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The bedroom is your sanctuary, so you want to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. The mid-century modern style makes an inviting and soothing ambiance while not sacrificing style.

Since the bed is the most prominent feature in this room, you would want to match it to the style. If you don’t know how to pick the right one, we have you covered. This post features the ultimate mid-century modern bed frame ideas.

When you go through them, choosing a bed frame will be so much easier for you. So let’s get started and guide you through all the possible options! 

Mid Century Modern Bed Frame Ideas:

1. Simple

When choosing the right bed frame, it is essential to know the characteristics of mid-century modern. The furniture has long, slender legs, one of the easily recognizable features. When looking for a bed frame, you want to stick to a specific aesthetic. The headboard is usually straightforward, and the bed frame is slender and doesn’t overpower the bedroom. 

2. Reclaimed bed frame

When the bed frame is elevated on long and thin legs, it won’t add visual weight to the space. The result is a light and airy bedroom with a minimalist vibe. The reclaimed wood bed frame has an authentic aesthetic with a dose of charm. The fantastic texture brings visual interest into the mid-century modern bedroom. 

3. Solid wood

The tapered legs make a statement in this bedroom design while fighting the mid-century vibe. To highlight their beauty, add a colorful patterned rug. This interior style can be customized to fit your preference. Therefore feel free to play with the decor and add your personality. 

4. Dark wood mid-century modern bed

The dark bed adds a touch of elegance to this mid-century modern bedroom. The bed frame keeps the minimalist vibe, complemented by matching nightstands. The rich patterned rug makes a bold statement in the room. The real mid-century modern furniture was built to last, and you might still find authentic second-hand pieces. Check the country of origin to ensure you get a genuine piece. Mid-century furniture was produced in countries like Denmark, Yugoslavia, and Japan. 

5. DIY platform bed

If you are into DIY-ing and feel brave enough to take on a project, you can make your platform bed. The bed frame plan is easy to follow for DIY enthusiasts. Complemented with an upholstered headboard with faux leather, this bedroom gets a mid-century makeover on a budget. 

6. Metal frame

This frame will be ideal if you want to combine refined and cozy. Although it might have more of a modern feel, it still manages to keep the vibe. Strengthen the mid-city decor theme with accessories to make the space feel personalized. The sleek nightstands and accent wall will complement his bed frame, making a bold statement in a mid-century bedroom. 

7. Hide with a bench

Not everyone has the budget to do a whole bedroom makeover. But you can still introduce the mid-century modern style. We know that furniture can get quite expensive. Or, your existing bed is in perfect condition, and you don’t want to replace it because you paid so much. The secret trick is to cover the bed with your bedding set and add a mid-century modern bench by it. With this, the bed frame legs will be hidden, and the bench will strengthen the style. 

8. Upholstered mid-century modern bed frame

Customizing the mid-century modern style to your liking is always allowed. A simple bed frame that keeps the authentic legs covered with upholstery can be an ideal compromise for you. It will bring out the modern vibe while still implementing the charm of the iconic interior style. This bedroom looks stylish and chic, thanks to the greige upholstery. The nightstands and lamps are kept within the mid-century modern style for cohesiveness. 

9. Ornate legs

You might think that recreating this style might be tricky when on a budget. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Feel free to use a bed you already have and make it fit into the mid-century modern style. Make sure that the bed frame is simple and elevated with legs. You can even visit your local thrift store and see what you can find there.

10. Complement with patterned rug

Adding a pop of color is authentic for this style. The mid-century modern bed frame adds warmth with the wood tone. The remarkable pattern of the rug makes the bed stand out with its unique style. The abundance of greenery is another signature feature of this popular style, adding freshness and tranquility to the charming bedroom. 

11. Low profile

12.Mid century modern outside headboard 

13. Minimalist design 

14. Chic bed frame

15. Rustic style

16. Light wood tone

17. DIY reclaimed wood bed frame

18. Simple legs

19. Complementing dresser

20. Small tapered legs

The mid-century modern bed frame ideas will help you get inspiration for your next remodeling project. Whether you want to make a bespoke bed frame or buy one, you have the tips and tricks you need to make the best choice. If you need more helpful information and inspiration, don’t forget to follow us!