20 Best Floor Lamps With Shelves

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A floor lamp is designed to stand tall and illuminate the desired space it finds itself in. It can be a standalone light source, being the primary source of light to the room. This scene is common with studies and dining rooms, making the floor lamp centerpiece furniture.

You can also bring a floor lamp to complement a piece of existing furniture set up; this way, the floor lamp simply adds harmony. Floor lamps can simply be lamps, or they can be much more. A floor lamp is a shelf designed to come equipped with shelf tops or cabinets space for you to place your mugs, books, or flower pots.

 Floor lamps are usually very diverse in their designs, ranging from the material used to the height of the lamp and even the color choice. But with floor lamps with shelves, there is an even broader range of versatility that comes with it.

You can find floor lamps with one or two and even four separate shelves, and there are some made to resemble an actual candlestick with flames. The limits simply do not exist; floor lamps with shelves can be rustic, classic, retro, and even contemporary. It truly depends on your desired preference and what will work for your space.

Below is a list of the 20 best floor lamps with shelves; it took a lot of research, there are many amazing options out there, and this was quite difficult to curate. And when you read through, do not feel pressured to simply go with anyone because it sits among the best; it is important that your choice ticks all the boxes; aesthetics, function, and style.

1. Deco Shelf Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp will maximize your space, improve and enhance your décor and will do all this without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Its design is relatively simple, and it has a thick metallic base from which three independent poles extend from or stand, depending on your perspective. The first pole is about as high as a footstool and holds up a glass pane where you can place your phone or book.

The second pole extends a little farther than the first and ends underneath a clear glass pane; the last pole reaches higher above the two, holding up the lamp housed within a chalk-white lampshade.

2. Next Shelf Floor Lamp

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The fashion and home products giant, Next, makes it to our list with a stylish entry. Their floor lamp is a truly great addition to any space; living room, bedroom, study, and even office.

They designed it to be unique; of course, it has a signature look that makes it literally “stand out” in your home. It has a tripod base design, but two of the legs both stop underneath a wooden pane, where you can place a vase or flower pot.

The third leg extends farther and arches overhead, holding the lamp and jute lampshade.

3. JD Williams Corner Shelf Floor Lamp Black

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British fashion brand JD Williams makes it to our list thanks to the sheer ingenuity of its design. They have created a distinct take on a classic floor lamp design.

This floor lamp design considers the symmetry of the décor and how vertices interact with the complete look. How? It’s got three legs, but they do not all converge at the top to form a triangle, affixed to triangular-shaped shelves, the vertices of the triangle fitting in perfectly with that of the wall. The legs remain parallel and contain four shelves, with the fourth one conjoined to the lampshade housing the lamp.

4. Elegant Designs 61.4-in Black Shaded Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp from Lowe is, for lack of a better word, elegant. It is a minimalist’s dream come true, with a design that does little to belabor the décor of your space.

Unlike the ones we have addressed earlier on this list, this floor lamp is essentially one pole stretching and holding individual parts. The “leg” starts at the base and turns into a circle encompassing the first shelf. It extends from the circle and seems to bore through the next shelf before it vanishes into the lampshade where the lamp resides.

5. Contemporary Black Floor Lamp with Shelves Table LED and Marble Base 

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This floor lamp from Homary is quite special. It is a literal work of art that would rival most modern art pieces. It is sure to add much light to any living space you put it.

The shape of a candle inspires the design, and it offers a contemporary addition to your décor. The floor lamp’s base is marble, resembling a candle’s cylindrical shape.

They made the rest of the floor lamp resemble a flame. The vertical eye shape top houses led light on the inside of the structure, completing a true design.

6. Rustic Floor Lamp from HOMCOM

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The thing with floor lamps is that they are always a statement piece, doing a lot to enhance the general décor of any space you put them. This one from HOMCOM is no different, with its rustic design.

If you’ve seen a camera tripod stand, this is a close likeness to it. This very contemporary take on the floor lamp look does well to incorporate functionality with style. It holds one shelf in the middle. The tripod legs all extend and converge at the top where the lamp resides within the lampshade.

7. Walnut Wood Metal Shelf Floor Lamp with Charging Station

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This sofa is one for the future and tech-savvy users; for a floor lamp, it does more than just illuminate your living space. It gives life to an otherwise bland look.

This floor lamp from Gullebica has a multifunctional yet stylish design; it even combines metal and walnut wood to sell a brand new aesthetic.

The floor lamp has four metal legs, and three walnut wood shelves arranged in spaced sections. The shelves are not just to place your mug or phone; they are wireless charging surfaces as well. Making this a flexible and stylish addition to any household.

8. 56-in Black Shelf Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp from Lowe is truly a classic but in a modern body. It is something of a remake of a timeless design, and it works for any space you want to use it for.

The design is quite simple; it starts at the bottom as a sort of cabinet, with three shelves before you see the lampstand extend out and upwards into the overhead lampshade. 

This design is really practical and does not clash with the overall décor of your desired space, whether house or office. If you need something simple and efficient, this is the one for you.

9. VASAGLE Floor Lamp with Shelves, Metal Legs, Rustic Brown 

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VASAGLE offers homemakers a distinct and refreshing design with their floor lamp entry. It is a classic tripod design but optimized for holding items with more defined shelf tops.

The lamp at the top of the converged tripod legs is an ode to the more rustic lampshade design. The tripod legs have two shelves for a flower vase or a cute photo frame. It serves as a source of light and is needed in addition to the style of your overall décor.

