The entryway bench of the house is such an essential part of the home. It is the first piece of furniture that provides comfort when anyone enters your house. A good entryway bench allows you and your guests to remove their shoes comfortably. Besides, it can also count as a storage area for you and your family.

Beyond the essential functions, an entryway bench is also a way to add aesthetics to your home. Since it is the first furniture piece your visitors will see, you must make an excellent first impression.  

The following are some ideas for entryway benches. Feel free to look through and find the one that gives you the best functionality and aesthetics.  

1. Entryway bench with shoe storage

Your entryway bench can do more than just be a seat. A well-organized doorway bench can also serve as the glue that keeps your mornings together. If most families remove their shoes at the door, consider incorporating shoe storage to the bench. By storing your shoes in one place at the doorway, everyone in the house will find it easier to get to work or school. It will also make the doorway look neater.

If this sounds perfect, look for a shoe storage bench mainly made for that purpose like the one below. 

2. Small entryway bench

Having a small entryway is not an excuse not to have an entryway bench. The small space only means you might need to be more creative. To get the best design, you will have to make the best use of what you have. It does not have to be something grand and majestic. Sometimes, going simple and easy creates an eye-catching entryway. 

Consider using small-sized seats that can fit the entryway with fewer decorations.   

The following entryway bench design suggestion is for you if you have a small doorway.

3. Farmhouse entryway bench 

One thing about interior décor is that you can make your home into what you want it to be. Even if you are in the city, you can create that rustic farmhouse design in your home if you want. The concept is beautiful, warm, and welcoming. 

The following is an excellent example of what you can do to your entry bench to give it that farmhouse appeal. The design should give your doorway a more natural sense and make it seem fresher. You can add a few natural touches to the space by adding plants. Be creative, but try not to be excessive with your design.  

4. Modern entryway bench

When it comes to modern design, the idea is to get the best visual appeal with less. A bench that helps you declutter, stay organized and still does well in aesthetics. If this sounds like your thing, simple metal or wooden entryway bench should work for you. 

Get yourself a wood bench like this one.  

The bench is made from metal and engineered wood. The seat is made of a detachable cushion on one side, and it has an enclosed shelf on the other end. The bench should add a touch of modern flair to your entryway.

5. Narrow entryway bench

Having a narrow entryway means you have a few options in terms of benches. Most benches out there might be too wide to fit into the space you have. But then, you can still make magic by creating your DIY entryway bench. DIY entryway benches are just as beautiful as regular ready-made benches, and they are not as costly.   

If you had the time, it could be a fun project. Plus, it would save you the stress of buying benches that do not fit. With the right tools and skills, you might create something beautiful. 

6. Black entryway bench

Do you love black? Why not make the bold statement with your entryway bench. The big idea behind having an entryway bench is to show your unique style. Of course, the comfort part is there, but then, you want to make décor statements that are bold and unique. 

A simple black bench paced in front of a white wall might be all you need. The bench will do a great job welcoming people to your home. Look at how it stands out in front of the white painting. 

7. Entryway bench and coat rack

A coat rack is an excellent addition to any doorway. The coat rack works well to keep your entryway tidy and organized. Also, a pair of coat hooks strung above gives a lovely backdrop for your entryway bench.   

If you have a large entrance or mudroom, an entryway bench with a coat rack may be the best option to make good use of the available space. 

With this multi-purpose bench, you can have a coat, bag, and shoe storage in one place. However, because they are massive pieces of furniture, ensure that your wall is spacious enough to accommodate them comfortably.

8. White entryway bench

White entryway benches always look classy and elegant. It can bring some life into your entryway if the area has a dull painting or if the area is dark. Another wonderful thing about the white entry bench is that it sits well with most room paintings, including white.

A white entrance bench does not have to be elaborate; it just needs to be functional. Just the white color would make a basic design look elegant design. You can also add accents to the bench to improve the appeal. 

9. Entryway bench with back

Entryway benches that have backs offer more comfort than regular types. Asides from that, they easily stand out and make separate statements that set them apart from standard design benches. 

If you can get one with good color, it might easily accent your entryway. For example, you can add some extras like a coir runner, a wooden framed mirror, a carpet, or storage baskets to complement the bench.

Consider this simple entrance bench design idea that provides a genuine touch. Thanks to the natural beauty of the wood and the clear design lines, this handcrafted, essential design works.

10. Rustic entryway bench

Without a doubt, a rustic doorway will make a great first impression. If you are looking to make that perfect rustic impression for your doorway, there are several methods to that.

Most people prefer to use lots of wooden surfaces, but it’s not the only option. For example, on the bench, you may put a rustic crate, greeneries, or cushions. You might also consider using a cushion in earth-tone colors to get that rustic appeal. Adding beautiful lighting is also a fantastic idea.

Take a careful look at this entrance. What are your thoughts? It has a rustic atmosphere, yet it doesn’t look like the typical rustic decor. 

11. Entryway accent benches

If you feel your entryway s looking dull or it seems something is missing, consider adding an accent bench to it. Accent benches are easy to add drama to your entryway by using an unexpected color to produce a cohesive design.

Consider the following idea; a blue luxury bench sitting in a white room. As you see below, the rich blue color pops out well in front of a white painting. You can as well go for something that delights you and calls people’s attention. 

12. Corner entryway bench

Entryway benches can fit anywhere. Even those tiny conners in your home deserve to be adorned with some classy entryway bench. However, the idea with corners is that you make good use of all the space available. 

Although your corner entryway will come with fewer décor possibilities, you can still transform the place into an eye-catching doorway. For instance, consider getting a small seat and lesser decorations like the picture below.

Whatever you do, just be creative. 

13. Midcentury entryway bench

Mid-century décor is not for everyone. But if you are one of those who loves clean lines, a blend of organic and synthetic elements, and retro flair that distinguish mid-century modern home design, then this is for you. 

You can get one like in the idea below. Consider adding plants to your mid-century entryway bench to create that sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. Do not forget that color is what differentiates mid-century modern designs from minimalism. So, be creative; you can throw around some colors to help the entryway bench stand out.  

14. Entryway bench with cushion

You can use cushions on your entryway bench. It should come out stylish and beautiful but remember to be minimalistic. You can use a color palette dominated by white, black, or grey. You can also add bright colors and some artwork to light up the area.

This entryway bench set is a superb example of what you can do with cushion entryway benches. It helps you create that bold décor statement for your entryway inspired by a modern and minimalist design. The good part is the storage bench is both attractive and functional. It provides enough storage while also bringing a touch of elegance to your doorway.

15. Leather entryway bench

None of the ideas we mentioned above involve leather. But then, it doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate leather into your entryway bench designs. Leather is a beautiful material on its own. Bringing in a leather surface to your entryway can dramatically improve the appearance of the whole place. 

The following is a straightforward design that combines leather with an entryway bench. It is a simple and contemporary design that is perfect for those who seek simplicity and modern décor.