living room

It’s one of the most important types of house rooms. A living room is the first room that anyone sees when entering your home. It’s the central place where you and your family unwind and relax. Also called a drawing-room, a living room is a place to entertain guests and friends. It’s also the biggest area of any house.

The style and interior of the room reflect your personality. You may include furniture such as comfortable chairs, sofas, artwork, and coffee tables as you wish. Its size depends on the total square feet of the home.

2. Bedroom

A bedroom is another must-have place in any home. These rooms vary in size depending on your needs and preferences. You can have a single bedroom or multiple rooms as per your liking and available space. However, the size of each bedroom varies.

A children’s bedroom has a smaller floor area compared to the master’s bedroom. The interior usually includes bedding and other furniture pieces such as a wardrobe, dressing table, chest of drawers, lamps, and other fixtures.

3. Kitchen room

No matter the shape and style of the house, a kitchen will definitely find its place there. The truth is the cooking area is the heart of any home. Any family prepares food for loved ones here.

A cooking area receives maximum beatings and traffic because it’s the most used space. Usually located close to the dining area, a kitchen can vary in size, shape, and design. Still, any cooking area occupies 10 to 15 percent of the house.

4. Dining room

As stated earlier, dining is located close to the kitchen room. Some people prefer a spacious dining room, whereas others choose a smaller option. It depends on the number of people in the house, your preferences, and the available area.

Delicious food and touching conversations create long-lasting memories for time spent in your dining area. The room includes a table and a few chairs. The design aligns with the overall home decor for a cohesive look.

5. Family room

Some people consider a family room one of the most important types of house rooms. On the other hand, many families don’t give a thought to this room. A family room is an extra living room that presents multiple functional benefits.

It’s usually preferred by families that like to have two living rooms. People use this room to spend time with their friends to prevent distractions from other members of the family. You may also use this space for personal interests or to socialize with others.

6. Guest room

It’s a spare bedroom people use on certain occasions. Many people prefer to have a guest room to accommodate their guests and visitors. Such an adjustment allows your friends or relatives to spend a night or two at your place.

A guest room lets them enjoy privacy and be comfortable at your home. Include bedding and some chairs in the room. You may add other furniture pieces if you like. The interior matches the overall theme of your house.

7. Bathroom

A bathroom is the most indispensable room in any home. Going for the call of nature and cleaning your body stand paramount. This is where a bathing room comes in handy. All members of the family use this handy place. Visitors and guests also use your bathroom.

People prefer to have a beautiful, comfortable, and clean bathroom to start or end their day. The size of the room depends on many points, such as the available space and your preferences. Most bathrooms feature a tub or shower, a sink, storage cabinets, mirrors, and a closet.

8. Game room

You’ll hardly find a game room in traditional homes. However, the situation has changed now. Today, game rooms have become one of the practical types of house rooms. You can use the place for playing video games, snooker, and whatever you like.

The inclusion of this room depends on many parameters. For example, if children love to play video games and other indoor games, this room becomes a necessity and vice-versa. Space availability also determines the inclusion of this room.

9. Nursery room

It’s your newly born child’s living area. A nursery is their own space until they grow big enough to go to school. If you have a small baby and wish to introduce him to the real world, make this room comfortable, inviting, and a fun place.

Pay attention to the safety guidelines when designing the nursery. Some folks prefer a spare bedroom for their babies instead of a separate room. An ideal nursery comprises storage space, a crib, supplies, and amenities required for your baby.

10. Basement room

This room forms part of a house below the ground. It’s a highly functional place. Still, not all homes have a basement. Usually, houses in the colder areas feature this room.

Many people also use a basement for sheltering during tornadoes, storms, and other unfavorable weather. This room presents various purposes. You can convert it into a living space or a cellar for your needs. The purpose and usage of the room dictate the decor.

11. Storage room

It’s among the most useful types of house rooms—those who have limited space use spare rooms for storage. If you’ve enough space, you may construct a separate storage room. Such a place lets you house extra items that you don’t use too often.

You can store tools, spares, and other belongings here. As far as designing goes, choose simple designs. Also, don’t use light colors. Medium or dark shades work fine for storage rooms.

12. Playroom

Small children love to play. So, if you’ve plenty of space for your home project, consider creating a playroom. It’s an ideal place for children to assemble and play with friends. Such a room sharpens the creative traits of young children.

If you wish to incorporate this room, have enough floor area. Also, remove harmful instruments that can hurt your children. Decorate the area that appeals to small children and let them enjoy a warm and funny environment.

13. Library room

Do you love reading books and other materials? If so, a home library could come in handy for your situation. Such a room is usually comfortable and quiet. Make sure that the room rests in a noise-free area to ensure better concentration.

Have an appealing library shelf to house the books in accordance with specific parameters for ease of usage. You can have a small or big library as you like. Choose a minimalistic sense of design in this room and include a couple of chairs and a table.

14. Gym room

Many homeowners are more particular about their fitness. If you come into this category, consider adding a gym room to your house. It has become one of the vital types of house rooms today. Such an adjustment lets you exercise and stay fit.

Here, you can work out your body at your own pace and time. Mats and exercising equipment find their place in this room. Paint the room in medium but vibrant colors to uplift your mood for working out your body.

15. Home office room

Work from home has become a new norm today. A significant number of individuals carry out their tasks from their houses. Even freelancers love this new change. The best part is a home office room doesn’t occupy too much space.

A couple of chairs and a desk with little floor space for movement is enough. Paint the room with professional hues. Also, build the room away from your kitchen and other noisy areas.

Bottom line

Building a dream house on a plot is something words fail to describe. People love to develop a home of their preferences despite the time and labor involved. The decor and the number of rooms play a vital part in the development process. Check these 15 types of house rooms in great detail. Try to include the maximum number of rooms based on your preferences and available space. If you use your imagination and apply some creativity, you can have a house with various types of elegant and functional rooms.