Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas And Styling Tips

While some love it and others hate it, open kitchen shelving will remain a top trend. Designers adore it for the possibility of displaying the most delicate pieces in your collection.

On the other hand, replacing the cabinets with shelving makes your kitchen feel more airy and open. 

However, there is one thing to be careful with. Open shelving can quickly turn from tasteful to tacky.

In this post, we share professional tips on how to style your open shelving in the kitchen. Once you go through them, you will do tasteful decor that complements your style!

Open Shelves Ideas For Your Kitchen

Varying textures

One of the ways to add visual dynamics to your shelving is to use different textures. This designer’s trick will elevate your decor and make it look like a professional did it.

In this example, you can clearly see how the designer mixed the different organic textures to achieve a visually pleasing arrangement. Each object has a distinctive texture, and combining them creates a playful look.

Start with ceramic pots to add a glossy surface. Rattan adds charm with this interesting woven texture. Then, your eyes transfer to something different. The stoneware has that unfinished look, while the wood has that authentic grain texture. By layering different materials, you create a tasteful yet attractive shelf decor. 

Go rustic 

Wooden shelves will add a touch of visual interest to your kitchen. The organic texture will bring charm in an unexpected way. We love how the warm wood creates a beautiful contrast with the white subway tile. 

Use the space wisely

The open shelving is here to help you use every inch of the vertical space wisely. They can be customized to fit your specific dimensions, so you can use the awkward corner space where you can’t place cabinets. 

Display your best pieces

When talking about open shelving styling, it is essential to know that aesthetics go over functionality. This means that you should reserve your best-looking pieces for the shelving. The old and chipped mugs won’t look stylish and sleek, so it is better to tuck them away in the cabinet. If you place random things on your shelves, they will end up looking cluttered and messy instead of tasteful. Therefore, be picky when choosing the right pieces to display. 

What to decorate your open shelving with?

When it comes to selecting the objects, there are a few things to consider. First, start with the things you already have in your kitchen. Displaying sets is an excellent way to start. You might have a lovely mug collection you want to admire. Or, you have a collection of colorful bowls that deserve attention. A stack of plates will also join the game to add visual interest. Despite adding a decorative touch, you will have the dishes within arm’s reach. 

One of the drawbacks of open shelving is that they will gather dust. Therefore, you need to clean more often to ensure your shelving looks pristine. But if you are early into this look, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

To add texture and a layering element, feel free to decorate with trays or charcuterie boards. Leaning them against the wall is an excellent way to add a decorative touch. Don’t forget that jars with ingredients will work as well. Get a nice set of jars and transfer your ingredients there for a sleek finish. Remember, no plastic or original packages since this will result in a cluttered and messy look. 

Add decor

When curating your shelving, you aren’t forbidden from using decorative objects. Even if the shelves are ideal for displaying your unique mugs and bowls, feel free to enhance the arrangement. Leaning artwork within the defined color scheme will step up the decor game, adding an unexpected element. You can also add planters to improve the decor and add an organic element. If you have an impressive collection of cookbooks, this is the right spot to show them off.

On the other hand, you will have plenty of inspiration for cooking tasty food. Make sure always to keep the shelving tidy and organized. Otherwise, they will look like you have placed random things there. 

Add lighting

If you want to highlight your precious collection, add lighting. Recessed lighting or beautiful lamps will work well for eliminating the collectibles. Or, you can use the under cabinet lighting strips to provide illumination subtly. If this doesn’t seem possible, you can always wrap the shelves with string lights. This simple step will add charm to your kitchen, complementing rustic and relaxed styles. 

Set up a coffee station

Having all the supplies in one place sounds like an excellent idea if you are a huge coffee lover. Even if you don’t have enough counter space to create your coffee station, you can use the vertical space available. Install floating shelves for additional storage and create a tasteful coffee corner that will make your busy mornings more manageable. Place your coffee machine on the counter for convenience. The shelves above the machine are ideal for stocking with your necessities. Get a stylish set for your favorite coffee and display your favorite mugs. Feel free to add anything related to coffee or your personal preferences. A jar of biscuits will complement the decor. Also, add any flavored syrups if you use them. It is all about making a DIY coffee bar that matches your taste.

Create a pantry

Not every home might have enough space for a pantry. If you need space for storing your groceries, an open shelving system can do the trick. Use every single inch of the vertical space available and add shelving from the floor to the ceiling for efficiency. Add wooden crates for the fresh produce and decorative jars for the ingredients. This will keep your pantry organized, and you will have every ingredient handy when cooking.