15 Navy Blue & Gray Bedroom Ideas

Not everyone can manage to pull off a navy blue and grey bedroom. Nonetheless, if you wish to put it together, you can create a cozy, gentle bedroom with a natural color scheme. 

No matter what shade of grey you use – warm or pale grey- it will pair nicely with navy blue. Navy blue offers depth to your spaces, while grey is a relaxing color. There are many ways to incorporate this color scheme – you can have grey walls and navy blue bedding or vice versa. 

This article discovers 15 exciting ways to turn your bedroom into a navy blue and grey haven. 

1. Modern Navy Blue And Grey Bedroom

When designing your bedroom in a modern direction, you want to pick a color scheme that is clean and simple. Navy blue and grey works perfectly for a modern bedroom. Modern decor draws inspiration from German and Scandinavian styles and architecture. The modern decor aesthetic prioritizes logic and practicality, focusing on functionality over form.

Highlight focus areas in your bedroom using grey to accentuate the solidness of navy blue. You can go for navy blue walls with grey decor, furniture, and other accents in your bedroom. Grey beddings encompass comfort and are perfect when designing a modern navy blue and grey bedroom.

2. Contemporary Chic Navy Blue And Grey Bedroom

The contemporary chic navy blue and grey decor is comfortable while remaining subtle. If you combine navy blue and grey in your bedroom decor, you will get a final atmosphere that is inviting, relaxed, and inherently sophisticated. Complement darker tones of grey with lighter solid, navy blue shades for a stylish bedroom set in contemporary design.

A contemporary chic uses clean lines and neutral tones, creating a peaceful atmosphere. You can incorporate mirrors, mirror tiles, or mirror furniture for extra glam. Moreover, contemporary chic uses art as a statement. So, you can experiment with bold wallpaper or even a piece of abstract art as a starting point for this bedroom aesthetic. 

3. Navy Blue And Grey Bedroom With Red Accents

Never be afraid to experiment with color when designing your bedroom’s interiors. A great way to spice up your navy blue and grey decor is to include a third color. Red gives your bedroom a more nautical or coastal vibe.

Navy blue is properly accentuated by black, giving your room a pop of color and a friendly vibe. Pair red furniture with predominantly gray decor for a nice lively look. You can also include small elements of red using throw pillows, rugs, and even flowers.

4. Minimalist Navy Blue And Grey Bedroom

Minimalism is defined by stripped-down simplicity, a controlled palette, and clean lines. Too much furniture can leave the space feeling cramped and distracting. With minimalism, the entire room is the focal point, ensuring that every piece in the room is carefully selected.

Consider choosing simple grey and blue shades if you prefer a minimalist bedroom. Focus on lighter navy blue shades and grey colors for a clear, subtle minimalist bedroom. Stick with subtle hues so that your room does not appear quirky and it stays comfortable enough for you to sleep.

5. Play With Various Shades 

If you want to create a bedroom that feels completely zen, you should try incorporating multiple shades of grey and blue. Gray remains one of the most elegant shades for bedroom decor. You can stick to your grey and blue color scheme by accentuating the grey shades.

You can paint your entire bedroom grey and incorporate navy blue as accents throughout the room to keep the navy blue and grey theme. Your bedding and sleeping area can also be done in navy blue, a much darker shade, if the grey of your walls is a lighter shade. 

6. Don’t Leave Out The Floors

When using grey and navy blue as the color scheme for your bedroom, navy blue gives your room a finished look, while the grey shades serve as the focal point. You can incorporate shades of navy blue to achieve a unified feeling. However, remember that it is easy to lose track of the color scheme and deviate from the ideal decor color shade.

To ensure you don’t make the mistake of deviating from the ideal color, you can play with the floor colors. Choose grey and navy blue shades for your bedroom floors to avoid losing the plot of the color scheme. You can use grey or navy blue rugs to keep the same relaxed feeling, even on your bedroom floors. 

7. Geometric Navy Blue And Grey Bedroom

A great way to liven up your bedroom space is to combine geometric lines, shapes, and prints in your space. Choose grey geometric patterned bedding to contrast bold navy blue on your walls and floor. You can also contrast patterns such as grey brick print in the background with other geometric patterns in the bedroom.

You can incorporate grey and blue geometric wallpaper for a unique, artsy spin. When accented with the solid hue of navy blue, grey geometric wallpaper can become the focal point of the bedroom quickly. 

