Fire Pit Seating Ideas – 30 Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

image source: gracethomasdesigns

Your outdoor space is your own sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind with your family. Therefore, you would want to include simple amenities that will make your outdoor space appear more luxurious and offer entertainment options for everyone.

A fire pit is a natural focal point in your garden, a place that gathers the whole family. Whether you want to toast marshmallows or enjoy the crackling sound, setting up a seating area would be the ideal meeting spot.

We bring you the best fire pit seating ideas if you don’t know how to do them. Once you go through them, you will find the ideal fit for your needs! 

Fire pit seating ideas:

1. Bench plans

A fire pit isn’t complete on its own. A cozy seating area will create the ultimate gathering spot for people of any age. If you are a DIY lover, then you would want to check some creative bench plans. The round bench perfectly matches the shape of the fire pit, providing enough space for everyone. We love how they freshened up the bench with a coat of stark white color. The throw pillows in vivid colors complete the design and add style. 

2. Rustic

The gorgeous rustic seating area features reclaimed wood and a magnificent design. It follows the curved shape of the landscape, complementing it to perfection. The vertical wood planks provide comfort while dividing the seating area from the rest. This makes the spot feel more intimate, providing a cozy sanctuary away from home. An excellent choice for the breezy fall evenings when you want to enjoy your outdoor space with a glass of mulled wine. 

3. Corner

Not every home has a large garden that comfortably fits a seating area. A compact corner design will perfectly fit in if you have a smaller space. On the other hand, it is ideal if you wish to have an extensive lawn area without obstructions. The firepit seating area will feel intimate and secluded, providing a cozy spot for hanging with your friends. The simple wood bench can double as firewood storage, adding charm to the design. 

4. Cheap

Creating a large seating area might require a more flexible budget. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. This compact seating area feels snug and still provides a romantic spot where you can enjoy the crackling sound of the fire. Add four of your garden chairs around the fire pit and create a comfy area that promotes conversations. Don’t forget to add throw pillows to add a dose of warmth and style. 

5. DIY

If you are a savvy DIYer that wants a simple project you can tackle within one weekend, the DIY seating area is ideal for you. All you need to do is circle the area with bricks and fill it with pebbles. This will define the firepit seating area and make it a bold focal point in the backyard. We love how they provided lighting using string lights. The posts for hanging the lights are placed into planters, which is a simple and easy solution. 

6. Square

Even if you have a small garden, you can always fit a compact design. A square fire pit with a sunken design is ideal for private gatherings. This plan features a small seating area that feels snug and cozy. You are free to customize it according to your wishes through the choice of tiles and seating cushions. Whether you work with contractors or feel confident enough to undertake this DIY project, this is how your fire pit will look in the beginning. 

7. Sunken fire pits

A sunken fire pit feels more intimate, becoming the perfect spot for enjoying with your loved one. The mesmerizing design is surrounded by water features for the utmost luxury feel. The sunken space allows for a sleek bench design. The stone tiles bring a summery feel, making the fire pit seating area feel like a summer holiday. For additional comfort, add lots of throw pillows. Moreover, the cozy seating area is ideal for chit-chat in the chilly fall evenings. 

8. Fire pit swing seating idea

If you want to turn the firepit into the main focal point in your backyard, try enhancing it with eye-catchy features. Adding swings won’t only make it appear more luxurious but also provide a comfy spot for relaxation. The fire pit features a circular shape, creating a cozy conversational area. The two swings are attached to a pergola, providing shade and a safe structure for hanging at the same time. 

9. Modern style

If your home tends to be in a modern style, the outdoor space should complement the design. This contemporary fire pit seating features a simple design with clean lines, making the area feel like an extension of the indoor living space. The concrete fire pit is the central gathering point. The sectional is complemented with chairs to provide seating space for everyone. The muted gray follows the color scheme, while the mismatched pillows add a dose of coziness.

10. Casual gathering area

The compact seating area provides the ideal spot for a casual gathering. The DIY benches made of wood trunks are the star of the show, adding charm with their unfinished texture. The owners here didn’t have an extensive patio to accommodate the firepit seating. Instead, layered stones are a budget-friendly and aesthetic solution. The seating area feels organic and has a lot of natural elements. 

11. Tree stump seating

This charming seating area provides a spot for a quick snack around the fire. The tree stumps are an interesting detail that makes a statement in this design. The site is divided from the regular seating due to the sunken design. A private firepit spot is ideal for family gatherings with teenagers, allowing them privacy with their friends while parents catch up. The stones contrast the wooden deck, adding visual interest to this design. 

12. Black design

If your home is modern and sophisticated, the chances that you already have these chairs are pretty high. So why not put them to good use and create an intimate seating area for two? The geometric firepit design perfectly fits the vibe with its aesthetic. The sleek pergola provides partial shade while still allowing you to experience the sun’s rays. Don’t forget to add a small side table for leaving your drinks. 

13. Mediterranean vibe

The cozy area provided ample seating space for gathering your friends and family for a summer evening. The patented tiles and light colors add a Mediterranean vibe, making you feel like you are in a luxurious resort. The design perfectly complements the outdoor living space, providing an additional entertainment option for every family member. Overlooking the lush greenery, it is an ideal spot for casual gatherings. 

14. Faux fire pit

If you don’t have an actual firepit in your home and don’t plan to build one, it doesn’t have to mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the flickering flames. You can always buy a tabletop fire pit to suit your needs. They work with propane gas, so there is no mess to clean afterward. However, with constant refills, this method can get costlier. But it might not go over the cost of building a new fire pit. 

