Should You Paint The Inside of The Cabinets & Why?

Painting is DIYers’ favorite method for upgrading the kitchen. A fresh coat of paint will bring a modern look to any outdated kitchen while restoring its shine.

However, many might have many questions on their mind. Painting the inside of cabinets is one of the common questions that people have before starting this project.

Painting the inner part isn’t necessary since the surface already has a protective sealant. However, it is an excellent step towards modernizing your kitchen and enhancing its design. 

Painting The Inside of Cabinets:

Painting the inside of cabinets: Yes or no?

If you were thinking about painting the inside of cabinets, consider that this step isn’t necessary. The interior is already protected with a door, so there is no need to worry about dirt and grime. In fact, the project can be pretty complex. Covering the cabin interiors with paint can be a challenging job. Therefore, many homeowners avoid it and leave the cabinet interior as it is. 

However, painting the inside of cabinets has its advantages. It can improve the kitchen design and introduce a pop of color. You can opt for a monochrome look if you prefer subtle and sophisticated designs. Or, you can create a gorgeous contrast for a decorative touch. The choice depends on your kitchen style and preferences. 

The process of painting

While painting the cabinets can be pretty straightforward, it can turn into a real hassle when you reach the interiors. You might have trouble painting the hard-to-reach spots. Also, remember that you will need to remove the doors to paint the interior properly. This crucial step will help you reach the interiors better and apply an even coat.

Brush painting is a cost-effective option. However, make sure to choose the proper brush for the paint type. A synthetic brush will perform excellently with latex paint, while it is better to use a natural bristle brush for oil-based paint. 

One of the ways to make the process more straightforward is to use a spray gun to paint the interiors. Remember that you will need to use an adjustable spray gun with a smaller volume. This tool creates an even layer without variations in thickness. However, keep in mind that you will need to add extra costs for renting the equipment. Also, you will need to protect other surfaces in your kitchen when spray painting. 

 Overall, be ready to face challenges when painting the inside cabinets. If the project appears too demanding, you can leave them like that. 

Which paint to use for cabinet interiors

Choosing the right paint for the cabinet interiors might seem overwhelming with so many different types. Oil-based paints and latex paints are the most common choices for this project. Applying a sealant isn’t mandatory for the interiors, but you can still add it for additional protection against chipping. 


The surface needs to be prepped before you apply the paint. You will need to sand the surface for an even finish. If your kitchen is old and the interior has cracks and imperfections, be sure to fill them with a wood filler. Once done, be sure that the filler dries before going to the next steps.

Applying paint requires a spotless surface. So make sure to clean the dust and debris that came from sanding. Use a lint-free cloth to remove the particles before proceeding.

The advantages

If you are ready to take over the challenge, painting the inside of cabinets has many advantages. 

Matching look

You might not like how the interior stands out when you have already painted the exterior. Some people prefer a matchy look, so they will proceed to paint the interior as well. If you are one of them, painting the inside of the cabinets will help you achieve a refined and sophisticated look. Your kitchen will look cohesive and tasteful, so taking the extra effort will pay off. 

Visual interest

If you want to make a bold statement, painting the inside of the cabinets in a vivid color is an ideal choice. Choose a shade that creates a contrast with the exterior to make your kitchen design more unique. 

Improve glass front cabinets

The glass-front cabinets are ideal for displaying your fine pieces. Therefore you might want to upgrade the cabinet interior for the best impressions. A fresh coat of paint will highlight the beauty of your precious collection and create the ideal display. 


The process of painting the cabinet interiors might be time-consuming. Before you make a final decision on whether to take over this project, make sure to get familiar with the disadvantages.

Challenging process

The painting process might be too tricky if you don’t have the experience. Keep in mind that you will have to deal with hard-to-reach areas. Also, you will be required to remove the doors. And let’s not forget that you might end up with uneven coats. 

Paint chipping

Depending on the quality of the paint, the interiors will start chipping sooner or later. And the last thing you want is to paint pieces all over your dishes and cutlery. The most frequently used cabinets are more prone to chipping, so you need to clean those areas more often.

Takes time

While painting the cabinets is simple, it will take more time to paint the interiors. You will need to remove the doors and clean the inside of the cabinets before you proceed. If you can’t fit the extra hours into your busy schedule, this project is not for you. 

Higher costs

While painting the exterior is a quick and simple upgrade, it will cost you more money to do the interiors. Before you start, make sure that your budget covers the total costs. Again, keep in mind that the paint will chip over time and require repainting. 

Final thoughts

Painting the inside of the cabinets isn’t mandatory and is left to your preference. If you are ready to take over the project and customize your kitchen to match your expectations, you can proceed with it.