Mix and match tiles in bathroom

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With so many beautiful tile styles available, finding the right one seems daunting. However, you don’t need to commit to one specific tile if you don’t feel like doing so.

The mix and match bathroom tile trend is popular now, leaving plenty of options for creating tasteful combinations.

If you don’t know how to pull off this trend, we offer helpful designer tips for you. Once you go through them, you will know how to choose the right tile combination. 

Consistent color

You won’t see a bathroom with only one type of tile installed. Usually, there would be two different types: one for the walls and one for the flooring. According to your preference, you can choose to add a third tile style as an accent.

When mixing and matching different styles, it is essential to find a mutual point between them. This simple trick will keep the design cohesive and tasteful. One of the ways to pull off the mix and match trend is to keep the tiles in the same color. A different shape that maintains one color is an excellent way to add a touch of visual interest but still make the bathroom feel refined. When you keep the color consistent, you are free to play with the tile shapes and layouts. 

One of the popular tie combinations is classic white subway for the walls and modern hexagon tiles for the flooring. The varying shape adds a dose of playfulness, while the white color maintains the balanced look. On the other hand, you can pair the tieless subway tile with striking herringbone tile. The herringbone pattern is visually dynamic and can make the bathroom look more spacious than it is. 

Same style, different size

Using the same tile style but in a different size will keep the design cohesive. This approach is ideal if you don’t feel comfortable mixing different types but still want to introduce visual interest. You can choose the same tile style for the flooring and walls, but the tiles can vary in size. For example, you can opt for oversized hexagon tiles for the walls. Complement this with the same shape, but in a smaller size for the floor. The result is a visually dynamic design that still manages to look harmonious due to the cohesive shape. 

If you fall in love with a specific material, use it for the whole space. Marble tiles are trendy for their high-end look. Whether you want to implement real or faux marble tiles to achieve the look, you can use varying sizes to break down the look. Oversized marble tiles will make excellent picks for the walls. You can go for the same marble pattern or pick a similar one with identical colors for the floor. 

Statement flooring

A combination of accent tiles and simple ones will add a bold touch to your bathroom. Use bold tiles for flooring, and pair them with simple walls to focus on the accent feature. Colorful Moroccan tiles can become the ultimate choice for your flooring. The liveliness will elevate the bathroom design and break down the sterile look. Pair with simple subway tiles to let the bold colors stand out on their own. 


Achieving a brave contrast will add depth to your bathroom. If this is the style you are aiming for, opt for white and anthracite tiles. The mesmerizing combination will bring a luxurious and refined feeling to your bathroom. Oversized anthracite tiles will be an ideal choice for the flooring. Complement with stark white for the walls, and you have a contrasting tile combination that adds a modern vibe to the space. 

Play with textures

Textured tiles will add a visual touch to your bathroom, so feel free to mix and match them. Glossy and matte tiles will create the perfect contrast, adding a sleek note to the design. Or, you can go bold and mix warm-toned marble and faux wood. This bold combination adds character to the otherwise plain space. 

Create zones

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you might want to divide it into different zones visually. You can easily complete this with the use of other tiles. This example shows you how to execute this concept to perfection. The walk-in shower features a frameless design, so the bathroom feels more open. The gorgeous patterned tiles make a lovely statement while anchoring the shower area. On the other hand, the stunning focal wall adds depth and makes the space visually more significant. The result is a tasteful bathroom design that remains timeless. 

Add a pop of color

Don’t mind the bold tile choice if you are going after an eccentric look. The vanity backsplash can add a generous amount of personality to the bathroom design, so play with colors to achieve the desired effect. The gorgeous teal tiles make a striking statement in this design. The deep jewel tone adds a dose of drama and elegance, while the warm wood tone keeps things balanced. 

Natural element

With the help of natural textures, you can add a spa feel to your bathroom. The gorgeous tiles feature an organic feel to the design, making the shower look so inviting. This is a perfect look if you want to step away from the cold and sterile bathroom look and introduce a touch of charm. 

Highlight the shower

If you are into achieving a striking look, highlight the shower area with a bold tile choice. The fantastic geometric tiles feature a black color, contrasting the painted walls. The white grout highlights the beautiful geometric shape while making the shower area stand out with its beauty. The brace tile choice is complemented with more subtle marble tile flooring. It still looks sleek and refined but doesn’t overwhelm the space. Instead, the marble tile lets the gorgeous shower be in the spotlight.