15 Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas

Attics are unloved spaces that you use for storing old crockery. Many people hardly check this unappealing area.

The situation could be even more nerve-racking if you have a cramped and low ceiling attic. The unsightly appearance with small floor space makes the place cluttered and unwelcoming.

However, it’s possible to transform this unusual area into a gorgeous and livable space. So, how do you do that? Here are 15 low ceiling small attic room ideas.

1. Add skylights

Bringing in enough natural light can turn a dusty attic into a livable area. Skylights can do wonders here. Include them on each side of the attic to maximize the lighting effect during the day. Also, install a bed under the skylight.

Such a combination will make the place functional and avoid a claustrophobic feel. Also, add a couple of large windows that face out. Including a small balcony with French doors is another option. No matter what you choose, the result will make you feel satisfied.

2. Use white color

You might have seen many small rooms painted in white. Do you know the reason? Whiteness makes the area most spacious. It gives the illusion of a bigger area. So, why not incorporate white color in a cramped attic?

As well as making the room look spacious, whiteness reduces your lighting expenses. Add a few cushions and drapes. Also, include a dark-colored carpet for a contrasting effect. A little bit of labor will render a new look to the place.

3. Include coziness

Nobody loves sloppy ceilings, especially in the dark. Also, they make an undesirable thing while getting around in your attic room. Don’t fight with low ceilings. On the contrary, embrace them and make the place feel simple yet cozy. Incorporating comforting elements ranks among the top low ceiling small attic room ideas. How? Choose paneling – it makes the area feel inviting.

Plus, your room doesn’t look cluttered. Soft lighting and a simple color scheme will give the much-sought cabin vibes. Workout your options and let your imaginations go wild. Within moments, you could come up with something cozy for your small attic.

4. Add storage

Are you running short of space in your house? If so, build storage in the attic room. You may get amazed by the idea. However, adding storage in a low ceiling attic is definitely feasible. Use all the space that isn’t fit for built-in storage.

It could get tricky to add anything like a shelving unit or a wardrobe (due to the limited ceiling height). However, many options on attic storage exist. You may choose a row of cabinets or mix in open shelves that can blend seamlessly into the room.

5. Embed decor elements

Most homeowners hardly give a thought to decorating their attics. They consider it a waste of time and money. However, you could get bold with the decoration of a cramped place. Include natural light within the space and decorate the white look with a contrasting effect. Also, add dark color bedding.

You may also have charcoal walls and a tiny popping of yellow into the lighting. Such a combination will transform your place elegantly. Picking an all-over-color is a clever option to make a small space appear bigger. Including darkness in contrast to whiteness also makes the area appear spacious.

6. Add a dressing room

Including a dressing room is one of the best low ceiling small attic room ideas. You may come up with a walk-in wardrobe option. The attic space can make a dream come true. Create a section for a dressing room.

You may store accessories and clothes in this part. Add clothing rails to the wall. Use under-to-eaves for drawers. You may even include a dressing table and a mirror to ensure a walk-in closet feel.

7. Use wallpapers

Does your attic look awkward? If so, consider playing with wallpapers. Here, you’ve two options. You may wallpaper the whole ceiling and the walls. Only covering the walls with wallpapers is another Idea.

Use contemporary design wallpapers for the purpose. You may even use classic designs to enjoy a traditional theme. No matter what you prefer, wallpapers will convert a dull-looking attic into an inviting area.

8. Choose a rustic style

Who doesn’t love the beauty of wooden decor? People spend plenty of money to enjoy a rustic look. Why may we employ this innovative idea in a low ceiling attic? A contemporary rustic style will suit an attic space well because it’s airy and light.

Not just that, it’s inviting and welcoming as well. Recreate this decor in the room using linen bedding and/or wooden pieces. Include complementary accessories and lighting for an enhanced effect.

9. Add lighting

Are you running on a tight budget? If so, get creative with lights. Lighting is an integral part of any attic room. As well as making the area spacious, lighting can rejuvenate the whole place. Include a few layers of lighting, task lighting, overhead lighting, and ambient lighting.

Spotlights are special mentions here. You can move old furniture pieces to your attic and combine them with elegant lighting options. As well as saving money, your idea will spruce up the cramped space.

10. Beautify the beams

Beams tend to be unsightly. However, you can make those beams a feature in your attic. All you need is a bit of creativity to spice up the place. Instead of hiding an unsightly beam through paint, make them stand out through something innovative.

Let them be a focal point of attraction. If used well, they add interest and texture to your neutral space. Beams work with traditional styles as well as contemporary attics with low ceilings.

11. Use mirrors for lighting

People usually use mirrors in the bedroom and bathroom. However, no one adds them to an attic. So, why not get imaginative with mirrors? Using multiple mirrors is one of the most popular low ceiling small attic room ideas.

Mount a couple of small mirrors on the feature wall of the room. Those mirrors will bounce back the lighting around the area. Plus, they give a glittering effect to a boring room. Mirrors add texture and interest as well. Just ensure you use mirrors of varying designs for better results. If you do it well, your loved ones will applaud you for your creativity.

12. Include a reading nook

Many individuals love to read in a tranquil place. Most of them have a separate library at their homes. However, not all houses have enough space. This point holds in the case of modern homes with a limited space area. If so, consider adding a reading nook to your attic.

You can create a cozy nook and add an armchair and a table to fill the space. Such an adjustment will let you enjoy a tranquil reading place. Don’t forget to put a small rug for a decorative effect. Position the reading space under a skylight to maximize your reading experience.

13. Make a living room

Many people wish to have a second living room in their homes. A limited area holds them back from accomplishing their desires. However, you can meet your expectations by creating another living room in the attic. Add small bedding, tables, and chairs.

Mount a TV under the feature wall. Such an option will make the room look inviting and super cool. You may enrich the coziness by decorating the wall and adding contemporary drapes. The final result will get you a second living room without buying another house.

14. Have a home office

Today, a significant number of individuals work from home. However, they don’t have enough space to create a working office. If that’s the case, switch over to your low ceiling attic. The beauty of taking your office to an attic is you enjoy a noise-free area.

Plus, you free up your home space for other chores. Since a home office requires very little area, it can fit well in the attic. You may go for a minimalistic style or a modern design with decorative features. The choice is yours.

15. Include a bathroom

Factoring in a bathroom is another worthwhile idea. You can turn a dull-looking attic into a cozy bathing area. Just explore bathroom designs for small spaces. Consider your preferences and interest too.

Also, take into account the overall decor. If you dedicate time and attention in the right direction, you could come up with a suitable combination. The choices are virtually limitless and depend on your expectations and selection.

Bottom line

Attics can be undesirable and unsightly spaces. Honky walls, hefty beams, and sloping roofs can make the place a bit awkward. However, you can turn the tables in your favor. Just use your creativity to transform an undesirable space into a warm, inviting area. Follow the above low ceiling small attic room ideas matching your preferences and interest. Within no time, you could convert an unsightly place into a lovely area that’s visually appealing as well as functional.