Floating Shower Bench: 15 Ideas On How to Install One

image source:jarcorp

When creating a spa-like bathroom, you would want to consider adding features that contribute to functionality. A floating shower bench is a desired feature among homeowners. No wonder, as it brings a luxurious look to your bathroom. On the other hand, a floating shower bench is a functional feature. It is ideal for the elderly and people with mobility issues.

But also, the floating bench can serve as additional storage space for shampoos. No matter why you want to embrace this feature, be sure that it will fill your space with style. This post shares inspiring ideas for implementing this trend, so make sure not to miss it!

Floating Shower Bench Ideas:

1. Sleek shower bench

A floating shower bench is a versatile addition that makes your bathroom appear more luxurious. No matter your bathroom style, you can always fit this feature to flatter it. To make the bench perfectly suit your specific style, you should pick the proper material. The high-end options include marble, granite, or quartz. However, you can also use tiles to create a sleek floating bench to improve functionality. 

2. Floating bench in glass shower

The bench will elevate the look, making your bathroom feel like a luxury spa. A shower with glass partitions will feel more open, making the space look airy. A small floating bench that matches the marble pattern of the flooring tiles will ideally complement this setting. The bench is positioned on the same wall as the vanity for visual balance. Whether you need to relax, rest, or just need extra storage, the bench will perfectly fit your needs. 

3. Spa-like feel

The floating shower bench is a timeless element that won’t go out of style. The trends regarding the material might change over time, but it will always remain popular thanks to its functionality. The ample shower area provides you with plenty of space to relax after a long day. The compact bench allows you to sit and enjoy the hot water stream from the rain head showering over you. With this, the shower bench isn’t only an aesthetic feature and provides additional comfort. Installing shower benches doesn’t have to be complicated. The structure is set on a hanging shelf bracket specially designed to bear weight. 

4. Black bench

A shower bench doesn’t only have to flatter simple styles. You can always alter the design to add personality. If you prefer a bold and modern design, adding a little contrast will help you achieve the desired mood. This sleek shower design features a black marble bench contrasting the white tiles. The tile layout is simple so that it won’t overpower the other elements. The matte black fixtures complement the design and support the black and white color scheme. The patterned flooring tiles add a dose of visual interest, resulting in an exquisite design. 

5. Bold tiles

The bathroom has an all-white color scheme, but the shower makes a remarkable statement. A white floating bench will stand out when placed on a focal wall. This is a trick designers use to add a noteworthy detail that takes attention. The herringbone tile pattern in a nice green tone adds visual interest to this design, highlighting the white bench. The golden fixtures complement the design adding a dose of luxury. 

6. Wood bench

By altering the material of the floating bench, you can always customize it to fit your particular style. If you are more toward natural styles, this design will inspire you to upgrade your shower. The wood floating bench adds visual interest with the organic texture, complemented by the pebble flooring tiles.

7. Sleek design

No matter your style preference, you can always fit a floating bench in your shower design. This sleek design gives you an idea of how to execute a floating shower bench in a walk-in shower. The plan doesn’t have doors, only a glass partition to protect the mirror from spills. The wood bench ideally matches the sage wall tiles, creating a natural feeling. 

8. Slated bench

People that find it difficult to stand for long in the shower will benefit from a slatted bench. It will quickly drain down the excess, leaving no puddles around you. Since you can’t execute this with a tile design, you will need a wood or a bamboo shower bench. We love how it compliments the faux wood tiles, creating a zen space for peace and relaxation. 

9. Mounted bench

When it would be difficult to make alterations to the shower design, mounting a bench would be ideal. You will have space for sitting or storing your toiletries. The mounted small bench ideally complements the flooring, while the faux stone tiles add an organic vibe. 

10. Built-in lighting 

A shower bench isn’t only a fictional item in your bathroom. The floating design allows you to highlight its beauty with the help of recessed lighting. This simple feature will enhance the bench, creating a nice effect. 

11. Contemporary

The contemporary shower design features style and luxury, implementing a freestanding tub. The bench seamlessly blends with the white wall creating a streamlined look. The brass fixtures add a dose of luxury while complementing the theme. Add a few personal decorative touches to bring the spa feel. 

12. Match to floor tiles

One of the ways to execute a tasteful shower design is to match the bench to the floor tiles. With this, you will achieve the desired visual interest while keeping things cohesive. The bench matches the marble floor tiles, while the white wall tiles let their beauty stand out. Don’t mind using the floating bench for additional toiletry storage. However, make sure to stay away from the original plastic shampoo bottles since they will look cluttered. Get a nice set of refillable glass shampoo bottles and let their beauty stand out. 

13. Floating bench for glass partitions 

A floating bench is a minimalist feature that doesn’t add visual weight. However, this design might be challenging to execute in some bathrooms. Due to the layout, the designers found it easier to implement this simple design. The glass shower makes the bathroom feel more open, while the simple bench is an additional amenity for comfort. 

14. Modern black and white

The minimalist bathroom design looks so stylish and modern. The wall tiles are simple and don’t stand out that much. However, the shower bench is the one that makes a statement. The thicker design in a black color perfectly contrasts the white walls, creating a bold focal point. The intriguing flooring tile pattern in black complements the vibe, adding a contemporary touch to this shower design. The glass partitions make the beauty of the shower stand out without overpowering the design. 

15. Herringbone pattern focal wall

For your next bathroom remodel, you might want to consider a sleek bench with a simple design. The bench and the white wall tiles create a streamlined look. However, the dark herringbone pattern tiles make the bench stand out with its minimalist vibe. The combination of black tiles and golden hardware adds a luxurious vibe while keeping the modern style. With this, you will set up a bold focal point in the bathroom.