27 Kitchen Essentials For Your First Apartment

After signing the final contract, you are happy to have your first apartment. However, equipping it might be a little challenging.

The kitchen might be one of the trickier rooms since you need many things to prepare food.

With so many first apartment kitchen essentials offered on the market, you might not know which items you will need and which are only a waste of money.

We compiled a list of the first apartment kitchen essentials for you. Refer to this list when you go shopping to ensure you won’t miss anything!

Most Important Kitchen Essentials For Your First Apartment:

1. Mixing bowls

Even though mixing bowls might sound like baker’s essentials, every kitchen should have a set. Large and medium-sized mixing bowls are used for every recipe, so make sure to get them. The mixing bowls are convenient whether you want to prepare a dough, toss a salad, or marinate your meat. Since they are used frequently and might get scratches and stains, it is better to get a set of sturdy mixing bowls that will last for years. 

2. Measuring cups

Measuring cups are so underrated when it comes to getting the first apartment kitchen essentials. They can make a huge difference in cooking meals. Next time you blame your poor cooking skills, remember that the wrong measurements can mess up the recipe. A nice set of measuring cups and spoons will help you speed up the cooking process and never go wrong with recipes again. They are affordable, so there is no reason not to get measuring utensils. 

3. Cooking utensils

We can’t stress the importance of having good cooking utensils enough. Without a whisk and a spatula, you can’t prepare the simplest meals, such as an omelet. Wooden spoons are also needed for mixing and dosing without scratching the dishes. Tongs are ideal for grilling meat, ensuring that every side is appropriately cooked. It is cheap, so make sure to get at least one from every cooking utensil to save yourself from headaches later. 

4. Vegetable Peeler

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of vegetables, you will need to peel them at a certain point. This is when the importance of having a vegetable peeler comes to play. Removing the skin from the fruits and vegetables is difficult with a usual knife. On the other hand, you can end up with bandages on your fingers because the knife slipped. Hence, these inexpensive kitchen essentials will make things easier for you. 

5. Aluminum foil

With so many uses, aluminum foil is definitely on the tp of your shopping list. You can cover the casserole dish and prevent it from burning while making sure it is evenly cooked. The tastiest baked potatoes are prepared in aluminum foil as well. Or, you can keep the leftovers fresh for the next day. Since it is used a lot, make sure to get a large roll that will last for some time. 

6. Parchment paper

Even if you aren’t a baking enthusiast, parchment paper will help you. It will prevent the food from sticking, making the washing process more straightforward. Since no one likes to scrub the pans to remove the greasy remains, the parchment paper will save you so much precious time. On the other hand, you can wrap your burritos and sandwiches to keep them fresh for longer. 

7. Cutting board

Whether you want to chop up a salad or make sure the bread is evenly sliced, a cutting board is a must-have kitchen essential for your first apartment. Otherwise, you risk damaging your gorgeous countertops. Whether you prefer plastic or a wooden cutting board, you can always get it for cheap in your local home goods store. Save your countertop from knife scratches and feel like a real chef in your kitchen. 

8. Grater 

A grater is undoubtedly a must-have if you love consuming fresh salads. But many decide to skip this one because they might not consume vegetables. And this is where they go wrong. A grater isn’t only a helpful tool for preparing salads. You will use a grater to grate fresh cheese over your pizza. Or you will add lemon zest to enhance the flavor of your meals. With so many grater uses, not having one is a pity. 

9. Oven mitts

Many forget that oven mitts are part of the first apartment kitchen essentials. Until it comes time to remove something from the oven. Even if you use kitchen towels for this, you might still get burned. Therefore, be sure to include oven mitts as part of your first apartment shopping list. Bonus, if you match them to your kitchen decor, they will become a charming detail in your first kitchen. 

10. Frying pan

A non-stick frying pan is ideal for repairing any meal, from breakfast to dinner. From a tasty omelet to sauteed chicken, you can prepare a wheel feast in this pan. When choosing the right one, keep in mind that cast iron pans are made to last forever. Even though they might be costlier compared to other options, they pay off in the long run. And you won’t only use them with your first apartment. 

11. Sharp knives

You might not be aware of the importance of sharp knives until you start cooking. A sharp knife makes preparing ingredients much more manageable. An 8-inch knife is ideal for most chopping tasks, such as meat and veggies. However, you would want to have a knife to tackle the more delicate tasks. In this case, a 4-inch paring knife will do the job. Correspondingly, don’t forget that you will need a knife sharpener to keep them always sharp and ready for cutting. 

12. Dishware

Having proper dishware to serve your food is crucial. Every household should have enough dishware for at least four people if guests show up. You don’t need to get expensive sets for fancy dining. Instead, get cheap basic plates and bowls or a matching set. You can then style your table with napkins and glassware. Also, don’t forget about the silverware. You should own at least four of each to match your dishware. 

13. Storage containers

Whether you are serious about meal prepping or want to store the leftovers, storage containers are essential. They will keep the food fresh and prevent odors from coming in touch with your food. Therefore, get a nice set of containers. Both plastic and glass sound fine. Make sure to get them in different sizes to always have the right fit for your needs. A matching set will make storage easier too.

