15 Funny Welcome Signs for Front Door

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Your house becomes inviting after having a fabulous architectural design and painting. But did you know that your visitors’ interest in your home can change after getting to your door and they found out it looks flat without any welcoming sign or funny stuff? What do you do to keep track of your house’s joy and interest in the mind of your visitors?

You get a funny, welcoming sign to keep your home’s interest and joy in the motion. We crate this guide so you can have the idea of creating a charming and beautiful front door sign to keep the joy flowing from your house’s exterior to your front door and into your house.

Funny welcome signs for front door

A funny front door sign helps you have a humorous welcome for your visitors. Here are some signs ideas you can use for your front door:

1. Leaning rustic front porch, it depends on who you are

This leaning rustic is a funny welcome-ish you can use for your front door to add a touch of humor and hospitality to your front door. Your guest tends to enter your house in a good mood after seeing the funny welcome sign. To create this welcome sign, get wood of 5 x 1 feet. Smooth the surface and use white vinyl paint to write the funny sign out. Lean the complete sign outside your front door to make everyone happy.

2. Simple Plywood welcome sign

This simple Plywood can spark laughter up. Doorbell broken, please knock or shout DING GONG loud. To do this simple sign, get a plywood of 1/8 or ¼ “size, paint the board and use a bright white color for your writing. To hang the funny writing, use a handkerchief or a piece of cloth to hang it to a hook outside your front door.

3. Funny and stylistic hanged welcome funny sign

This stylistic and funny welcome-ish sign can create a sense of humor and a tone of happiness. Although the sentence is shocking, it becomes funny after reading it. Get a 1/8 or ¼” Plywood punch a hole at the edges of the upper part to tie a rope for hanging. Get nice paint colors and do your creative writing; welcome to the shitshow.

4. Simple cyclic welcome sign

You can use this simple style to add a personal, inviting touch to the front door of your home. Get a solid pine and form the shape. Make the surface smooth and use white acrylic paint for the lettering. Take note of making the lettering bold and visible for easy reading. Hang it with a string or rope from its back, and your simple cyclic welcome sign is ready.

5. Funny old wooden sign

This welcome sign can be made from old flat wood. Just be creative in using paints. Make a creative background with a color palette and use black paint to do the lettering, which says, welcome to my loose interpretation of clean. Get a fancy stand to hold the final lettered sign to display to your visitors.

6. We don’t have a welcome mat at the door because we are not liars sign

A funny, elegant wooden sign without any background touch of paints. You can decide to add some color depending on your creativity and choice. To have a welcome sign of this type, get wood of height 12″ and width 7.25″. Get paint and use it for the funny writing. You can hang it to the surface of your wooden door, or you decide to lean it to the wall. 

7. White and black combo wooden sign

Design the lettering of I am already disturbed welcome ish sign on a computer, print it out, and use a marker to trace the contour. Use paint to fill the inner part of the contour. Black and white colors make the perfect combo due to their nature. Nail the sign into your wooden or concrete hall to complete the sign display.

8. Elegant welcome sign with clothing bow

You can create an elegant welcome-ish sign to ignite a smile on your guest’s face. You can easily make this sign from pinewood and some funny sentences. You can use black as the background with bright white as black, and bright white are great color palettes for easy reading. The black serves as the neutral background, while the white serves as the eye-catching color for your lettering. Use a bow for beautifying the sign and some touch of nature behind it.

9. Leaning painted lettering with doll

This leaning painted lettering is an artistic sign you can use for your house. It’s a form of joke saying FALL. The rustic painting can be made from thick Plywood with attractive painting. The doll also gives an inviting appearance doing all work together. You can also add a burlap bow at the upper part of the sign to add more beauty. 

10. Go away, welcome sign

We all love surprises this welcome learning sign brings surprise to the heart of your guests. They stop after getting to your door and smile. Get a plank of wood and use a stencil and paint for the writing.

Make sure to use a nice font for the GO AWAY writing to make the wooden sign more appealing and attractive. Stencil is durable so that you can put your wooden sign outside your home. Add a clothing bow at the top for a more elegant touch.

11. Unwelcome Custom sign

This unwelcome custom sign is a cute, funny welcome sign which you can place at your front door to create laughter around your home. You can use your creativity to create this sign by getting a 6 x 12 ft pine wood. Use your computer to design the ‘unwelcome’ word, and cut the shape out. Use chalky white paint to do art. You can also add some artistic design below the unwelcome sign for a more glamorous look.

12. Wooden welcome beware sign.

You can create this welcome and beware sign yourself even if you are not a creativity expert. It’s a small wooden board with some funny beware messages. Get a 3×9″ wood and do the creative writing with vinyl paint. Vinyl paint is durable and lasts long in any weather condition when you use it for your writing.

13. All guests must be approved by the dog sign

Your guests will love to read this rustic and funny welcome home sign. After putting this simple writing on a wood plank, the dog must approve all guests.

The materials needed for this sign are flat wood and black and white paint for the lettering background and sentence. You can easily use a plank of old wood for this sign if you can’t afford to buy a new one. Use a flat old or new metal plate if you have no wood to use.

14. Gray background with funny words

You can use this funny wooden sign to welcome your visitors to your home. It says: If our dogs don’t love you, we probably won’t either. To use this idea, you get a 5 x 10-inch wood, and if you can’t get that size, get two 2.5 inches of wood and join them together with the aid of flat wood and a nail behind.

Paint the frontal part of the wood with a gray color and use a touch of white to design the background. Design the letters by hand or a machine and place them on the sign to draw their contour with a Sharpie marker. Remove the letter and fill the spaces with paint. 

15. Small rustic front door sign

This small rustic welcome sign helps you add a little chuckle to your front door. It’s a wooden sign without any painted background. Just make the background smooth and write the word in good lettering. You can attach a rope to hang the sign at your front to create an amusing first impression for your visitors as they enter your home.


The ideas given above are simple ways to create funny welcome signs yourself. You can utilize old material around you to make any funny ideas. Or you buy any of the material you probably don’t have around. If you are busy or find it difficult or are not creative to do any of the designs, browse the net and order a funny welcome sign to have a pleasant mood with your guests. You also have the option of using your computer to create any of the designs given above and printing it out on any waterproof paper so it will not tear easily with it’s rainy.