10 Man Cave Lighting Ideas

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Having a man cave in your home lets, you have your privacy. You get yourself out of distraction and focus on your hubby. But man cave is not just for that; man cave is meant to show creativity so you can have your creative ideas around you. One creative idea you can use in your mantuary has creative lightning.

Cave lightings are perfect for you to beautify your man cave. You get the preferred light color focused on you and your loved ones or your activity for easy viewing. The following are some man cave lighting ideas you can use to lightning up your man cave when needed.

Lighting a man cave

It’s important to lighten your man cave not just for viewing purposes but also to energize you in your man cave as you spend your time in it. Having lousy lighting in your cave can affect your mood and impression of your man cave. Therefore for aesthetic visibility and satisfaction in your cave, you use the following ideas to lighten and beautify your cave.

1. Whisky bottle with metal pie cave lighting

All you need to produce this cave lighting is a metal pipe, a bottle, an incandescent bulb, and a strong wire. Depending on your choice and creativity, get two to three or more bottles for the lightning idea.

Connect the wire with the bulb inside the bottle and fasten the bottle to the metal pipe to create beautiful lighting.

2. Drum pendant lamp

As a musician with different drum shells which you’d like to discard, you can easily use your snare drum, high, tom, and medium tom to create a creative drum pendant lamp by hanging them with a chain. You can also decide to use a metal rod to hang the drums depending on where you hang the drum pendant lamp.

This man cave lighting is an excellent idea for you for easy viewing and lightning so you can focus while you practice for your drum show the next day.

3. Upcycled bicycle wheel lamp

You will need LED tube lighting to create this fantastic man cave lighting. You can attach the LED tubes to the bicycle wheel rim outer surface using gum or tape. After completing the first task, fasten the wheel hut with a metal pipe or chain to the ceiling and have your man cave upcycled bicycle wheel lamp. You can decide to be more creative by using LED bulbs with different colors.

4. Half Tire shade pendant lamp

Vehicles’ tires can get slippery, and after a long time, it becomes useless. But you can still utilize the slick tire to create a fantastic half tire pendant lamp for yourself and enjoy bright light anywhere you want it.

You should first cut the tire into two and use your creative idea to paint the tire with industrial or marine paint with two or more colors to give out an eye-appealing design. Drill a hole with a driller so the wire can pass through it and connect to the bulb. It’s advisable to use an iron rod to fasten the tire to the ceiling instead of the wire to prevent overload.

5. Kettle shade pendant light

Old vintage retro kettle shade is another man cave lighting idea you can use in your kitchen. You can easily cut the bottom to create a hollow space to fit your light bulb. And connect the bulb to an outlet to light up your kitchen.

6. Tom Drum Table Reading Lamp

Tom drum table reading lamp is a man cave idea for a music student who often reads to prepare for exams. You can use a damaged tom drum shell and a curved rod to create this tom drum table reading lamp idea and enjoy your reading. Put the bulb inside the tom drum shell to serve as shade and connect the curved rod to a flat metal to serve as the lamp arm and base.

7. Colorful inverted bottle lighting

Drinking in the bar with friends and listening to cool music is not a finished setting. You get complete enjoyment with an incredible light for viewing while you discuss and drink with laughter.

An extraordinary man cave lighting idea for you and your friends is this accessible arrangement of unused bottles. To create this great idea for your bar and enjoy your drink, you get metal to support the inverted bottle attached to the roof of your bar.

8. Deadwood oak nightlight

A nightlight is helpful for comfort and safety in the dark. If you are the type who sleeps comfortably with a light on, this cave lighting idea is the best for you to lighten up your room.

You get a deadwood oak log with an insect hole to utilize the nightlight idea. Bore a hole in the middle to insert a bulb connected to an electrical outlet. On the bulb and get a dim supply of light, which allows you to sleep conveniently.

9. Ample Burly Beer pendant light

If you are designing a mantuary in your home, this big burly beer lighting idea is the best for you. You get moderate lighting in the room, focus on your TV with your friends, and enjoy drinking.

You can easily create the ample burley pendant light by getting a big burly beer can and cutting its base. Use a rod to attach the can to your mantuary ceiling, with the opened part facing the ground. Put a bulb inside the can and connect the bulb to an electrical outlet to enjoy cool light while you enjoy watching TV in your mantuary.

10. Basketball lighting

As a basketball player or fan, you will love this man cave lighting idea to lighten your room. You wake up every day seeing what you love with bright shining lights. To do this fantastic lighting idea, use a basketball to glue a flat iron attached to a chain to your basketball. Attach LED bulbs to the ball using glue or tape and plug the whole LED into an electrical outlet to get the joy of viewing your basketball’s shining light.


The man cave is meant to show your creativity and maintain your privacy you’re your ideas. The ideas given above are some of the man cave lighting ideas you can use. The ideas are easy to create after getting some of the materials. Use your creativity for any ideas given above and continue to light up your man cave.