Electrical box cover ideas – 15 Innovative Ways to Hide Electrical Panel

image source: swatijain

When you curate the home of your dreams, you might work with specific features that are the eyesores in a space. Electrical boxes are one of them, and they can easily ruin the streamlined look you want to achieve.

We understand that you wish to create an appealing design and remove them from plain sight. But, covering a fusebox can become challenging.

You would want to find the perfect way to conceal the electrical box that resonates with your style but keep it accessible at the same time. This means that you might need to get your hands on a DIY project to create a bespoke solution.

We curated a collection of the best electrical box cover ideas to make it easier!

Electrical box cover ideas:

1. Wall art

An electrical box can be an eyesore in a well-designed room, so you want to find an aesthetic solution to cover it. When you wish to keep the elegance, disguise the box with wall art. A sliding canvas will hide the fuse board and blend it with your existing decor. It will display gorgeous artwork that matches your decor scheme while removing the electrical box from plain sight. Plus, you can easily access it when needed.

2. Pegboard shelving

With so many electrical box cover ideas to choose from, you can always find the option that fits well with your interior design. This simple solution uses a wooden pegboard to cover the electrical box, resulting in a streamlined look. It is the ideal pick for tiny homes that could use some extra storage space for small things. You can choose to display notes and planters to fit the relaxed vibe.

3. Stylish cover

The elegant and sophisticated home has no space for eyesores. In this entryway, the fuse box would be an unpleasant sight that clutters the space. This stylish cover conceals the electrical box while being cohesive with style. Plus, it provides space for hanging the keys. The wall sconce and frames follow the style, complementing the stylish cover and making the decor more intentional.

4. Outdoor utility box

The fuse boxes aren’t only an eyesore in your home, as they can also make the outdoor space look less appealing. In this case, it is time for a smart concealing solution to hide the ugly electrical boxes. The slated design is made of the same material as the deck for cohesiveness. It looks like a part of the design while hiding the utility box from plain sight. Now you can enjoy the fantastic views and not see the ugly box.

5. Paper roll

If you are looking for inexpensive and easy electrical box cover ideas, this one will amaze you. A paper roll hanging over the fuse box will perfectly conceal it. Yet, it will still be functional. You can write down your grocery list here and check it before leaving home. Or, you can provide an entertainment area for your kids. Either way, it is a budget-friendly cover idea that anyone can implement in their home. 

6. DIY pallet art

When you wish to cover the electrical box in a visible spot, do it with art. If you’re feeling crafty, then make your pallet art. This fantastic design is relatively simple to make. The combination of various blue tones and white brings a beachy feel to your home. This beautiful solution is ideal for coastal homes, fitting the vibe to perfection. 

7. Chalkboard

A chalkboard is a cute addition to your decor. Especially when it serves a double purpose and conceals the electrical box. This would be an ideal option for the kitchen, as you can write down notes for your family or grocery list. Either way, it is a captivating decor that would suit modern and rustic styles.

8. Rustic wooden sign

This would be an ideal pick for you when you need a charming and rustic cover to match your decor. A rustic wooden sign will look like part of your home decor, and no one would guess there is a fuse box underneath it. The design is elevated on both sides and sits just above the electrical box. Plus, you can easily remove the sign and access the circuit breakers when you need to.

9. Barn door

A sliding barn door is a part of modern farmhouse interiors. Its convenience and appeal can become the ideal option for concealing the electrical box. The woodgrain texture will bring visual interest to the space while being functional. You can surround the cover with other wall art and frames to curate a charming gallery wall that fits your style.

10. White shutters 

If you are into repurposing old pieces and bringing them back to life, this project will surely amaze you. The window shutters are ideal for covering the fuse box, adding charm to your decor. You can use your old shutters or head to your local thrift store to get the correct dimensions. Give the shutter a coat of fresh paint, and they are ready to hide in the electrical box and become part of your curated decor. 

11. Electrical panel cover

Some fuse boxes might have an awkward placement or size. In this case, you will need a bespoke solution to conceal them. A fabric cover is a simple and easy solution to cover the electrical box. You can easily manage this DIY project if you have minimal sewing skills. Use command hooks to secure the fabric cover in place, hiding the box from plain sight. 

12. Antique window 

Anything can become an electrical box cover if you’re feeling creative enough. In this case, an antique-style window is the star of the show. The fusebox is located in a visible spot in the entryway. The small window mounted on the wall conceals the box while matching the overall aesthetics. They complemented this feature with hooks for coats and bags for a more purposeful setting. 

13. Sliding wall

The electrical box on the exterior wall doesn’t provide an enjoyable sight. A sliding partition will be a perfect choice to improve the patio and turn it into a cozy and inviting spot. The design ideally fits this patio while being easy to move. When the cables and boxes are away from sight, the beauty of this red brick wall will stand out nicely. 

14. Headboard cover

An electrical box can be an ugly feature in farmhouse and cottage-style homes, especially when it stands out from the gorgeous wainscotting. The covers made of beadboard perfectly complement the style and don’t stand out. The double door makes the box accessible while blending in with the decor. Make sure to measure your box before purchasing a headboard. When you are at the store, preset the dimensions and ask to get a custom cut to suit them. 

15. Planter

When the electrical box messes with your curb appeal, cover it with a creative planter. This simple design complements the outdoor space, providing a nice view. The sliding living wall is the ultimate statement for this outdoor space. The structure is hung on a sliding closet door track for easy moving. The living wall is made of burlap, with pockets for soil. You can plant your own herb garden here and have fresh herbs within arm’s reach.