20 Grass Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

When the space looks plain and dull, it is time to add visual interest. Using artificial grass to decorate the walls is a creative solution that is trending on social media. Grass is an affordable material that can be used in innovative ways to make an extraordinary statement in your home. Whether you want to decorate the awkward wall in the entryway or create a focal point, there are many ways to do it. This post reveals creative grass wall decor ideas for you. Once you go through them, you can grab the inspiration you need to tackle this DIY project! 

Grass wall decor ideas:

1. Cozy nook

A cozy nook is an ideal retreat for enjoying a cup of coffee with the company of your favorite book. The built-in bench provides a comfy seating spot complemented by a throw pillow. The small and awkward wall might be tricky to decorate. However, the artificial grass perfectly complements the setting. The greenery adds a pop of color, creating an aesthetic nook in your home. On the other hand, creating a DIY grass wall is one of the affordable projects that you can tickle yourself. Artificial grass is cheap, so installing a grass wall won’t cost much. 

2. Fresh entryway

The entryway sets the expectations and makes the first impression. Therefore don’t mind adding a decorative touch that reflects your style. This simple entryway features a gorgeous accent wall made of artificial grass. The sleek round mirror anchors the wall, allowing you to check your outfit before you head out. The wooden bench complements the natural vibe with its organic texture. The result is a nicely decorated entryway that adds a touch of freshness to your interior style. 

3. Updated bathroom

This is the ideal solution for you when you want to make your bathroom look unique without much effort. Layer faux grass on the wall and create an extraordinary statement. The green walls follow the vibe, complementing the accent wall to perfection. Without the grass wall, this bathroom would look plain. 

4. Floral grass wall

When you add colorful blooms over the grass wall, you get a gorgeous backdrop for a whimsical space. Whether a cheerful living room or a teen’s room, this feature will add uniqueness. To add a decorative touch, feel free to display neon signs. 

5. Living room focal wall

When your living room feels too flat, adding a touch of gray will bring it back to life. The best thing is that the grass wall can fit various styles. This modern living room features a refined design complemented by abundant greenery. The recessed lighting highlights the beauty of the grass wall, making it a great accent wall that elevates the mood. 

6. Modern powder room

Although a powder room is small, it doesn’t have to mean it will lack character. When covering the whole wall with grass doesn’t fit the setting, go with smaller portions. The artificial grass stands out from the stone tile, creating a curated mix of organic textures. The round mirror provides lighting, which emphasizes the beautiful grass wall. The bathroom feels modern and refined, and the grass wall still fits perfectly. 

7. Chic porch

A grass wall can be implemented anywhere in your home. A grass wall would be an excellent idea when you wish to make your front porch look more inviting. The lovely texture elevates this simple setting while introducing a pop of color. The combination of black and white stripes and pink brings chic vibes to this decorative arrangement. 

8. Framed mirror

When you have an empty awkward wall, this is a budget-friendly solution for it. The grass wall, complemented with a floor-length mirror, makes a beautiful statement in any space. Whether it is your bedroom, entryway, or living room, be sure that it will add a touch of uniqueness to your home style. Installing grass is easy, so you can do this as a weekend DIY project. The grass is usually sold in square feet, so you can buy as much as you need. The easiest way to install a grass wall is to cut it into smaller portions. Then use double-sided tape to attach the grass to the wall. 

9. Enchanting balcony wall decor

Creating a cozy seating area on a tiny balcony can be challenging. However, this example shows you how to execute this in your home. When you live in the city and want to bring nature closer to you, the grass wall will add greenery. The LED strip casts subtle light over the grass wall, letting its beauty stand out. You can also use a staple gun to install the grass on a regular wall. With this, the artificial grass will be securely attached to the wall. 

10. Gallery wall

When a gallery wall isn’t too bold to complement your unique style, enhance it with grass. With this, you get a unique gallery wall that will add personality to your home. The gallery wall layout is kept simple, and so are the colors. The black and white photography perfectly stands out from the lush greenery. 

11. TV wall

12. Space around the door

13. Bedroom focal wall

14. Grass wall with lighting

15. Stair wall decor

16. Framed artificial grass

17. Wall art

18. Hallway decor

19. Nursery wall decor

20. Modern bathroom

These grass wall decor ideas give you a glimpse of how to use them in your home. You can add a touch of freshness to the bathroom or create a serene focal wall in the bedroom. But you can also get creative and frame the artificial grass. After checking these ideas, you will find the way that works for you. If you need more decor inspiration, don’t forget to follow us!