8. Scandinavian Navy Blue And Grey Bedroom

Scandinavian interiors elevate a calm, serene and clean simplicity, designed with a universal appeal. Scandinavian aesthetic involves experimenting with tonal textures and highlighting organic shapes in a relaxed, all-white space that can be substituted with a lighter shade of grey.

This aesthetic is easy to put together and borders on a carefully chosen mix of elements. So many decor styles take hints from the Scandinavian interior, and when incorporated with gray or navy blue, it can result in an exquisite, classy finish.

9. Transitional Navy Blue And Grey Decor

Transitional decor borrows from modern and traditional design to create a quiet space without overwhelming styles. Transitional bedrooms have an appealing and unexpected balance when rendered in navy blue and gray. The transitional decor can unite modern materials such as steel and glass with plush furnishings.

The transitional decor also plays well with color palettes considered relatively neutral in color – such as navy blue and gray. Transitional bedrooms have a warm and inviting look and are perfect if you want a calming, relaxed space. 

10. Navy Blue And Grey Polka Dot Bedroom

Navy blue and gray decor can sometimes be too serious and stuffy. Incorporating polka dots is a great way to achieve it if you want a more relaxed, playful look. Polka dots can be contemporary, sophisticated, elegant, and stylish with the right sizing. When pulling off a navy blue and gray bedroom, you can count on polka dots’ playful, whimsical nature.

Polka dots remain one of the most popular decor patterns and can be nicely paired with walls, furniture, bedding, and even accessories. Try not to go overboard, as it is easy for polka dots to become the focal point of your bedroom quickly.

11. Industrial Navy Blue And Grey Bedroom

As the name implies, industrial decor draws its inspiration from an urban loft of a warehouse. In most industrial bedrooms, it is common to find elements of unfinished rawness, such as exposed brick, ductwork, and exposed wood.

This aesthetic features high ceilings, old timber, and dangling metal fixtures with little practical furniture. A great way to accessorize with this aesthetic is by throwing in some abstract art or photography to include a burst of color in the otherwise neutral color scheme. 

12. Coastal Style Navy Blue And Grey Bedroom

Also known as the Hamptons style, coastal style decor is rooted in the iconic US beach culture. Airy color palettes and cool neutral shades are some of the standard features of a coastal style decor. In coastal decor, most furnishings are white, light grey, or beige, and the bedroom can feature accessories inspired by elements of wood or the sea.

You can choose plush gray bedding, navy blue throw pillows, and rugs typical of the coastal/Hampton style. Coastal bedrooms are relaxed and comfortable, drawing inspiration from the beach and the ocean.

13. Navy Blue And Gray Boho Bedroom

Boho aesthetic embraces unusual decor and reflects modern sensibilities using creative and carefree design. If you want a bedroom that is lively and full of culture, you should consider incorporating the boho aesthetic. Although two rooms can never be exactly alike, there are always similarities in boho-styled spaces.

Gray and navy blue works perfectly with the boho aesthetic because it allows you to layer and combine colors. When pulling off bohemian decor, you can work with navy blue as your base color, accessorizing with gray for a well-coordinated look. 

14. Contemporary Navy Blue And Gray Bedroom

Contemporary style decor uses solid colors such as navy blue and black to ground and defines the bedroom. Gray is an amazing accent against navy blue as it plays well against it. Navy blue walls act as an excellent backdrop for bright-colored accessories.

You can extend the color matching to furniture pieces and room decor, creating a bold but simple statement with your choices. When designing a contemporary navy blue and gray bedroom, the possibilities are endless, and you are free to experiment as much as you want.

15. Rustic Navy Blue And Gray Bedroom

Inspired by nature, rustic decor incorporates raw and unfinished elements such as wood and stone. The base color for rustic decor is gold and brown, and the aesthetic often includes accessories from the outdoors, making it easy to incorporate navy blue and grey.

The rustic design pulls warmth via architectural details such as vaulted ceilings decorated with wood beams and reclaimed wood floors, which can be incorporated into the bedroom. Rustic navy blue and gray decor incorporates modern furnishings and accessories into the aesthetic. 

Navy blue and grey rooms remain a favorite because of the calming atmosphere they create. If you’re thinking about giving your room a makeover, why not do it in navy blue and gray?