10. Fulton Shelved Floor Lamp

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Oftentimes, the simplest of designs are often the best and most brilliant. This floor lamp from Dunelm does so much with so little; it is simply genius.

Here we see a sort of cage design, segmented into cubes that are marked off my shelves. It has five compartments and four shelves, the last one housing the lamp in a transparent glass covering instead of the classic jute or fabric lampshade design.

This minimalist design is easy on the eye and does not take away from any other pieces of furniture in the house or office.

11. Nara Shelved Floor Lamps

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If you like a more rustic design, this is the one for you. A rustic feel often compliments a contemporary aesthetic and, if done right, can be an amazing combination.

The shelves are circular, embanked by four metal legs. It has two shelves of light brown wood. The lampshade is of a woven consistency, completing the rustic aesthetic of the floor lamp. 

You can sell the look by accessorizing with plant vases and retro clocks.

12. Industrial Style Floor Lamp Vintage Display Shelves Tall Tripod 

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The tripod design may be cliché for floor lamps with shelves, but it does not have to be boring. It is possible to redefine what a floor lamp with tripods is supposed to look like through innovative thinking and design.

Instead of the classic three-legged style, we see four set up in the form of a slender pyramid. The floor lamp has three shelves, one at the base, another at the middle, and one right before the lampshade.

The wooden finish to the shelves helps to drive home the vintage look.

13. Amazon Floor Lamp with Shelves

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Amazon has a collection of everyday household items and furniture pieces, and this one on our list is an excellent example of how good they can be. If you ever needed a simple yet functional floor lamp with shelves, then this will be perfect for you.

The floor lamp base comprises two shelves, joined together in a hollowed-out cylinder shape. The shape means that each shelf is a perfect circle, with four poles surrounding, at every 90 degrees. One of the said poles extends to hold up the lampshade. 

The lampshade itself is also uniquely designed, allowing you to tilt it upwards to get more lighting to your space.

14. Modern End Table Arc Floor Lamp with Wireless Charger & USB Charging Port

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Contemporary house décor is quite the sight, with its bold and imaginative designs. Furniture made in the contemporary aesthetic is always refreshingly new and exciting for any space it features in.

This floor lamp’s design challenges everything considered normal for floor lamps, especially with the material, execution, and color palate. They’re all intentionally curated to make this one masterpiece.

Its design consists of a thick marble base fine bronze pole that morphs into an elbow before arching overhead to the exposed lamp. It also has a fully functional USB port for charging and a wireless charging platform.

15. Maxax USB Floor Lamp with Oatcloth Lampshade    

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 The design for the Maxax floor lamp is similar to previous lamps on our list, but instead of laboring it with too many complexities, they opted for a simple look.

Its base is metal; a single-pole extends from it and branches off in an elbow but continues until it ends underneath a shelf top. The elbow continues further, holding up the lamp, covered in “oatcloth” lampshade.

It also has USB charging compatibilities, which means its design is made with a contemporary design or space in mind.

16. Amazon Chinese Style Floor Lamp

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This floor lamp from amazon is a great addition to any space, office, or home. It can give more than just illumination to your space; it can also add ample decoration. Whatever you wish, it is possible.

It has three shelves, each of which has adequate spacing, allowing for the placement of flowerpots or small speakers. This floor lamp can double as an actual shelf while it serves its primary function of brightening up your home or office space. 

If you want a floor lamp that serves function and style, then you check this out.

17. Kelsen Floor Lamp

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If any of the floor lamps on this list can show how beautiful simplicity looks, it has to be the Kelsen floor lamp. It brilliantly merges chic with function to create something akin to a work of contemporary art.

It comprises one single-pole/stand, with two shelves attached to it like tree branches on opposite sides. And with any tree, the crown is often the main attraction; here, the crown is the lampshade. The color choice and the matte texture of the floor lamp make it all the artsier.

18. Crosscut furniture Wooden Floor Lamp

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Hate it or love it, the tripod styling for the floor lamp is a timeless design that will continue to inspire others in various exciting shapes and sizes.

With that in mind, the Crosscut floor lamp is a novel spin on the classic look, offering a bit more depth than is expected. It even has a rustic feel to it as well.

The floor lamp has three shelves, each one smaller than the last, as they have to fit in with the tripod legs converging into a triangle before vanishing into the lampshade.

19. John Lewis & Partners Cluster Trio Shelf Floor Lamp

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Our floor lamp list has many options that would make your mouth drop in awe; some would make you wish you paid more attention during art class. But this one does all of this and more.

The good people at John Lewis & partners made a piece of furniture that is timeless and also out of this world. It utilizes three legs but not in the cliché way. The three legs combine to hold up two clear glass shelf tops, evenly spaced. This floor lamp has not one or two but three lampshades.

20. 63″ Tristan Silverwood Floor Lamp with Shelves

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It is a sofa for lovers of things mundane and functional, the ones who want their furniture to be a part of the whole without looking like they all came from the same store.

The design for this is simple, set up so that it does not take away from the general décor of your space but complements it greatly.


Floor lamps are a great addition to any space, whether an office or home. It helps illuminate your home or office with its built-in light and brightens your space. 

It is important to get it right; however, simply purchasing any floor lamp will not cut it; you need to find the one that perfectly brings your furniture together. Consider your space a musical, and the floor lamp is the triangle; you may think it’s unimportant, but the music is empty without it.

Above is a list of the 20 best floor lamps with shelves for you to accessorize your space with; remember that the best one is the one that works for you. So, no pressure.