15 Fireplace Heart Ideas

A fireplace is a gorgeous focal point in the living room. Despite providing heat, this design element brings cozy vibes to your home. The hearth is one of the essential components of a fireplace, serving its purpose and complementing the style. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, be sure that there is a fireplace hearth that will complement your chosen interior style.

With so many materials to choose from, anyone can find the right fit for their decor theme. We share a carefully selected collection of the best fireplace hearth ideas so that you can find your personal favorite! 

Fireplace Heart Ideas For Your Home

1. Cozy stone fireplace hearth

The stone fireplace will bring cozy vibes to your living room. The organic texture makes a bold focal point while complementing a wide range of styles. With so many colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, you can find the right fit for your color scheme.

The wooden shelf complements the cozy vibe, creating a gorgeous rustic setting that completes the living room. Feel free to add a fluffy rug or throw pillows to create a comfy spot.

2. Off center fireplace

A fireplace doesn’t have to be the main focal point in the room. In some cases, it isn’t located in the center of the room. However, this doesn’t have to mean that it won’t look as stylish as a central one.

This gorgeous design features an off-center fireplace with carefully curated decor for a harmonious feel. We love how the designers managed to extend the mantel all the way to the wall for a cohesive feel. Complement the wall with artwork and place a TV at eye level to achieve visual balance.

3. Minimalist design

Fireplace hearths were used for safety. With the advancement of technology and heatproof materials, they are no longer considered as protection against fire hazards. The hearth is now a purely decorative element that will strengthen the decor theme.

This design will perfectly complement your space if you prefer a minimalist vibe. The built-in fireplace comes with a sleek design and a black shelf to make a statement. The hollow spot is ideal for displaying fine decor, leaving you plenty of options to customize the setting. 

4. Modern fireplace hearth

If you want to go a step away from the traditional designs and introduce a modern and unique feature, feel free to do it. Grab your inspiration from this sophisticated fireplace that brings style to the space.

Overlooking the dining room, this magnificent feature combines decor and functionality into one. The firewood adds a touch of coziness and warmth to its natural texture. The fireplace is placed above the shelf, and the space underneath is available for styling. 

5. Shiplap fireplace hearth

A shiplap is a safe option for a fireplace hearth when you follow the building codes. Moreover, it is a wise choice that fits many styles. The modern shiplap heart in white has a more casual appeal, but you can go bold and introduce moody colors if it better suits your space.

Instead of the traditional shelving on the sides, this design incorporated a cozy seating area. The built-in benches acorns with cozy throws provide a comfy spot for enjoying a good book. Moreover, the living room looks inviting and informal.

6. Cabin design

The combination of wood and stone is reminiscent of the cozy cabin ambiance. Therefore, you can recreate this authentic look in your home with the use of natural materials. The whitewashed stone anchors the fireplace and makes it a bold focal point in the living room while being heatproof.

The wood plank walls complement the rustic setting while letting the stone stand out with its beauty. The cozy ambiance will make you want to curl up on the couch and listen to the crackling while you enjoy your cup of cocoa. 

7. Exposed brick fireplace

Exposed bricks are a desirable feature in interior design. The bold color and distinctive texture bring visual charm and make a bold statement in the space. On the other hand, it is universal enough to flatter a wide range of styles.

This design features a tasteful balance between traditional and modern, highlighting the beauty of the unfinished texture. The rough surface and warm color make the room feel cozier and more inviting. 

8. Pattern tile and white bricks

If you prefer a more modest choice that goes with everything, then white bricks would be the perfect detail for your home. They will fit almost any style, seamlessly blending with the accents.

This fireplace hearth design features eccentric vibes and will definitely impress you with a bold look. The design is enhanced with vibrant patterned tiles for a fresh look. Feel free to show off your plant collection and cherry artwork to personalize the decor. 

9. Concrete fireplace hearth

If you love modern and sleek styles, a concrete finish fireplace hearth will suit your requirements. This simple design completes the contemporary living room while not overwhelming with too much detail. The streamlined aesthetics come with built-in storage space for firewood.

Despite keeping the wood within arm’s reach, this lovely decorative detail brings charm to the room. With this, you don’t need to add decor to enhance the setting. 

10. Limestone

The modern fireplace features a mix of textures for the best impression. The limestone piece is a gorgeous hearth that protects the flooring. Keep in mind that this material is a popular choice for fireplace hearth, as it is affordable, durable, and looks stunning.

The small hexagon tiles complete the look and bring a modern vibe. We love how they used dark gray shiplap to anchor the fireplace and make it stand out. The stained wooden mantel gives you plenty of space for styling, so feel free to show off your best pieces here. 

11. Floating quartz hearth

A floating hearth is a sophisticated option that will suit contemporary styles. If you are looking for a durable material that will stand for years to come, opt for quartz. This stone is prone to heat, scratching, and scuffing, so it would make an excellent choice for the hearth.

Being simple yet sophisticated, this design will fit your modern living room to perfection. The stone tile highlights the fireplace, while the white quartz hearth makes a gorgeous statement. 

12. Herringbone tile hearth

Marble tile is an excellent choice for a fireplace hearth since it is heatproof. On the other hand, we shouldn’t overlook its aesthetic aspect. Marble will be a complementary feature for elegant style and bring luxury to your home. For added visual interest, feel free to play with the tile pattern.

Herringbone is a pretty dynamic pattern that makes a stunning visual impact. The simple color combined with a bold tile layout will make a remarkable statement, turning your fireplace into a captivating focal point. 

13. Marble hearth

The gray marble flatters this modern living room, complementing the black fireplace. But it is the impressive design that steals the attention. The floating marble hearth spans on the sides of the fireplace, creating a gorgeous bench that completes the aesthetics.

Don’t forget to add fluffy cushions and create a cozy spot for enjoying by the fireplace. The result is a sophisticated and harmonious design that perfectly fits the blank wall.

14. Raised hearth

The traditional design looks warm and inviting and becomes the main focal point in the living room. You have more freedom around material choice if you have an electric fireplace. A raised hearth will put your fireplace in the spotlight, leaving you a blank canvas for styling.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can even build your own using plywood. However, be very careful when creating a hearth for gas or fire heaters since you need to use approved materials that fit the building code. 

15. Ceramic tile hearth

Even though natural stones like marble and quartz are an excellent choice for a fireplace, they might be exceeding your budget. If you are looking for an inexpensive option that fits your aesthetics, you can stick with ceramic tiles. With being durable and heatproof, the tiles can become the ultimate choice for hearths.

And let’s not forget that they are available in many colors and patterns. Tiles can mimic wood, stone, concrete, so they are a versatile option that will fit your particular style. Whether you intend to make a bold contrast or a subtle one that seamlessly blends into the environment, you can always pick the right fit.