20 Best Pit Sectional Sofas

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A living room is the defining part of the whole house structure; it is the first place you encounter once you step inside any traditional or contemporary interior décor. How well your living room is, goes a long way to give your whole living space a kind of complete meaning.

That being said, the living room has certain elements that make sure it is indeed a central part of your home. These elements include your choice of furnishing and other décor accentuating items such as clocks, lamps, and even rugs. They all work in harmony to form the overall look that we see on the surface.

Underneath, however, if you were to dissect the framework of a functional, beautiful, and wholesome living room space, you would find one very important part. You may think to yourself, what is this mystery piece? Well, maybe we should address the elephant in the room, the sofa. The right choice of sofa goes a long way to hold together the overall aesthetic of your living space.

There are different types of sofas; for this article, we will discuss the modular pit sectional sofas. A pit modular sofa is a large modular sofa that should but not mandatorily consist of a U-shaped “sectional” and usually one or two large ottomans that can be pushed in to fill in the open space in front of the sectional.

Below is a list of the 20 best pit sectional sofas to choose from; you will find that regardless of your space, there is a sofa made especially for you. 

1. Beckham Modular Pit Sectionals from Bassett

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Want a sofa with endless possibilities? Then the Beckham modular sofa is made to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

If your space is too small, do not fret, the sofa can be as little or as big depending on the area you want it to fit into. Its design is adaptable to any space, whether big or small.

Not only is it versatile, but the sofa and its components are also made to be super durable thanks to top-stitching work. The plush seat cushions, as well as the back, are removable for easy cleaning.

2. Cloud Pit Sofa from Restoration Hardware

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This is dubbed as the #1 most comfortable pit sectional couch globally. It is designed by Cloud furnishings. Its design is based on the relaxed contemporary aesthetics of the mid-20th century.

The intention is to enjoy laidback lounging when they utilize the sofa. Thanks to its low 24″ back, a relaxed silhouette, and broad arms, this intent is ensured.

The appeal of this product is the ease of customization, its versatility in configuration, and it will not choke up your space. And did I mention it is super comfortable? The makers are not called Cloud for nothing, after all.

3. Coburn Pit Couch From Arhaus

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This casual-chic pit couch from Arhaus is perfect for any space, style, or aesthetic. It features Boho comfort, making leaving it to feel like a battle. 

The Coburn sectional couch has an oversized frame that is perfectly complemented by divinely plush, down-filled pillows with heavy stonewashed denim. Overall, it looks like a badass option to relax on and beautiful addition to any space.

And no, you do not have to worry about space with this sofa; it is adaptable as well, making sure it can fit into just about any space regardless of the size.

4. Peyton 6-piece modular pit sectional sofa from Crate & Barrel

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This modular sofa from Peyton is designed for a modern family that values comfort and style. It bears a slight resemblance to the Beckham in look and feel, but trust me, it is quite different.

It is quite durable, made with a sturdy and supportive innerspring suspension, making it excellent for active home space. Do not fret if your space is not quite as big; you can customize the couch to suit just about any desired space.

And while it is touted for its versatile function, it is also quite stylish because it has a sophisticated topstitching detail.

5. Tyson Pit Couch Sectional from World Market

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This exclusive modular pit couch from Tyson is designed to delight the consumer. It has modern, low-profile, and flange seams. 

It has an expansive six-piece arrangement and deep seats designed for optimal comfort, deep conversations, relaxation, and even movie nights. 

This couch features easy-to-clean upholstery, which means you do not have to worry about any accidental spills or stains. And if you have concerns about space, each piece of the couch can be rearranged to suit your needs. It is comfortable, stylish, and a versatile choice for any home.

6. Remi best pit sectional from West Elm

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The pit sectional couch from West Elm is designed to offer you a much airier and brighter space. So, if you need furniture that will not congest your space, this is made just for you.

