30 Hallway Wall Decor Ideas

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The hallway leaves the first impression, so getting it right is essential. When the walls feel plain, it is time to spruce them up.

Whether you wish to add a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper, or wall art, there are many ways to enhance your foyer. We curated a collection of the best halfway decor ideas to help you choose the right one.

Once you go through them all, you can pick the ideal decor for your space. So, let’s go through them together and choose the right choice for your style! 

1. Black and white photography

Decorating an awkward hallway might seem challenging. If you struggle to get it right, always play with photography. The oversized artwork ornates the empty walls while creating a clear traffic path. With two pieces intentionally placed at the entrance, you create a precise guide. The black and white color scheme sets the mood, introducing the guest to the rest of the home. At the same time, it brings a modern feel to the plain space. The hallway feels minimalist and simple but still looks stylish. 


2. Focal wall

When there is no clear hallway, dividing the living space is done with a small wall. In this case, the wall is covered with wood planks for a decorative touch that introduces style. The artwork adds a decorative touch while setting the mood. To create a cohesive setting, connect the wall with a cozy area rug to make it feel snug. The result is a warm and welcoming halfway that provides privacy for your living room. 


3. Curated foyer

Even the smallest space can be styled to perfection. This moody and elegant foyer shows you how to execute this with the utmost attention to detail. The wall decor looks appealing thanks to the symmetry principle with artwork and sconces. The small table completes the decor, creating a curated foyer that tells a story about your signature style. This setting is ideal for small spaces that crave a touch of personality while reflecting the interior style. The dark wall brings a moody vibe while feeling exquisite. 


4. Decorative mirror

A decorative mirror is an ideal choice for narrow entryways. The mirror will disperse the light through the space, making the hallway appear visually larger. The intriguing design complements the decor theme, anchored with a console table. The mirror and console table combination works well for narrow spaces. The table design ideally flatters narrow hallways, following their shape. But also, this combo is a versatile choice that suits a vast array of styles. By altering the mirror frame and table design, you can adjust this setting to your taste. Go for a brass frame mirror for elegant and contemporary styles, or pick a frameless mirror and sleek console table with slender legs for modern and minimalist styles. 


5. Inviting decor

The hallway is the first thing that visitors will see in your home. Firstly, it will make an initial impression of your style and welcome your guests. A cluttered space won’t give off the best image, so be sure to create a functional setting with enough storage space for your belongings. A charming corner is ideal for small hallways. Use the space next to the door to create cute and functional seating that doubles as wall decor. The wall shelf provides space for hanging coats and keeping the halfway tidy. The woven baskets add a decorative touch with their organic texture while concealing the clutter. The flower basket is a charming detail that rounds up this decorative setting. You can use it for tucking away the dog leash or the extra pair of slippers for your guests. 


6. Textured wall

If you’re looking for a simple way to make a statement, go for a textured wall. A faux stone wall in white will bring texture to play without overwhelming the space. Plus, this can be a fun and easy DIY project since the faux stone is available in easy-to-install panels. All you need to do is measure the wall to ensure you have the correct number of panels. Head to your nearest home store and check the section with textured panels. With lots of choices, you can always find the one that suits your taste. Exposed brick walls are an excellent way to add an unexpected element. Faux limestone will add visual interest, bringing the cabin look. From this example, you can note that the white faux stone wall is a sleek solution for modern and transitional styles. The sleek bench anchors the setting, while the two sconces bring symmetry to play. The result is a simple and tasteful halfway that suits various interior styles. 


7. Gallery wall

A gallery wall is an excellent way to make a statement if you want to go bold. In this case, a vertical gallery wall complements the high ceiling. The light gray wall brings a modern feel, adding depth to this space. With two scones on the sides, it is an appealing wall decor for any taste. On the other hand, creating a gallery wall can be turned into a fun DIY project. Go for the same frames if you want a uniform and predictive look. If you wish to create a unique gallery wall with characters, pick different frames. To keep it cohesive, go for the same color or same style. 


8. Minimalist approach

When working with a small space, it is essential not to overdo the decor. A sleek and minimalist setting will work perfectly for small hallways. This modern farmhouse foyer is warm and inviting but has a minimalist feel. The elegant round mirror features a minimal frame for the aesthetic. But also it makes the space appear roomier. The farmhouse lights strengthen the decor theme and contribute to balanced wall decor. The result is an inviting foyer that offers a sneak peek of the interior style.


9. Dark walls 

When you want to add personality and set the mood with dramatic elements, feel free to play with deep tones. Even though this hallway is narrow, the dark color perfectly compliments it. The gorgeous charcoal tone is ideal for making a remarkable statement in your hallway. With a decorative mirror on one side and prints on the other, the dark color doesn’t look heavy. If you wish to add drama to your entryway, you can use emeralds or different jewel tones to bring personality. 


10. Farmhouse style

This is an example to consider when you want your hallway to look charming. The farmhouse decor makes the hallway look inviting and cozy. The hat rack is a gorgeous detail that adds charm to this setting. It is important to note that they mounted the metal baskets on the wall to use the vertical space. With this, the extra storage space is ideal for keeping the small foyer clutter-free. The woven bag is another decorative detail that is also ideal for tucking in clutter. 


11. Plank wall


12. Shiplap wall


13. Wood walls


14. Hanging succulent planters


15. Sculpture


16. Transitional style


17. Oversized art


18. Contemporary style


19. Stone wall


20. High-ceiling decor


21. Wreath and mirror


22. Striped wallpaper


23. Intriguing wallpaper design


24. Prints


25. Wallpaper and mirror


26. Graphic art


27. Oversized art


28. Farmhouse sign


29. Accent wall


30.Mid century modern design


With so many unique halfway wall decor ideas, leaving the space plain would be a pity. To complement any style, you can add general decor choices, such as a mirror or artwork. However, you can also personalize the space with a gallery wall or a mural. Follow us if you need more decor ideas and tips!