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If you are looking for ideas to make DIY closet doors, you’re in the right place. This guide will go over the ten different ways you can make one. Needless to say, your closet is perfect for storing clothes and other items.

Yet, you might find that conventional doors might be boring. Some of the ways we’ll show you might be interesting (one such idea may be something your kids might enjoy). Let’s take a look now at the list of ideas below.

Diy Closet Doors:

  1. Chalkboard closet doors

These can be perfect for the closet in your kid’s room. We’ve seen chalkboard paint on walls. It’s only fair to include them on closet doors as well.

If your closet doors are large enough, this is one way to install a makeshift chalkboard. They can write on it, draw pictures, and so much more. It can be easy to clean off, and you can start the whole thing all over again.

What’s not to love about this? Besides, it may be something your kids might enjoy for years to come.

  1. Make a barn door

If you’re a sucker for that farmhouse look, then you can create a sliding barn door using poplar and MDF. You can slide open your closet door, and it will make your closet look a bit more sophisticated. This can also be a door idea for your bathroom as well.

A sliding door is easy to open because…well…it slides. If your closet doorway is large enough, this is the kind of door you can put together. It can even be a good weekend project for you, too.

  1. Wood planks

If you have wood planks that are four inches wide and about a quarter of an inch in thickness, these can be useful for closet doors. MDF or even plywood will be your best options. From there, you can find so many different designs online.

You can stain the wood or paint it in your favorite color. It may be a good idea to get a good look at the room and the color scheme before doing something. You don’t want the closet door to look a little out of place color-wise.

  1. French door closets

There’s something about French doors that will make a closet look classy or elegant. You can install real French doors or even the faux version of them. Either way, if you have the structure and the closet space, you can be able to pull this off. 

French doors are double doors that you can open up and open your closet space like it’s some kind of hidden room. Granted, it may be reserved for larger closet space. If you don’t have it, no worries – there are other ideas that are just as nice.

  1. Rustic sliding mirror door

Rustic seems like the ‘it’ style these days. Plus, a mirror on the door is also a nice thing to have at home. What if you put two together and create a sliding door out of it?

The good news is that it won’t be an expensive project to do. You can install wheels at the bottom, install a mirror in front of you, and attach it to the door frame. Even if you have a small amount of closet space, it can work to your advantage.

  1.  Bifold closet doors

You’ve probably seen these closet doors before. You pull on the knob, and the door folds right in two. These are great, even if you are on a budget. 

These are the kinds of doors that are aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, they are also great for those that have a small amount of closet space. These bifold doors can be finished in a stain of your choice or painted in your favorite color.

Whatever your style is your preference, bifold closet doors look pretty nice.

  1. Sliding to hinged doors

If you want your closet doors to go from sliding to hinged, it’s possible. You don’t have to replace them at all. You can install hinges and ball catches on the ends so you can get them to behave like hinged doors.

Of course, you need to remove the sliding mechanism. You may notice the hinges and think that you’ve replaced them. You might make a mistake and try to slide the door open.

However, you’ll realize that they are the same doors. Yet, you converted them from a slider to something different.

  1. One great big sliding mirror

You can use a large mirror, and it can operate as a dual sliding door. You’ll have a mirror to use to double-check your style. No need to track down a mirror that is somewhere in the house (like in your bathroom).

A sliding door can be easily put together. You can also install the mirrors themselves afterward. There may also be doors that are already mirrored.

Who wouldn’t want mirrored doors in their room? Especially when it’s the closet doors.

  1. Grasscloth panels

You can attach grasscloth panels with the help of Command strips. You can also remove them with ease. These are another version of sliding glass doors that you can install in your bedroom closet.

You can easily remove them and reinstall them at any time. This will save you time and money. If you are looking for what might be the easiest DIY closet project on the list, this might be your best option.

This might be a project for you if you are a beginner at DIY home improvement projects.

  1. Accordion doors

Accordion doors are foldable. Plus, they are perfect for the space saver. You can pull it open, and the panels will fold like an accordion (hence the name).

Some of them are made of wood. However, a lot of them are made with synthetic materials such as PVC or vinyl. You can even find aluminum accordion doors if they happen to be your thing as well. 

Either way, these are great when you have a small closet space to work with.