And it comes in your preferred configuration choice as well, so you do not need to worry about space. You can also pick from various colors and fabrics that perfectly suit your style and desired aesthetics.

This couch takes a more contemporary approach to the pit sectional couch design. If it affords consumers a low-profile and boxy structure for their living space.

7. Cloud Puff Pit Sectionals from Amazon

This is another piece from Cloud, so you can already expect the world of softest sofa experience out there. The feeling this sofa brings is akin to floating on a cloud in the skies above every inconvenience.

Whether it is a loft, your family home, or an apartment, this couch is guaranteed to give you optimal comfort and relaxation. 

It is designed with a low contemporary frame which adds a sleek cohesion to your furniture pieces. Think of this as a suitable replacement for a futon; it can be a great substitute for a bed.

8. Owen Pit Sectional Couch from Arhaus

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This is another entry from Arhaus and a truly magnificent one as well. The Owen Pit sectional couch is a new modular pit sectional sofa that is making a swift rise to the top of many people’s favorite lists.

Once you see the couch, it’s very easy to fall in love with it; the moment you lay your eyes on the loose knife edge cushions, you are guaranteed a quality relaxation experience. It is also quite durable too.

It is also space-efficient, so you do not have to worry about how it’ll fit into your living space.

9. Luka pit sectional couch from ZGallerie

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ZGallerie is infamous for its bold and glam reimagining of mundane furniture designs, and the “Luka” does not disappoint at all.

With the loose back cushions and fully upholstered linear pit sofa, you can relax in absolute comfort. This pit sectional couch features hand-stitched wide arms and back; the process for the stitching involves a multi-step process that makes it a truly unique design.

This modular couch features a deep seat, which indicates a desire to allude to a more contemporary design, perfect for your modern home.

10. Big Sur sofa pit from Pottery Barn

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This couch from Pottery Barn is perfect if you like hosting the occasional movie nights with your family or friends. The “Big Sur” is a U-chaise double sectional, and it features a contemporary aesthetic with wide track arms.

It is also perfect for any space; with easily customizable parts, you can ensure your space, no matter how small, can host it. You also have the avenue to choose from various colors and sizes if you feel like doing a little interior design of your own.

The Big Sur may look simple and may not catch your eyes at first glance, but it holds so much potential for you and your home.

11. Dawnelle Sectional Pit Sofa From Wayfair

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Wayfair opts for a polyester velvet look for this sectional pit couch, and my word, it makes it all the more elegant and luxurious. The feet of the sofa are tapered blocks with a contemporary silhouette.

Depending on your desired space, you can arrange and rearrange the pieces to suit it, whether small or huge. The sofa can seat at least six people comfortably, making it a great choice for big families. It also has a fairly standard seat depth, which allows you to enjoy a truly immersive and comfortable experience.

12. Turn modular couch from Crate & Barrel

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This is a rather “new” modular sectional couch; it is a gorgeous pit-style sectional couch from Crate & Barrel. It features a truly stylish silhouette that will give your interior décor a much-needed upgrade.

The Turn modular couch is practically stain-proof and dirt-proof, made from cotton-linen sateen that allows you “spot-clean.” But of course, you can have it professionally cleaned every year to help maintain its beauty.

Thanks to its subtle curves, this modular sectional couch affords you the privilege of lounging in style. You can, of course, rearrange it so it fits in with your desired space.

13. Lumin modular sectional from CB2

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Are you a bachelor looking for the perfect sectional couch for you? Perhaps you want something that truly defines your style perfectly? Then this one’s got your name all over it. It is comfortable and made with 100% linen to create a contemporary feel and look for your living space.

You do not have to worry; it has four modular pieces that together form its silhouette for customization. This silhouette features a low frame and deep, pillow-topped cushions. It is perfect for long hours of optimal relaxation, and you can do this in such a grand style.