14. Toaster oven

You might not have enough time to prepare meals in your first apartment. A toaster oven is a handy appliance for preparing a quick breakfast. It takes less time to heat than a traditional oven, so you can toast your bread or bake something within minutes. The toaster oven consumes less energy, making it a very efficient appliance. They are easy to use and keep clean, so you won’t need to spend much time doing this. 

15. Bottle opener

A bottle opener is a handy tool that you might forget about. If you love entertaining with friends at home, it is an essential kitchen tool. Whether you love beer or good wine, you can’t open it without your favorite bottle opener. Therefore, get a good and sturdy one that won’t break when pressure is applied.

16. Baking tray

Baking enthusiasts must have at least one baking tray. This helpful tool is ideal for making a batch of cookies but can serve other purposes too. If you are into one sheet pan meals, it will do the job as well. However, make sure to invest in a quality tray. Cheap ones will get scratches and scuffs, and you will need to replace them with new ones sooner than you thought. 

17. Glasses

Glasses are used for various types of drinks, so be sure to have them handy. The choice depends on your specific needs, but it is always best to have juice and water glasses. A lovely wine glass set will elevate your experience if you love enjoying wine with guests. Or get gorgeous cocktail glasses to welcome your guests with joy. If you want to create your own home bar, you should get rocks, Collins, coupe glass, pilsner glass, and pitcher glass. 

18. Coffee mugs

If you are a huge coffee or tea lover, having a good collection of coffee mugs is essential. Have at least four of them when friends and family hop in for a coffee break and chit-chat. You don’t necessarily have to, but it is always better to get a matching set purely for aesthetics. Also, feel free to display your mugs and make them an addition to your kitchen decor. 

19. Spice containers

If you love cooking with spices, you certainly have a massive spice collection. Get spice containers to have them properly organized and handy for cooking. This way, your spices will look neat, and you can easily find the one you are looking for. A rack set will have the spice containers organized so that you can add them to your kitchen countertop for convenience. In addition, feel free to label them for easy access. 

20. Can opener

Aa can opener is a valuable tool that many newbies forget about. But you will definitely need one when opening a can of beans to add to your salad. If you eat canned foods often, you must add one to your essentials shopping list. With this, you avoid potential injuries as a result of opening a can with a knife. 

21. Coffee machine

If you love enjoying a good cup of coffee, a coffee machine is a must for your first apartment. Nothing is worse than having to brew the coffee by yourself when feeling grumpy in the morning. Within a push of a button, your coffee will be ready pretty quickly, and you can have your daily dose of caffeine. A coffee maker will help you prepare all kinds of gourmet coffees, so you won’t have to spend your money on coffee to go. You can always go for the drip coffee makers if you prefer classic coffee. 

22. Serving platter

Having a sleek piece to serve food on the table is another kitchen must-have. It creates a better presentation, so be sure to get it if you love entertaining at home. You can layer appetizers and finger foods to serve to your guests. Or, you can make a cheese board with select products. Also, you will serve salads and side dishes on your serving platter. Being made of different materials, you can always find the right match for your needs.

23. Dish drying rack

Many new homeowners will think of a dish drying rack as an unnecessary purchase. But this is where they go wrong. Even if you already have a dishwasher, you are highly recommended to get a rack. In some cases, you might need a specific dish and need to wash it if it is in the sink. Also, turning on the dishwasher for a couple of sizes isn’t feasible, so you might need to wash them by hand. The rack allows the dishes to air dry quickly when you have no other option.

24. Microwave

A microwave is a valuable appliance that comes in handy in many situations. You can quickly heat the food leftovers within seconds. Also, you can use the microwave for faster meal prep. Whether you need melted butter or melted chocolate, you can always have it ready within seconds. And don’t forget that you can even prepare a quick meal. Whether it is noodles or mug cakes, the microwave will have your meal or snack cooked in a short time. 

25. Resealable bags

A set of resealable bags is handy in the kitchen. Use it to store diner leftovers or keep your washes and veggies ready for use at any time. Furthermore, the bags will come in handy when you want to freeze food in small portions. Therefore, they are ideal for meal prepping and carrying your lunch to work while keeping it fresh. Also, they are environmentally friendly since you can use them many times. All you need to do is pop the resealable bag in the dishwasher, and it will be as good as new. 

26. Electric Water Kettle

If you love enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, you must hate the time it takes for the water to boil on the stove. In this case, an electric water kettle is your best pick. The water will boil within a very short time, saving you during those busy mornings when you want a hot beverage to wake you up. Furthermore, many come with the option to automatically shut down when forgotten to avoid accidents. 

27. Trash can

Even though this sounds too obvious, many forget about the importance of having a good trash can. Get a large one so that you have fewer trips to the bin. Also, be sure to get a trash can with a lid. Since looking at trash isn’t a pleasant sight, the cover will conceal it and keep it neat. You can add baking soda to the bottom of the can for odor control.