How to Implement the Hygge Trend Into Your Home

Hygge is a huge trend, and not only in decor. The Danish life principle is all about letting off the negativity and only keeping the things that make you happy.

The concept gathers coziness, comfort, and wellbeing into one, referring to different aspects of your life.

In home decor, you should do your best to enhance aesthetics and make your home feel cozier. Implementing hygge in your home is easy.

The best thing is that you can do it to your liking and at the pace you prefer. There are no strict rules since it is all about your preferences and needs.

In this post, we reveal how to embrace the trend Danish people swear by!

How to Implement the Hygge Trend Into Your Home

Wrap your place in neutrals

Implementing the hygge vibe in your home is all about the soft colors. A curated color scheme consisting of neutrals will make your home look cozy and inviting. Off-white walls make the space appear bright and airy, while the warm colors add a dose of charm. Creams, gray, and beige tones will set the calm mood and relax your body and soul. 

By layering neutrals, you create a serene ambiance for enjoying. However, it is all about choosing the colors that you want. Stick to your own preferences, since hygge is all about finding the thing that works for you. Make sure to avoid bright colors and too many patterns since they will feel distracting. 

Natural textures

Although Scandinavian style and hygge aren’t the same, we can say that they both rely on the use of natural textures. This mix brings an organic feel to the space while adding a dose of visual interest. The wood grain texture adds a touch of warmth and a natural feel to the room. Add wool blankets and knitted fabrics for a touch of coziness. Also, don’t forget that plants are an excellent way of adding visual interest. Introduce an abundance of greenery to make the space feel closer to nature. On the other hand, don’t forget that plants can purify the air.


When it comes to furniture, it is all about placing comfort before looks. Modern furniture might not feel comfortable for long hours of sitting. Although it looks nice, it doesn’t fit the hygge comfort. Therefore, be sure to create a large and comfy seating area in your living room. This will become your main point of interest since hygge prefers comfort over good looks. 


Soft lighting creates a pleasant ambiance in your home, so get the most of it. One of the most common ways to add a romantic vibe is to decorate the home with string lights. With being affordable and cute, these create a pleasant mood. However, avoid large and bulky lights that emit bright and intense light. Instead of harsh light, you would want to go for a subtle and romantic atmosphere. Alternatively, you can light a candle or two. Keep in mind that candles create a soothing atmosphere and release pleasant aromas. Remember that it is all about the subtle glow and illumination to make your home appear cozier.

Cozy nook

A hygge nook in your home is a must-have. This spot is ideal for reading a good book or enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee curled with a cozy blanket. Despite providing your place for relaxing and unwinding after a long day, there is something special about a reading nook. It looks charming and inviting, adding style and personality to any space. 

Creating your reading nook doesn’t have to be expensive. First, you need to find a calm and serene spot in your home. It can be a secluded part of your living room, attic, or anywhere else. Add comfy seating in the form of pillows or bean bags. You can go a step forward and add a comfortable chair. Enhance with fluffy throws for the hygge vibe. Don’t forget to add a side table for convenience and a lamp for task lighting. Anchor the spot with artwork or open shelving. Place your curated book collection and let the cozy nook become your favorite spot.

Cozy throws

We already mentioned throw pillows, but it is important to highlight their importance. The throws add charm to the space, making it look cozier. Therefore don’t mind adding many fluffy pillows to enrich the area with the hygge vibe. The soft throw blankets won’t only add a decorative touch to the space. You will have them handy at this moment when you want to curl on the couch and wrap yourself in their softness. Keep the throws in a neutral color scheme, with no bold colors or patterns. However, you are free to mix and match the textures. Use faux fur, woven fabrics, and knitted pillows to add a touch of cosines.

Highlight the fireplace

If you have a fireplace, let it become the focal point in the space. The warm and cozy vibes it gets are ideal for bringing the hygge vibe. Decorate the fireplace to enhance its beauty and make a gorgeous statement. Also, position the seating area to make the fireplace the main point. Danish people love to gather around the fire and enjoy it with family and friends. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, a faux one will do fine. 

Bring the spa feel to your bathroom

Your bathroom isn’t just for taking a quick shower. It is an area where you will unwind and relax after a long workday. Therefore, be sure to treat it as such. Provide enough storage options and remove the clutter for a streamlined look. Get comfy robes that you can grab after a long bath. Add candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Store the soaps in an apothecary jar for the spa-like vibe. Also, you can add a cozy rug to add a touch of warmth and break down the sterile look of the bathroom.