15 Floating Shelves Ideas

Floating shelves are a DIYers’ favorite feature. They are easy to install and don’t cost much, making them perfect for beginners that want to get creative and enhance their homes. In addition, this design feature is pretty versatile and can be used for various purposes.

Whether you want to add extra storage space or display your collection of decorative items, we have you covered with the best ideas. Once you go through them, you will be motivated to take over your next DIY project! 

Interesting Floating Shelves Ideas

1. Floating shelves bedroom

If your bedroom appears too plain and dull, it is time to spruce it up. Floating shelves are an excellent choice for beds that don’t have a headboard. The simple white shelves on white walls bring a minimalist vibe and are suitable for any style.

The asymmetrical positioning will add a touch of visual appeal, leaving you plenty of space to display your cherished pieces. Decorating with potted plants is an excellent way to add a dose of freshness to the curated decor. 

2. Rustic shelving

If you want to make a stunning visual statement, the unfinished wood is an excellent choice. The white wall is a blank canvas that lets you experiment, allowing the rustic look to be in the spotlight. You will love the organic feel this design brings to the space. The wooden shelving is an excellent choice for sleek kitchens that crave a touch of warmth.

However, they can make their way to a wide range of styles. Whether you have a modern farmhouse or a simple Scandi kitchen, be sure that this fantastic look will perfectly fit the overall mood. 

3. Living room shelving

Professional designers would advise you not to leave the space above the sofa empty. So use this chance and give the room a quick makeover to add a dose of style. The light gray wall is a perfect backdrop for displaying black and white artwork and other decorative details that fit the color scheme.

When styling your shelves, make sure to layer the pieces for that professional touch. The overlapping frames will bring a dose of dimension and look attractive. 

4. Curated shelving

Styling your open shelving might appear easy, but in reality, it isn’t. If you don’t do it correctly, you might end up with a cluttered look that makes the room feel visually heavy. Professional designers would advise you not to go overboard with the decor for a sleek look.

Give each item space to breathe and remove the unnecessary objects that don’t fit the theme. Also, don’t mind giving the decor some character. Feel free to personalize the styling with family photos. Use frames with different sizes to make the design look more playful and unexpected rather than dull.

5. Organic feel

If you prefer a cozy and relaxed vibe, make sure to feature organic textures to achieve the desired effect. A carefully selected mix of natural elements will elevate the decor and make it visually pleasing. The wooden elements, distressed pottery, and woven baskets bring texture to play.

The color scheme remains cohesive, with warm neutrals that feel so homey. The shiplap wall is a neutral backdrop that accentuates the elements, creating a curated collection with an earthy feel. 

6. Kitchen shelving

Floating shelves are a popular design feature for modern kitchens. They replace the classic wall cabinets to make the space feel more open. On the other hand, shelving keeps your frequently used dishes within arm’s reach. And let’s not forget the visual aspect of this outstanding design feature.

Use your best pieces to style up the kitchen shelving and add a dose of style. Leaning charcuterie boards against the wall is an excellent way to anchor your decor. Continue to build up with items you already have in your kitchen, such as jars, pitchers, and a stack of plates. 

7. Balance

When the fireplace is the main focal point in the living room, floating shelves will be an excellent addition. The space around will be left empty, so make sure to use it in the best way. Add floating shelves on both sides for visual balance.

When styling the shelves, use similar items on both sides to enhance the feeling of symmetry. Also, install under-shelf lighting to highlight the beauty of your precious collection. The setting will look harmonious and stylish, turning your basic living room into a luxurious and high-end space. 

8. DIY coffee bar

The kitchen provides many opportunities for experimenting. If the small wall between the door and window looks awkward, enhance it with shelving. Here you can station your coffee machine and supplies to create a DIY coffee bar. Display your favorite coffee mugs for an additional dose of charm.

Enhance the collection with stylish coffee and tea sets, and don’t forget to anchor them with a wooden tray. Despite having everything handy, this elegant addition will make your kitchen look more expensive. 

9. Corner floating shelves

When you have a tiny home, it is all about using the space wisely. Floating shelves are essential since they help you use every inch of the vertical space efficiently. The simple design won’t overwhelm the space while fitting a wide range of interior styles.

This clever design will bring the empty corner to life, adding vibrance with the decorative details. Whether you wish to display your books or cactus collection, this feature is an excellent choice for any room. 

10. Small bathroom storage

Floating shelves aren’t only used for adding a decorative touch to the space. Designers often use them to provide additional storage space for small rooms. This smart design shows you how to use the vertical space in the bathroom to provide ample storage.

The stacks of fresh towels make the bathroom feel more like a spa, while the woven baskets are excellent for storing toilet paper rolls. Feel free to enhance with decor that supports the theme and color palette. 

11. Vanity shelving

The shelving adds an elegant decorative touch to this bathroom design. We love how it visually divides the two sinks, creating a sense of symmetry and harmony. Furthermore, the decorative objects are carefully chosen to create a visually pleasing arrangement.

The trick for achieving this is in the varying shape and texture. The exquisite vases, shiny mirror, and decorative orb combine their simplicity to create a striking combination. Each shelf contains three elements, following the secret designer rule of odd numbers. 

12. Complement the wall cabinets

When designing your kitchen, you might have come across specific challenges. Utilizing the corner space is one of the common problems when coming up with your kitchen layout. If the wall cabinets don’t fit, you can switch them with shelving.

These corner shelves will perfectly fit the space while looking harmonious. Also, you can turn the shelves into a spice rack to have them readily available for cooking. 

13. Professionally decorated shelves

Floating shelves are inexpensive and easy to install, so they have become the ultimate favorite for DIYers. Whether you are a newbie or a DIY enthusiast, you can easily add shelves to any room in your home. The next part is styling your shelves. If your shelves don’t look like the ones you see on Pinterest, we have a couple of tips that will help you.

First, use vertical and horizontal book stacks to add an unexpected element. Add greenery to enhance your styling and bring lively colors. Can you see how the smaller and larger candlesticks add dimension to the decor? Copy that trick, and you will have outstanding results.

14. Pantry

If you don’t have a pantry, here is a savvy solution for storing your ingredients. Despite being easy to make, it is suitable for any budget. The stylish display will keep your ingredients available while ideally complementing your kitchen style.

The secret trick to achieving the desired aesthetics is using identical mason jars to store your ingredients. You can add oven baskets to conceal the products that come in plastic packaging not to clutter your aesthetic display. 

15. Stylish nightstand

With so many alternative uses for floating shelves, you can become creative and find the ideal fit for your needs. Nightstands can take ample space, so you might not be able to fit them in your small bedroom.

Keep in mind that floating shelves provide a spot for your favorite book or glass of water without taking any of your precious floor space. Add a stylish lamp to bring the contemporary vibe, and anchor the arrangement with artwork or decorative mirror.