14. Range 6-Piece Open U Sectional Lounger

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This 6-piece Open-U sectional couch is a modern sofa with a seamless merger between sink-in comfort and contemporary design. If you need a versatile and stylish inclusion in your space, then this is the one for you.

It is stain-resistant, durable, and very adaptable. Regardless of your space, even if it is not ideal, you can rearrange the 6-piece Open U Sectional Lounger to adjust to it. And you can add more modules to increase the configuration flexibility.

Its look exudes luxury and a serious décor, guaranteed to upgrade your space.

15. The Kova Pit from Albany Park

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The Kova is an endlessly versatile modular section pit sofa, offering multiple arrangement configurations regardless of your space. This sofa makes sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time whenever it is movie night.

It can double as a giant bed and as a living room sofa, so you can utilize it however you wish. And it gives maximum relaxation, so much that you will never want to leave once you get settled in.

The design for the Kova is a mix of contemporary design and “sink-in” comfort, and it is also quite easy to assemble.

16. The Sactional Modular Sofa from Lovesac

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This modular from Lovesac, cutely titled “Sactional,” is a thing of beauty, function, and of course, comfort. For a 4-piece setup, it is quite easy to configure to suit your home, regardless of its size. It comes with a literal loveseat-sized sofa and two ottomans, which means you can expand your seat arrangements.

The Sactional is a very versatile addition to your living room; in fact, it is advertised and marketed as THE most adaptable living room furniture piece. You can get up to 200 “machine-washable” covers whenever you like, which means you can endlessly update your sofa’s look.

17. Bondi Modular Sofa

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This beautiful piece of furniture from Inside Weather is soft, as soft as a cloud, and allows for a series of custom seating configurations for your space. The Bondi modular sofa has a contemporary silhouette that makes it stand out in any home.

You do not have to fear about cleaning or stains messing it up; each of the pillows and cushions has removable, easy-care covers and, of course, a nylon casing that keeps the soft cushions protected.

If you wish to increase the number of seats, there is an option of buying more modules. You have the liberty to mix and match as you please.

18. Weisman from Wayfair

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Wayfair is heavily committed to redefining the modern relaxation furniture business. They have gone several steps further with the Weisman, creating a modular pit sectional sofa that goes perfectly in any modern lounging area.

This modular design makes it quite adaptable to just about any space you wish to use it for. Although it is quite smaller than the other pit sectional sofas on this list, it is not a drawback; it makes it very adaptable.

So, if you have needed a pit sectional but are worried about how small your space is, this is a perfect fix, or rather, fit.

19. Atis from Wayfair

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This is another entry from Wayfair, which continues to set the pace for what is considered chic and comfortable. Their designs challenge the norm and provide much more exciting alternatives.

The “Atis” is quite a ‘colorful’ addition to any living room; with its multiple color choices, you can make sure your space is alive and vibrant. You can get it in black, grey velvet, navy or cream.

And, yes, you do not have to worry about it not fitting in with your living room space; you can reconfigure it so that it properly adjusts with it.

20. Upholstered Pit Sectional from Anthropologic

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This is a rather “artsy” reimagination of what a modular pit-sectional should look like.        With this sofa, your living room is guaranteed to have a very chic and bold aesthetic. Thanks to this brilliantly made piece, you can wow your guests with your superior sense of style.

It is fashionable, fabulous, and trendy, making it a wise choice if you wish to spruce up your home. It is also weather-resistant; if you want to try it out in a more open space, the possibilities are endless. 

Thanks to its modular design, this pit sectional is also quite easy to rearrange to suit any desired space.


A modular pit sectional couch can go a long way to define and properly spruce up your living room space. The trick, however, is finding which one is the right one for you. There are many choices for you to pick from, but not all of them will suit you or your desired space.

So, when next or whenever you decide your living room or lounge needs a pit sectional sofa (p.s, it does), the above are the best of the lot. Depending on your sense of style, desired space, and budget, there is a sofa just for you; the possibilities are infinite.