20 Best Laundry Room Door Ideas

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Laundry: a chore created because people figured out one thing; if you wear your clothes for two weeks non-stop, you’re bound to smell like garbage. After the Babylonians discovered soap, laundry evolved from hand washing to scrub boards to manually powered clothes dryers. In the 1850s, the first washing machine was created, and as technology advanced, so did washing machines and dryers.

Today, they’ve become an essential part of our society that you can find them in almost every home. Because of the ubiquity of laundry devices, laundry rooms must be created. Unfortunately, most laundry rooms are full of dirty clothes, detergents, and of course, the washer and dryer. Most people have no reason to be in it unless they do laundry. And because of that, laundry rooms aren’t giving the same attention other parts of the house get.

This begets the question, do laundry rooms need doors? Short answer: yes. But before deciding on the kind of laundry door you want, you should consider one important thing: ventilation. Because of the contents of the laundry room, it is bound to always have a particular smell that is stuffy, humid, or outright foul. So the door of your choosing should be thick enough to keep the smell out of the main house. But that presents another problem; heat. Naturally, when machines work, they emit heat from their engines. If left within an enclosed space, they would overheat and burn, causing a fire in your house. The dryer, too, uses heat mechanisms to extract water and dry clothes. To solve this, an efficient ventilation system must be put in place to allow the cooling of the machines and prevent mold. A part of this ventilation system should include the doors. Louver doors allow for adequate ventilation.

Here are 20 laundry room door ideas to help you decide what to put in your home:

1. Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are made up of two or more folding panels with hinges that open and close in the middle. Like an accordion, they fold and open. These doors have become immensely popular because of the many applications and styles available. Bi-fold doors are popular in places where completely opening doors would take too much space. These doors are a great alternative to utilizing a traditional door in laundry facilities because they can fit practically anywhere. In addition, bi-fold doors are simple to maintain, conserve space and are available in various styles.

2. Bypass Sliding Doors

Two panels glide past one other in a single plane to create this sort of door. These doors help you save a lot of room. They’re solid and light, and they come in several styles. Depending on the construction, many types of bypass sliding doors can be utilized; some are two-tiered with self-sliding panels, while others require you to draw one panel at a time. They’re commonly made of wood, glass, or metal. They can be carved and sculpted to fit any style preference. Unfortunately, the rusting of tracks over time is inconvenient and difficult to replace, which is a disadvantage of utilizing this door.

3. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a popular alternative for laundry rooms right now. The fact that the door easily slides in and out of a pocket in the wall adds to the attraction of this door. It disappears when the door is opened, giving it a clean appearance. This door is an excellent solution for tiny areas because it may save room when washing and drying. It is attractively built with many finishing touches. Pocket doors are costly to install and need meticulous design, but they are an excellent addition to your apartment if you can afford them.

4. Louvered Doors

Slats or blades run horizontally in a louvered door. The gap between slats allows air to circulate freely, making laundry room ventilation simple. Slats on particular louvered doors can be opened and closed, although this isn’t always the case in laundry facilities. Louvered doors can be either swinging or folding. They’re also reasonably priced, even if you choose a personalized design. This means you can look trendy without spending a lot of money. The primary downside is the cost of upkeep. A louvered door has more ridges and difficult-to-reach areas than a flat panel door, making cleaning more difficult.

5. Heavy-duty Barn Sliding Doors

They’re a country take on traditional pocket doors. Whether the doors are slid open or closed, they function as a work of art in that style. Contractors consider them an excellent option for installing doors in tight spaces where only a pocket door would fit due to a lack of clearance or wall space. Builders may prefer them over pocket doors because they are easier to install. Also, the machines make less noise as they operate because of their weight, allowing you to wash in peace. On the other hand, Barn doors take up a lot of space and can be costly to replace or repair.

6. Secret Laundry Room Hidden Behind Bookshelf Door

This is an exquisite design and an excellent approach to reducing space while useful. The full bookshelf conceals the washing compartment. The center and left parts are tracked, while the right section remains stationary. What’s more, this design serves as a practical solution and adds a high-end beauty to the area. This door design allows you to read a book while waiting for your laundry, thus maximizing your indoor space. If you enjoy surprise elements in your home design, this is an attractive option for you.

7. Custom Door for Laundry Closet under the Stairs

Instead of Harry Potter, the Dursleys should have installed a washing machine and dryer beneath the stairs. It is a more efficient use of space, but muggles aren’t always the brightest. Another wise option is to use the area beneath the stair to optimize every inch of the room. Of course, a particular door type is required for anything like this. Every house’s under-stair area is unique, which is why if you want to install a laundry closet in such a space, you’ll need to acquire specific doors for it. An example of such doors is the one below.

8. Frosted Glass Door to Conceal Laundry

Frosted glass doors are very stunning and pleasing to look at. They function by dispersing light and softening images behind the glass. You can still see through them, but your vision will be blurry and fuzzy. If you don’t want your home to seem cluttered, this is a fantastic solution to hide your clothes and washing machine. Frosted glasses are also soundproof so that you may have some peace in addition to privacy. Frosted glass is designed to be stronger than plain glass, although it does not explode if overheated. 

9. Flat-Panel Door to Make the Laundry Room a Part of the Kitchen

You may include a laundry closet into the kitchen design if you so choose. As we all know, Cabinets are a must-have piece of furniture in any kitchen. You should utilize this when there is no other room in the house to make a laundry closet or if you want this interior piece to be in the exact location as the cooking area for whatever reason. When the laundry closet is closed, it resembles standard cabinets. It becomes even better because the material is the same as the kitchen furniture set. It is an excellent concept for maintaining design consistency.

