15 Exotic Bedroom Ideas

Interior decor is a case of different strokes for different folks. While some may prefer a chic minimalist design, others may favor more luxurious or exotic decor. If you prefer an exotic bedroom design, it can be challenging to find inspiration. 

Indeed, there are different ways to introduce the exotic feel into your room. And you may require a bit of trial and error before you settle on the elements of design that pair nicely with your style. In this article, discover how you can pull off an exotic bedroom with these 15 exotic bedroom ideas. 

1. Leafy Motifs

Gorgeous green pops are a great way to give your bedroom an exotic, tropical feel. You can opt for tropical wallpaper with leaf motifs to transform a formerly ordinary bedroom into one with delicious exotic overtones.

To accentuate your leafy greens, keep the rest of your bedroom as neutral as possible. You can also experiment with framed botanicals that seamlessly fit into the tropical, exotic theme. 

2. Go With Warm Colors 

Warm, spice colors elevate an exotic decor. Give your walls a splash of turmeric gold, choose to throw pillows in cinnamon or paprika, and watch your bedroom undergo a total makeover before your very eyes. If you prefer your walls plain, you can add warmth to the windows or beddings with these colors.

Pick up a handcrafted blanket in a warm color like red or orange and watch it transform your bed to fit the theme. Splashes of accent colors such as forest green, turquoise, or rust and animal print can help set up a neutral palette.

3. Try Some Floor And Wall Decor

Tapestries are a great way to elevate the appearance of your bedroom, and they are a great way to introduce a vibe of exotic fantasy. You can decorate your walls with desert photographs, tropical island scenes, or other photos that you will term exotic.

Wall photos are a great way to incorporate another landscape. You can also throw in an excellent oriental rug for a classic look. If you are on a budget, you can search for a faux fur rug that feels soft on the bare feet to complete the exotic vibe. 

4. Incorporate Exotic Features

Nothing sets the mood for an exotic bedroom better than a four-poster canopy bed. Hang some colorful silk with sheer fabric or gold thread, and you have a look. Suspending a canopy from the ceiling over the bed can help create a similar effect for a reduced price, and you get to keep the same bed. You can also use a simple low-level bed to evoke a streamlined exotic look.

Pull out a handmade light fixture or brass lamp to replicate the wonders of Morocco or turkey. Moreover, a side table with contrasting inlay or lush carved designs will set the right tone for an exotic bedroom. 

5. Choose Bold And Beautiful Colors For Your Walls

The exotic decor is not afraid to be bold and beautiful. Harness the power of colors to create the perfect exotic fantasy bedroom. The typical exotic decor colors of silver, gold, and black can perfectly contrast ivory, green, and even blue.

A great decor idea if you have a large bedroom is to paint a single wall a natural color such as a shade of green, then design a silhouette mural of your choice. You can recreate an African mural of leopards or even tall stalks of grass waving in the breeze. 

6. Incorporate Accents

The exotic decor is bold and prominent, making it tricky to incorporate accents. However, if you stick to a few well-chosen pieces and try not to go overboard, you should have a dramatic, rich look that screams exotic. For example, consider stacking vintage suitcases or wooden crates to create a nice exotic effect instead of a regular old table.

You can also opt for large black or gold ceramic vases and vases crafted of teakwood to hold large grasses. Finally, complete the look with chrome or brass accents on tables and a couple of picture frames to seal the deal. 

7. Make A Statement With Bold Accessories 

If you are going for a dramatic yet organized look, you can try incorporating Zebra or Leopard patterns in large accessories such as your sofa. Smaller patterned items can give a confusing scattered look when overused, so avoid placing them all over the room.

Instead, you can explore lush fabrics with complex patterns, throw pillows, and even quilts. Moroccan furniture is often the best complement in exotic decor. Tables and sofas are set low to the floor, supported by elaborate wrought iron.

8. Go Bohemian

The bohemian decor will never go out of style. Its appeal is in its variety, opening up an entirely new world for you to experiment. You can begin by getting woven chairs, fuzzy rugs, and the signature pillow overload.

With Bohemian, you can go overboard and create a bedroom full of cheer and color. First, however, you might want to understand the basics of Boho culture and style, including the finishes and textures that make it up. 

9. Tropical Decor 

Exotic bedroom ideas can not be complete without the mention of tropical-style bedrooms. Of course, one of the most exotic places is the beach, and you can recreate the aesthetic in your bedroom.

The tropical decor makes use of natural materials and colors. You can flaunt shades of blue, turquoise, or green in large areas to create a cheerful, beachy appearance. You can also highlight your neutral or plain background with decorative items in purple, orange, or pink shades. 

10. Experiment With Traditional European Decor

Traditional European decor gives a hint of royalty and comfort. Moreover, European decor plays with necessities, motifs, and classical elements to fit a modern lifestyle. Traditional European decor includes exotic items such as winged chairs and claws feet furniture.

European decor pairs well with sober background colors as the furniture are often extravagant. It helps give a spacious look to the room and fills out the space perfectly. 

11. Hang Art On The Walls 

Frequently in interior decor, wall art is overlooked. Wall art is treated as an afterthought; after all, the furniture is artfully arranged and painted walls. However, by relegating wall art to the background, you miss out on a fantastic opportunity to pull off the unique exotic decor.

The right wall art can form an attractive focal point for the entire bedroom when carefully chosen. 

12. Incorporate Antique Vases

Decorating using antique vases can add charm or elegance to your bedroom if there is adequate space to house the vase. Vases help fill vacant corners or large empty spaces in a decorative manner. Some antique vases are so beautiful they do not require flowers. Empty antique vases can stand alone, creating a unique feature in your bedroom.

Vases are also a cool way to direct attention to other items in the room, such as paintings or furniture. You can also take it one step further by filling your vases with sentimental objects that complement the vase. 

13. Throw In Some Figurines 

It is essential to consider functionalities when buying figurines or sculptures. You can choose a couple of small figurines to create a collection. If you buy a large figurine or sculpture, it will probably stand alone and act as the focal point of the decor, emphasizing its character.

The sizes and numbers of decorative figurines in a bedroom should be carefully considered. You want to ensure that the figurines are presented in an aesthetic manner that emphasizes the style of the room without creating a mess or overwhelming the decor.

14. Go Green With Plants

Plants do more than add an exotic aesthetic to your bedroom. Plants have numerous health benefits, and incorporating green living plants do wonders for our mental and bodies. Indoor plants can filter toxins from the air, boosting the quality of the air.

In addition, they help energize the mind and encourage deeper sleep by helping reduce stress levels. House trees are also in vogue and a great way to pull off an exotic look in your bedroom. You can place a tiny house tree beside your bed and watch your space take on an exotic feel.

15. Choose Great Lighting 

Lighting is a great way to add drama and interest to your bedroom, highlighting and intensifying whatever mood and effect you are trying to create. Light up your room by combining all layers of lighting in one place.

You can also tone down the lighting and soften the atmosphere by using one light source. Where you choose to place the lighting and the sort of light you use are important aspects of creating an exotic bedroom. 

Decorating your bedroom interior should be fun, and giving it an exotic spin is one way to make it even more interesting. Whether you want to make significant changes to your floors/walls or include decorative pieces and trinkets here and there, the exotic decor is always an exquisite choice.