15 Glam Entryway Ideas

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Have you been invited to a house whose entryway looks flat without an interior entryway design? Have you been invited to a house whose entryway looks glamorous? If you have visited the two houses, you must have known the first impression you had. The first house looks uninviting, while the second house looks inviting and welcoming. This article won’t fail to show you the ideas on how to turn your flat-looking entryway into a glamorous entryway.

Glam entryway ideas

There are numerous ideas for turning any entryway available in your house into a glamorous space. Here are some ideas for you to get inspiration on how to turn your flat entryway into a glamorous entryway and drive people’s hearts to your charming house or hotel.

1. Simple Stairway décor

If you have a flat-looking stairway that you’d like to turn into an attractive stairway, then use this idea. To do this simple stairway décor, get a modern-looking roundtable and put it beside the entrance of your staircase. Get a fantastic flower verse and put it on the table for a complete glamorous look. You can also add a vintage rug for additional beautification. It would be best if you take note of getting a roundtable, vintage rug, and flower verse color that go with your stairway so the color palette can match together.

2. Flat surface simple décor

To turn your flat-surfaced entryway into a simple glam décor, get a glass table of 3.5 feet. Place a round wooden basket below and Arrange the table with a plastic or ceramic design and a flower to give an elegant view. You can also add a fantastic picture above the table for an attractive arrangement that every visitor wants to see. You can decide to put a rare book on the table to attract your friends. You can do this simple flat surface décor yourself, depending on your creativity and taste.

3. Antique entryway décor

After having your nice painted wall, you can add antique collections to beautify your entryway. You, visitors, get to see the fantastic antiques you use for your entryway design. You can also decide to add pendant lighting to add more beauty. Use a vintage rug or unique design for your entryway floor and get your visitors to say wow! after entering your home.

4. Wallpaper and picture frame décor

Using wallpaper might be expensive in a large room, but you can use wallpaper in small spaces such as your entryway. Choose an attractive and bold design of wallpaper for your entryway. Hang some picture frames to have the glamorous entryway. You can add some additional design of a circular vintage rug to your entryway to go with the wallpaper and pictures frames hung.

5. Create a small library

If you are a book lover, you can create a small library in a close entryway. To have cozy seating while reading, get a fur seat with a small fashionable sofa stool to support your feet while reading. Get a small table and a reading lamp for brightness, and you are good to set up your small entryway library. To have more beautification, use wallpaper to design the wall of your small library.

6. Use office coat hanger

Use a beautiful office coat hanger to design the entryway of your home. While coming in after being tired from a long day’s work, use the office coat hanger to hang your coat and hat to make your home tidy. You can also add accent wallpaper to the wall for more beautification and a table with a table lamp.

7. Studio entryway idea

As an artist, you can use the idea of designing your entryway to show your skill to convert walk-ins to a regular client. Don’t just leave your entryway flat without any design. Show your creativity to generate more sales.

8. Cartographer entryway décor 

If you’d like to use an idea to design your cartographic office, then use this fantastic and simple design for your office’s entryway. Using this idea, you have beautified your entryway and advertised your work to everyone coming to your office.

Get a fantastic bright-colored chair for your visitors with a beautiful flower verse to reduce their stress before meeting you. 

9. Aesthetic board and batten 

Board and batten are aesthetic when used. You can use the idea of board and batten for your entryway to get a chic and rustic look. Use gorgeous panting on the board and batten to make the look more attractive. You can hang some pictures to call the attention of your visitors.

You don’t need a mudroom to organize your things. Put hooks in your board and batten to hang your coat, hat, and bag. You can easily add a seat underneath organized storage.

10. Flower with lantern entryway display

You can use this idea to create a unique entryway idea. Get an oversized glass, a flower, and two lanterns to display on a fantastic table; then you have the striking entryway display. 

11. Winter entryway décor

If you’d like to change your entryway in the winter to give it a wintery perk, then you can use this winter entryway idea. Give your entryway a little punch by hanging mirrors to help reflect light. You can also add greenery by using cedar garland and some paperwhite flowers. Add a table lamp for a relaxing effect. You can also decide to add some candles for glowing. Put a vintage rug on the floor of the entryway entrance to welcome your visitors and add some creativity. 

12. Simple summer entryway décor

You can make your entryway glamorous by using this décor in the summer. A golden-hanged mirror serves as a reflector in your entryway, with designed latten on a table placed beside the wall to give a fabulous style for your summer design. Get a wooden basket and ceramic to make your table elegant.

13. Gray classic entryway décor

Gray is an excellent classic neutral color. If you are a fan of neutral color, then choose this fantastic design. Use a gray sofa with a table containing elegant diamonds sitting on a brushed gold base and flower. To complete the entryway design, put a fantastic painting drawing behind the table for a fabulous view.

14. Metal wall entryway décor

Use a fantastic bright shining metal wall art for your entryway design. You get the optical reflection of light when you decide to use this for your wall. You can decide to buy the complete design or use your creativity to craft the style out after getting a metal or woody rod.

15. Stylistic modern mirror

If your entryway is slightly dark, then a modern mirror should be your entryway choice. Mirror brightens places up and gives an elegant environment in your entryway. There are various modern mirror designs you can choose from depending on your creativity and style. Put your modern mirror at eye level in your entryway so your modern mirror will be helpful for you to view how well-dressed you are when going to your place of work or party. You also get the advantage of making your entryway look more prominent when you use a modern mirror.


Entryway gives your visitors the first impression of you. When you have a glam entryway, your home becomes inviting and appealing to the eye. You can decide to use anything creative such as pattern, color palette, flowers, or wallpaper, to make your entryway elegant. The above ideas are some of the ideas you can use for your entryway. Always remember the ideas and use them to make your entryway glamorous.