15 Playroom Ideas on a Budget

If you have a spare room in your house, a great idea to take advantage of that space and keep your children happy is to use it as a playroom. For them, it will be a space to learn and play with different activities, and for you, as parents, it will be a great help to concentrate all the toys and activities in a single room, which will make the rest of the house organized and clean. 

To create a dream room for your children, it is not necessary to spend a fortune; with these ideas adjusted to a budget, you can create a magical, fun, and useful environment for them!

Playroom Ideas on a budget:

A fun chalkboard wall

A fantastic idea for your children to develop their creativity and have fun painting without the risk of having everything being covered in paint is to decore one of the walls of the playroom with chalkboard paint. The paint is cheap and easy to apply, as well as the different colored chalks.

Your children will be able to doodle, write and play freely, and erasing and starting all over again will be easy and clean.

You can use the whole wall, or create figures on the wall, like a house, animals, a castle, trees… the possibilities are endless!

The art and crafts corner & gallery

As we have said before, children love to play with paints and draw and create figures with modeling clay and cheap and attractive craft materials, dry pasta, lentils, and cotton with glue. You can create a special area in the playroom with easy-access storage for your children to select the materials and at the same time stay organized when they finish. To make the space special for them, you can hang their creations with clothespins or hooks or with some washi tape or thumbtacks. With cheap materials, your children can have an art gallery where they are the main artists!

Small furniture adapted to their size

The furniture in the rest of the house is all in the size of adults, so one way to make this space special for your children is to get small second-hand tables and chairs made of plastic or wood, or new ones at a good price. It will be exciting for them to have their own chairs and tables, and for you, the advantage is that they can get dirty without any problem. 

They can personalize their chair or stool with stickers, paint them with their favorite colors, whatever they want!

Having this furniture will be useful for all art and craft activities, as well as for playing with puzzles or blocks or for having a snack.


Creating a space for a little nap in the playroom can be a great idea. Your children will love taking a nap in their own space. If your children no longer use the crib, you can use that mattress or a slightly larger one that is not in use and simply raise it a little with the help of pallets. You can find second-hand beanbags comfortable enough for a nap or create a fun and cute cushion area with blankets. 

Book corner

Reading and looking at picture books is as important to children as playing. Creating a special area inside the room, with easily accessible shelves for them, will be ideal for creating moments of reading and resting from games.

There are shelves at a very low cost, which you can install yourself on the wall without the need for large expenses. 

You can create different groups of books according to their theme, use colors and stickers to differentiate them, as well as different heights for each of the children.

For them, it will be important to learn to organize the books according to their location, and you will be teaching them to use the library while having fun and enjoying their favorite books.

A teepee tent

It can be a perfect and cozy place for your children to let their imagination fly, play in a quiet and comfortable space, and be the perfect spot to hide!

There are teepees of all sizes, styles, and budgets. A cheap option can be to try to build it yourself, using sheets or tablecloths that are no longer in use; if they are white or in neutral colors, you can play with your children to decorate the fabric. If you have a little more budget, there are online stores where small brands sell teepees at a good price. Using cushions and blankets, you can create a dream space indoors for the fantasies of the little ones!

A mini stage

If your children love to dress up, sing and act, you can create a small stage for them without spending a lot of money. You just have to get pallets, make sure they are safe for them, the surface flat and free of splinters or holes. You can paint the pallets or put them on a rug. For the curtains, you can use some that are no longer in use or buy second-hand or cheap ones. Your children can create a sign with the name of the stage, and with a can and a broomstick, create microphones. With a floor lamp, you can create the spotlights and thus have everything ready for the show!

Warm lights

To create a fantasy space for the playroom, you can add fairy lights with soft colors or with warm light. These lights always give a cozy and charming touch to spaces, creating a magical atmosphere. The lights can accompany your children in their games as well as in their naps.

There are lights shaped like stars, moons, flowers, or simple and delicate. You can play around with the settings to add flair to their games or leave them static.

Bright colors

You can add a special touch to this room by decorating it with bright and attractive colors for children. Likewise, you can decorate one of the walls with wallpaper or with a mural created with your children’s favorite animals and plants, or their names, for example.

To create this, you do not need to spend a lot of money. You can find on the internet pieces of vinyl, wallpaper, and art students at reasonable prices. Also, with small decorative details, such as a lamp or cushions, you can add that vibrant tone that will make the room a happy and fun space.

Foam tiles

You can create a fun and safe space for your children if you use foam tiles. You can differentiate areas in the playroom using different combinations or cover the floor completely. They come in many colors, they are easy to clean, and if they have designs and colors, children can organize them in another way, make their own combinations and play with them.

For you, the advantage is that they are resistant and durable and can be easily cleaned.

Climbing wall

To give your children a space to release all their energy, you can create a simple and safe climbing wall. You can combine it with wallpaper or murals to create a fun space that lets their imagination fly while creating their own games and adventures.

The climbing wall will give your children mental and physical stimulation, as well as an ideal way to exercise while playing.

If you put cushions on the mattress that we mentioned above, security is guaranteed.

Miniature house

If your children like to play with elements of adult life, such as the kitchen, the store, shopping, creating an area where these toys are gathered will give the feeling of a small house within the room. Together with the furniture to their size, this is ideal for playing with dolls and different toys; it will keep them entertained for hours. 

Toys storage

The playroom fulfills the function of being a fun and functional space, so finding a toy storage solution is important!

Children accumulate many toys and elements for their games. If from a young age you instill in them to order their things, you will be helping them a lot. There are different options, you can use decorated cardboard boxes, plastic containers, or a combination of shelves with storage, where you can play with the decoration, and your children can help put names, stickers, or colors to the different containers.


A decorative touch that is didactic at the same time.

Children learn a great deal by looking at themselves in the mirror and by looking at spaces through them, and it is an interesting way to study the world around them.

It is important to choose a safety mirror for children and put it in an area of the room where you can cover it if you see that it overstimulates the child.

Around the mirror, you can put stickers on vinyl, and with special markers, you can make designs to make it more beautiful and fun.

Nice posters

Finally, you can add decorative framed prints. They can have pedagogical elements, such as the alphabet, animals, a world map, personalized illustrations with the names of your children, a family portrait, or their favorite things!