20 Desk Decor Ideas For Your Home Office 

Having a dedicated workspace at home is very important. Whether you have a business or are a remote employee, having a private space for your work tasks will increase your motivation.

With this being said, creating a pleasant home office setting is your utmost priority. Therefore feel free to add decorative touches to make the space feel truly yours.

Decorate your desk to complement your interior style and create a motivating working environment to boost your productivity. We bring you the best desk decor ideas if you are unsure how to do it.

Once you go through them, you will clearly know how to spruce up your home office!

Desk Decor Ideas for Home Office:

1. Vibrant home office

A colorful home office is ideal for boosting your creativity. If your job requires creative skills, feel free to add a vibrant wallpaper. The intriguing pattern features bold colors, providing a dose of energy to your home office design. Add aromatic candles in matching colors to bring up your energy. The floating shelves come in handy to keep the clutter away from the worktop. The result is a chic setting where you can focus on your work tasks away from distractions. 


2. Books

You will never go wrong with books when decorating your desk. A stack of books and stylish bookends will add a clever touch while complementing many styles. We love how the books complement this formal and traditional setting. If you want the books to complement your chosen color palette, feel free to wrap the covers. This is a simple DIY trick to create cohesive decor for your home office. 


3. Touch of greenery

Plants are an ideal choice for the office. Go for air-purifying plants that remove toxins, such as snake plants, peace lilies, or spider plants. On the other hand, the greenery provides a soothing sight after hours spent in front of the computer. Nevertheless, make sure to pick a plant according to the lighting conditions in your home office. 


4. Decorative boxes

The desk decor can double as storage to accommodate your needs. When you need the functionality, you can combine it with aesthetics in one. Pick appealing storage boxes that match your style and color scheme for the best visual impact. Despite decorating your worktop, they provide extra storage space for clutter. With this, you will easily keep the desk clutter-free. And we know that a clean working environment will make you feel more productive. 


5. A globe

The desk decor depends on your profession. If you wish to create a formal setting and present yourself as a professional in the industry, go for refined choices. An antique globe would be ideal for a professional look. This simple setting features a meeting room for clients, with a simple color scheme and minimal details. If you want to add a meaningful piece to your collection, head to your nearest thrift store and check the offer. 


6. Leaning artwork

A small home office doesn’t have to lack style. This setting is an ideal representation of what an organized office looks like. If you don’t want the decor to take up precious space on your worktop, go for leaning artwork. Feel free to display your projects and masterpieces if you’re in the creative industry. Use sticky tape to make sure the frame stays in place. 


7. Lamp

Whether you want to create a more formal setting or save space, make sure the items you already use double as decor. A table lamp is handy for checking documents and adds a decorative touch to the desk. The modern desk features a glass worktop complemented by a simple lamp with clean lines to flatter the style. 


8. Open shelving

If you don’t have enough space to decorate your desk, feel free to use the vertical space. An open shelving system provides space for displaying decor and extra storage. The frames and sculptures add a touch of personality to this simple workspace. In addition, the stylish storage boxes double as decor. The result is a neutral and straightforward office design that doesn’t look cluttered. 


9. Personal touches

When you work from home, you are free to customize the space to your liking. A chic home office with luxury details will feel yours. The polka dot wallpaper anchors the desk, creating an ideal base for layering decor. The photo frames allow you to display your dearest memories, having them always close. The desk is simple and sleek, while the gorgeous teal chair makes a beautiful statement. The luxury chandelier brings an elegant vibe to this home office, rounding up all the elements. 


10. Farmhouse finds

Feel free to spruce up your home office if you love farmhouse style. The retro desk sits against a black brick wall, enough to make a remarkable statement. The garage summer house details add charm to this modern setting, anchoring the decor theme. The calendar, wall clock, and metal crate had an authentic vibe while still serving a purpose. The recessed lighting highlights the desk decor, creating a pleasant ambiance for getting into the work mood. 


11. Gallery wall


12. Orchid


13. Contemporary design


14. Vase


15. Artisan decor


16. Refined style


17. Statement lighting


18. Candles


19. Antiques 


20. Transitional home office


When you have the best desk decor ideas, you can add decorative touches to personalize your workspace. Simple decor such as plants, frames, or art will ideally fit any interior style. However, you can go a step forward and add personalized decor or thrift store finds. With so many choices available, you can pick the right fit for your decor theme. If you need more interior design tips and inspirations, don’t forget to follow us!