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A carefully curated outdoor space is the ultimate point for entertainment during summer. When you want to breathe fresh air and be closer to nature, you will head to your yard retreat. Setting up an outdoor entertainment space doesn’t have to be challenging.

An outdoor TV will complement your entertainment options, creating a central point of interest. Due to the layout, you might not know how to position the TV.

This post reveals the best outdoor TV ideas, so you can always find the right fit for your needs. Whether you have a covered patio or not, you will find the option that works for your space. 

1. Outdoor TV gazebo

Creating the ultimate spot for enjoying the summer evenings is a must if you are serious about outdoor entertainment. A gazebo is an individual structure that provides shade and protection from the rain. Therefore it is the ideal place for setting up your TV. The pavilion features a cozy seating area and a furnace, making it ready for the outdoor entertainment season. The TV is mounted on the structure and doesn’t take up any precious space. 

2. Part of the exterior

When you want to install an outdoor TV, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to have a solid base to mount the device. If your garden doesn’t have any, you can use the exterior walls of your house. Mount the TV on the exterior and provide an enclosure to keep it protected from weather conditions. On the other hand, the TV can be concealed when not in use. 

3. Built-in design

When you want to watch your favorite show but at the same time enjoy the outdoors, create a media unit in your yard. They built a wall to provide a secure base for attaching the TV. On the other hand, the wall covered with faux stones is the main focal point. You can enjoy a movie with your family while comfortably seated on the outdoor sofa. 

4. Patio TV

Finding the ideal positioning for outdoor TV is challenging for some. If you have a covered patio, your TV will already be protected from weather elements. This would become the ultimate point for setting up your entertainment unit and enjoying movies with family and friends. We love how they created a strong focal point with a fireplace and a TV. The whitewashed bricks add a dose of texture, making the outdoor entertainment space feel connected to the indoor living area. 

5. Outdoor living space

The covered patio is ideal for setting up the ultimate outdoor living space. This design features a TV unit with commentary seating. The focal wall is a strong statement with an organic texture, adding a dose of visual touch. The setting is completed with a conversational area with a swing. The modern space feels like an extension of the living room, staying cohesive with the style and color scheme. 

6. Sleek style

The covered area gathers multiple entertainment options for the outdoor stay. The TV and fireplace are the main focal point in this layout, followed by a cozy seating area. The outdoor kitchen comes with an ample dining table for fine dining. With this, the space provides entertainment for the whole family. The parents can enjoy a cup of wine and appetizers while the kids watch their favorite cartoons. With this, the setting offers entertainment options for everyone. 

7. Outdoor TV unit 

A commentary TV unit will help you create a solid focal point and make it appear more like a media center. The built-in shelving anchors the TV unit while adding visual interest. It recreates the same traditional setting that you would have in your living room. The rattan furniture adds organic touch, creating a cozy and comfy space for spending the summer evenings with family and friends. 

8. Ceiling outdoor TV

When there is no sturdy surface to mount the TV, you can use the ceiling. This folding TV mount is specially designed to save some precious space. Mount it on the ceiling and tuck away the TV when not in use. Although the patio is small, they managed to turn it into a cozy entertainment area with this small trick. 

9. Outdoor TV in a deck box

This is the best pick if you are looking for an easy fix and a budget-friendly solution among outdoor TV ideas. Tucking the outdoor TV in a deck box is a wise option to save money while enjoying your favorite TV show. When done watching, you will close the box, and the TV will stay protected. 

10. Outdoor bar with TV

If you have an outdoor bar, this will provide a secure structure for protecting the TV from weather conditions. On the other hand, it is the ideal opportunity to create an entertainment spot. You can grab a drink with friends and get seated on the bar stools overlooking the flat-screen TV. 

11. Wood TV enclosure

Given that your TV is already in a structure that keeps it safe from outdoor conditions, you can add wood folding doors to cover it. This is done for aesthetic purposes, in case you think that the modern device doesn’t fit your style. This patio features nature oriented style embracing earthy colors and natural materials so that a TV wouldn’t fit in. The owners covered the TV with wood doors to conceal it when not in use. 

12. TV cover with shutters

If you are into DIY-ing, then this project would be the ideal fit for you. The old shutters are returned into charming TV covers that protect the device. Also, they make the modern TV perfectly blend with their style. The repurposed shutters conceal the TV but ensure you use a waterproof device specially designed for outdoor use. 

13. Outdoor kitchen with TV

If you are into outdoor entertainment, a TV integrated into your kitchen would be the ideal fit. You can watch your favorite cooking show while preparing gourmet delicacies for family and friends. Add a discounted dining area nearby, and your ultimate space for al fresco dining is ready to host gatherings. 

14. DIY movie theater

If you wish to have a TV outdoors, you must choose an especially designed device for this use. You can’t simply pop your indoor TV because it won’t be protected against outdoor conditions. The outdoor TVs are waterproof and well-protected from dust and dirt. If you can’t afford a TV or want a bigger screen, you can always create a DIY movie theater with the help of a projector. This will complete the ultimate movie-watching experience for summer nights. The string lights bring subtle illumination and a romantic mood. 

15. Waterproof enclosure 

If you want to fit a regular TV in the outdoor space, you will need to provide a waterproof enclosure to protect it. This project shows you how to do it and save money. They managed to fit a TV in a waterproof cover specially designed for TVs. The outdoor TV enclosure will protect the device from water and dirt while allowing you to enjoy your favorite show.