10. Folding Blue Closet Doors

The blue slate doors conceal the stacked washing machine and dryer in the bathroom until they are required. When the doors are shut, it resembles any other utility closet. So, this means that if you have visitors and you don’t want them to know where your laundry room is, they won’t. A pale blue-green color on the sides makes the room look light and airy in this picture. But, of course, you don’t have to use blue or blue-green, colors like off-white, stark white, soft black, light taupe, blush pink and dark navy.

11. Folded Louvered Doors for a Laundry Closet at the End of a Hallway

Louvers are a practical solution for cramped quarters. This closet has enough space for a stacked washer and dryer, as well as a small bookcase for linen storage. The addition of the louvers and opening up the entry make use of the closet’s whole length. The louvers are constructed of white wood, which blends with the walls and provides a serene aesthetic to the space and its surroundings. They save space by folding like an accordion. Most folding doors are lightweight materials; they offer high heat insulation, fire resistance, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.

12. Folding Door in an All-White for a Contemporary and Minimalist Look

When you live a minimalist lifestyle, you endeavor to only utilize items that have a purpose. It’s about living simply and having only what you need to get through the day. The minimalist concept and the notion that less is more give it an artistic impression that excesses would completely wreck. Because of the minimalist lifestyle, there is less need for a full-size washer and dryer. This laundry room offers everything you need without taking up valuable floor space. Because the appliances are situated against a single wall, a door that folds away from them is the best option.

13. Glass Panel Barn Door to Make Laundry Room Appear Larger

Removing obstacles to a neighboring room is the simplest method to make a space feel larger. The sliding glass door panel allows access to the space but may be closed to keep the noisy washer out. Light wood paneling and black accents complement the interiors. The door’s subtle geometric design provides just the perfect amount of intrigue and intention. Another thing to remember is that because these glass panels are not as thick as traditional barn doors or frosted glass, they do not provide soundproofing. They also offer less privacy than traditional laundry doors and might be noisy when they slide.

14. Mirrored Laundry Room Doors

Most closet doors may be transformed into mirrored versions. Thus, this type is more of an upgrade to your bi-fold, bypass, or sliding closet door. Of course, the aesthetic presentation of a mirrored closet door is difficult to overlook. Think of high-end stores or perhaps Versailles, and you’ll get a sense of it from this closet door at best. Having one provides additional natural light to your laundry room, privacy, and the opportunity to check yourself out while doing your washing. In addition, mirrored rooms save space and make your laundry room appear larger and more open.

15. Hall Closet Washer and Dryer with Folding Doors

Even if they have their room, a laundry basket, a washer, and a dryer create a lot of clutter in a tiny space. Owning a small house forces you to consider the best ways to maximize your use of space while minimizing unnecessary clutter. Including a laundry space in a hall closet is an excellent method to reduce clutter. For hanging damp items, the closet rod is raised higher than usual. Adding doors that fold out of the way is a method for obtaining full access to the room. Depending on your budget and house style, you may also utilize sliding or pocket doors.

16. Minimalist Double Barn Door for a Farmhouse Laundry Closet

Minimalism is a central idea that appeals to many individuals because of its practicality and aesthetic appeal. Barn doors have grown increasingly trendy in recent years, and they are now a fantastic fit for this farmhouse. They’re space savers, practical, and a simple DIY project — essentially, the ideal doors for minimalists. White doors that complement the walls have become popular. With that thought, you may go outside the box with this wood-stained door. More room is created through floating shelves and high closet rods on top of the machines, similar to what you’d see in a kitchen.

17. Semi Outdoor Laundry Closet with Decorative Custom Screen Door

A laundry room is a feature that you may include in either the inside or exterior of your home. It means you’ll be able to make better use of the space you have in your house. Taking the laundry facility outside, if the weather permits, is a fantastic idea. The heat produced by the devices will not affect the home. The concept of putting the machines on a terrace makes washing laundry a lot simpler. The sliding doors utilized in this example are both attractive and valuable, so you won’t have to worry about the laundry closet creating an unsightly view for others to see.

18. Unique Sliding Door for a Low Laundry Closet

This is another sliding door, but it has a different design, unlike the last one. This sliding door was created to conceal a low laundry closet in a tight hallway. This type of door can only be created to order, so you’ll need to work with a professional designer, plumber, and electrician who are both creative and quick on their feet to build a bespoke door that will fit your home perfectly. The washer and dryer are front-loading, giving you additional storage options and making better use of your space. The custom door is a horizontally moving single sliding door.

19. Stylish Pocket Frosted Glass Doors for Laundry Closet

You’re probably aware that one of the things that make pocket doors so appealing is their ability to disappear when opened. Imagine having a frosted glass pocket door. The frosted glass is suitable for your home décor and keeps your laundry private while still showing a slight silhouette of everything contained within the laundry room. Not only is the design exceedingly helpful, but it is also beautiful. In addition, the soundproofing effect gives you peace of mind while you’re doing laundry. Essentially, your laundry room door is now exceedingly opulent and elegant. They may be used in farmhouses, cottage-style homes, and modern designs due to their design versatility.

20. Single Pocket Door for a Compact Laundry Closet

If your laundry closet is tiny and without a door, you will have to think of ways to optimize the space. Here, we can see the washer and dryer stacked upon each other, the shelves holding the clothes, and a basket lying by the side – all to minimize clutter while allowing a full range of functional movement. Unfortunately, the entrance is too large for one door and too small for two doors. Therefore, a custom door is required. The best method to do this was by adding a single-pocket door to save more space while giving it a visually appealing design.


These are 20 unique ideas that we have shared with you. Be sure to pick the best door that suits your décor, allows you to maximize space, and allows for adequate ventilation of your laundry room.