15 Interesting Ideas for Fireplace Bench

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A fireplace bench is a fireplace extension made of fireproof material. A fireplace bench usually extends to the front and both sides of the fireplace. The fireplace bench is also known as fireplace hearth and usually extends 1 to 4 feet outside the fireplace opening.

A fireplace bench has a variable design as much as the appropriate materials. You can decide to raise your fireplace bench or make it level with the floor. The most common height of a raised fireplace bench ranges from 12″ to 18″. You can decide to design your fireplace bench depending on your choice and height. 

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Material for making a fireplace bench

It’s advisable to make a fireplace bench with fireproof material and a non-conducting material to prevent burning or injury. You can use a block or brick to create your fireplace bench and use a slate, tile, brick veneer, polished slabbed granite, soapstone, limestone, or marble to cover the surface and make it more aesthetic.

If you choose to finish your fireplace bench, then you choose a glazed porcelain tile because porcelain tile is dense and durable.

Benefits of a fireplace bench

Fireplace bench doesn’t only complete your home’s architectural design and beauty. But has numerous benefits. The fireplace bench has a lot of benefits. It ensures your home meets the local fire code, prevents children and pets from getting to the fireplace, helps hold mounting essential fireplace accessories, protects the floor from your fireplace, and prevents burning.

Interesting ideas for fireplace bench

After knowing the meaning of a fireplace bench and its functions, you would probably think of including a fireplace bench for our proposed fireplace so you can enjoy its benefits. Here are some ideas you can get inspiration from for your upcoming fireplace bench:

1. Simple fireplace bench with an artistic wooden design

If you want a simple finished fireplace bench that will remind you of the 80s or 90s, choose this simple fireplace bench design. To complete the aesthetical view, put a carved mortar beside the fireplace.

2. Fireplace bench with firewood space

A fireplace bench with firewood space is a fantastic idea if you don’t have a place to store your firewood for your fireplace. You have a small extension to the front and a long extension to the left to keep your fireplace firewood. Choose a finished surface such as porcelain tile for your fireplace bench and warm up your building with them, and have an inviting view of your fireplace bench.

3. Modern fireplace extension for resting

Choose this modern extension design if you like staying close to a fireplace while warming up. You can have the fireplace bench finished with a gray tiled surface and paint your fireplace with any color that goes with gray. Examples of such colors are green, blue, red, yellow, etc. Get a fur rug of your favorite color and pillow, and enjoy your rest on your fireplace bench side extension.

4. Polished tiled fireplace bench

Using a white marble gives an external polished and shining surface. Spaces under your fireplace bench serve as a firewood space to store your fireplace woods. Cornies made from gypsum can act as your fireplace mantle above. You can have some other Cornies designs below and at the edges of your fireplace bench, making your fireplace eye appealing.

5. Cozy brick fireplace bench

The fireplace covered with bricks gives a cozy view. Sitting in the front of this fireplace with a splendid marble finished surface gives a beautiful view while enjoying the warmth in the cold winter. A flower verse on the fireplace bench acts as a natural element. And a rough-cut mantle with a white flower blends the design.

6. Custom fireplace bench with wrap-around mantle

Having a wrapped around mantle with a brown shining tiled surface completes the elegant look of this fireplace. A color combo of gray and white give a soothing color palette for the fireplace. A fantastic big-screen TV above the fireplace and its bench make you enjoy interesting movies while warming your body in the cold winter.

7. Recessed lighting fireplace with bench

A classic gray on the white color tone of the impressive recessed fireplace lightning mantle gives a brilliant duo. Underneath lightning facing the fireplace bench white paneled edge beautifies the whole fireplace bench. A love for a card from loved ones gives the feel for their presence while you watch movies and warm up.

8. Colorful lightning fireplace bench 

The beige-painted room brings out the richness of the chocolate brown painted fireplace bench. Colorful lightning underneath the fireplace bench makes the fireplace not too neutral, keeping the vibrant feel with the television on. You can decide to utilize this idea for your fireplace to have the same enjoyment.

9. Suspended fireplace bench

A fireplace at the corner of a building with a suspended fireplace bench running from one corner to the other gives a large coziness surface. You can make a rough-designed fireplace white wall and fur pillows for resting close to the fireplace to keep your fireplace vibrant. 

10. Retro bricked fireplace bench

White finished painted bricks running from the ground to the upper part of the fireplace give a glam view of the fireplace. Concrete surface protection of the fireplace bench makes it serve its protection function. Built-in firewood storage beside your fireplace bench to complete the beautification of your fireplace and its storage.

11. Modern luxury fireplace bench

A modern fireplace with a luxury fireplace bench is a great choice. A fireplace on one side and a sofa-like resting place on the other side with a pillow makes you comfortable with the fireplace warmth. Make color palettes of gray, white, and yellow to get a perfect match and an elegant view of your fireplace bench.

12. Simple classic fireplace bench with storage

A beneficial but straightforward fireplace at the corner of your building is a great option. Ample rectangular hollow-shaped storage for firewood and lovely painting completes the architectural work. Hang photo frames at one corner above the resting part of your fireplace bench to give a decorative display.

13. Polished fireplace bench

Gray complete polish of a fireplace extension to the roof gives an elegant cozy finish. Paring the polished gray surface with the fireplace bench surface gives you an eye-catching focal neutral pairing. An oversized wall clock makes you time conscious while enjoying the warmth in your fireplace.

14. Complete gray polished surface

The fireplace bench with the same color as other parts gives a blending and radiant finish. A tiny frontage bench extension makes firewood’s loading easy. A flower verse on the fireplace bench gives you an aesthetic view of the fireplace bench. A piece of furniture of the same color at one side of the fireplace completes the beauty of your fireplace.

15. Elegant fireplace bench with slight extension

Fireplace bench slight extension finished with black shining surface against a gray firebox wall gives a classic view of neutral colors. A mantle with a white plastic ball at the top beautifies your fireplace bench. Fireplace bench with table similarity juxtaposes the whole arrangement.


The fireplace is beneficial in creating a cozy environment during winter, but its building has to be well structured so the house won’t be set ablaze. To make the structure of a fireplace standard then, you need to add a fireplace bench to its architectural design. The fireplace bench protects and beautifies your fireplace. Utilize the ideas given above to design a beautiful fireplace bench for your home and enjoy the fabulous view.