15. Cozy firepit seating area

The outdoor sectional provides comfort, creating a beautiful outdoor living area where you want to spend the whole day. The pergola anchors the seating area, while the string lights provide subtle illumination. We love how they set up a romantic mood. The wing chair is a charming detail that completes the setting, creating a cozy conversational spot. The corner design is also convenient if you wish your seating area to feel more secluded and private. 

16. Seating and dining area

If you are one of the families that love outdoor entertainment, this is one of the fire pit seating ideas that will amaze you. The compact design showcases firepit seating overlooking a charming dining area. You can indulge in al fresco dining before you move to relax around the fire pit. The concrete side table complements the functionality, while the pergola comes with an adjustable setting for your convenience. 

17. Organic feel

Making your benches from tree trunks is a perfect idea if you want to feel more connected to the outdoors. If you do this, don’t forget to properly seal the wood to protect it against weather conditions. With this, your seating will look good for years. Your seating area will remind you of a weekend getaway to the woods, but you can enjoy it every day. You will have the ultimate spot to get toasty around the fire and eat s’mores together with your family. 

18. Wood bench

The simple design provides ample space for seating while keeping everyone around the firepit. It is a simple and affordable setting that will add coziness to your backyard. If you are a DIY enthusiast, the circular bench won’t be a challenging project for you. The paved area provides protection, while the bench doubles as storage for the firewood. This design is basic, but you can always enhance it to your liking. Add potted plants to enhance your outdoor space. 

19. Cinder Block design

If you are passionate about do-it-yourself topics, you know what cinderblocks are commonly used in outdoor projects. No wonder, as they are affordable and easy to work with. With being versatile enough for a wide variety of projects, you can complete the fire pit and seating design with the cinder blocks. The simple bench design consists of cinder blocks and timber wood, providing an inexpensive seating area that will become your favorite spot during the summer. 

20. Concrete design 

If you are looking for budget-friendly ideas that can be completed by yourself, don’t miss checking out this concrete design. The seating isn’t complicated to make. On the other hand, it has that stylish industrial vibe. For comfort, add a bench cushion and enjoy the cozy spot. The round design will become the central point of interest in the backyard while being a comfy spot for sipping a drink or two. 

21. Sloped design

If your outdoor space is sloped, you already have an excellent base for establishing a sunken fire pit. The concrete stairs lead to the cozy seating area, while the gray gravel anchors the space. Layering gravel is ideal for the spades where it would be difficult to set up other options, such as tiles. Despite being an easy and adorable project, we love how its organic vibe flatters the whole setting. The slate bench adds a modern touch, creating a composer retreat reserved for peace and relaxation. 

22. Dedicated area

In this design, the fire pit seating isn’t only a spot in the yard. They have created a bespoke area dedicated to entertainment around the fire pit. Surrounded by lush topiaries, the seating area feels spacious and comfy. The wood storage unit is a charming detail that complements the design. Feel free to enhance the setting with additional equipment to suit your needs. 

23. Simple design 

A simple sunken design with a wood deck doubles as seating is streamlined and fits modern aesthetics. The seating area feels connected to the deck while providing plenty of seating area with a U-shaped layout. The design is surrounded by greenery for a natural feel. The sunken design is pretty compact while being deluded by the plants. If you have other wishes and needs, you can easily repurpose this area to suit them. This will become your favorite spot when you wish to unwind while hearing the pleasant crackling sound. 

24. Wood bench with firewood storage

This fantastic design will become your favorite if you have an eye for harmony. The circular benches surrounding the round fire pit look visually pleasing while being functional. You can easily accommodate a crowd and enjoy a late summer evening with Smores and fire-roasted sausages. The benches double as wood storage which adds an unexpected element to the design. 

25. Barrel side table

The captivating seating area is a comfy spot for sipping wine with your friends. The cozy chairs layered with throw blankets surround the fire pit, curating a focal point without much effort. The barrel cut in half and placed upside down is a rustic detail that adds charm. On the other hand, it is an ideal side table for lacing some appetizers and copper mugs with aromatic mulled wine. 

26. Upcycle

If you aren’t keen on DIY-ing and the matching sets in stores are too costly for your budget, you can always upcycle the outdoor furniture. You won’t need to spend much money if you are creative enough to curate a mismatched set. Check the garden furniture you already have and eventually see what your thrift stores have to offer. You can add some bar stools from your old kitchen or use the side table that doesn’t serve you well in the living room. 

27. Fire pit seating and a home bar

When you are into home entertainment, creating a recreational area seems like a good fit. Enhance the functionality of your fire pit seating with your own bar. You don’t need to undergo any DIY projects for this purpose. All you need to do is repurpose your old garden shed into a bar. Store your necessities here and create a pleasant outdoor area for entertaining with friends. 

28. Pallet seating area

Pallets are a DIYers classic supply for creating unique pieces of outdoor furniture. They are cheap and easy to work with, so even beginners can tackle this project. First, you will need to sand the surface to remove any splinters and then move to seal the wood. The seating layout is to your preference. Add a soft seating cushion to make the pallet furniture feel comfortable. 

29. Sofa bench

The simple sofa bench curls up around the fire pit and provides ample seating space. If you are into carpentry, this will be an easy DIY project for you. 

30. Fire pit table

A DIY cover for the fire pit will instantly turn it into a table when not in use. Whether you want to have a drink or two or enjoy some board games, you will have an additional table for this.