15 Pool Privacy Ideas For Your Backyard

Having a pool in your backyard is indeed a luxury. But being seen by a passerby while clad in a swimsuit is awkward. Or you don’t want people just barging into your poolside. Worst, what if stray animals end up coming there unwelcomed. So together with the pool construction, it is necessary to plan how to secure your privacy. Are you clueless about what you can do?

Here are 15 Pool Privacy Ideas that are both stylish and beautiful structures.

1. Privet Evergreen Shrub Natural Fence

Nature lovers and green thumbs would love this idea. There is nothing better than diffusing sustainable development items whenever possible. Shrubs like the Privet plant are fast-growing, easy to maintain, very dense, and sometimes tiny white flowers spring from them. Do take note that choosing this option would require frequent pruning. But the natural beauty it provides, especially when the white blooms are in season, is worth the effort. So if you want your pool privacy idea to have an ecological effect, then this is it.

2. Decking Glass Balustrade

It would be a waste to beautify your poolside and hide it from view. If you want to show it but still establish boundaries, then a glass balustrade is a good idea. There are heavy-duty glass materials that can endure the elements and not break. The design is simple but elegant. It is a recommendation to have a weekly cleaning schedule. Wiping it with a clean rug paired with soap and water is enough. It is necessary to keep the glass crystal clear and attractive. This style is very modern and minimalistic.

3. Bali-inspired Wooden Fence

Everyone dreams of enjoying a vacation in tropical hot spots like Bali. But if you are on a budget or cannot travel due to health reasons, here is an alternative for you. For those blessed with a spacious backyard, why not build a Bali-inspired fence on your pool area? All you need are thinly cut lumber, have it varnished, and install it vertically. To add more effect, unevenly coat the wood with light and dark shades of brown. It will add to the authenticity of the ambiance.

4. Concrete Wall with Landscaping

What if you don’t have the finances to get creative with your pool privacy wall? Then improve it with some landscaping instead. Once the wall is built, have it painted with a neutral color. White paint is fit for this job. Then surround the pool area with natural elements like plants, stones, pebbles, and healthy brown soil. This design is both luxurious and therapeutic. Plus, you are doing the environment a favor by growing some plants.

5. Wood Lattice Fence 

Are you tired of the conventional solid and dense designs? Why not add in a dash of creativity when building your pool privacy fence? Wood lattice fences are attractive pieces that give a sense of art. You can choose colors like light brown, natural wood color, white, or even black. The nice thing about this idea is it can be lightweight depending on the lumber type. You can have it permanently or temporarily installed by your poolside.

6. Steel Side Fences

If you have the cash to spare and want to invest in durability, then a steel side fence is suited for you. This option is often made of tough aluminum alloy that can withstand extreme weather. This structure is suitable for locations that have changing seasons. It usually comes in black or gray, but there is no fixed rule on what color to use. You can surround the pool with these materials, and it can also serve as an additional security measure. Kids or small pets cannot go in the poolside unguarded from the outside.

7. Black Cable Railing Pool Fence

Do you want to get creative with steel pool fences without the tedious welding jobs? Then using a black cable railing will give you this flexibility. You can choose from various patterns like horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or lattice. It is material made of marine-grade stainless steel. The black color is due to the procedure called black oxide. It gives this item an attractive black matte finish. This design may look minimalistic, but it is made to be tough.

8. Farm Life-Inspired Fence

Are you a fan of countryside living? Then why not incorporate it into your pool fence idea. Here is a farm life-inspired fence design. It is a copy of how sheep and cattle are secured. Now you can do the same for your pool. Strangers or stray animals will not be able to enter the area easily. Using wood, you can build this structure. Paint it with your preferred colors to fit your home’s motif.

9. Brass Mesh Pool Fence

Do you find purely aluminum designs lacking? Then you can try out another metal material. Another available option is called brass metal mesh. It is made through a combination of copper and zinc alloy. The produced wire strands are woven together to create a screen material. It is a nice decorative accent that will cover your poolside as a fence. Using this material, your structure will have a clean finish look that is refreshing to look at. At the same time, it can also filter out small debris from coming inside the pool area. It is not only for security but for cleanliness too.

10. Classic Brick Wall

Visiting historical places is memorable due to their distinct structures. Then why not use it as an inspiration for your home’s pool privacy ideas? Having a brick wall constructed to match your pool will give a vibe of ancient Rome or Greece. Come to think of it, these civilizations are known for their bathhouses. Relive this era and keep your space private by choosing this style.

11. Mix and Match Wood, Brick, and Cement Wall

Are you still undecided about what ambiance you want for your pool privacy idea? Then don’t stress yourself and combine three concepts into one. Wood is an element that calms the nervous system. It will contribute to having a relaxing atmosphere. Then a cement wall is a sturdy material that can last for a long time. Lastly, adding decorative bricks will turn the area into a charming and unique place.

12. Pyramidal Shrubs Walls

Gardening enthusiasts would probably want their poolside walled by plants. This idea is possible by cultivating Arborvitae. It is a type of evergreen shrub that grows fast and has hardwood. This variant comes in a natural pyramidal form. Meaning once it is planted, it will keep this shape. Say goodbye to tedious pruning! This shrub does not require tedious care from its owner. It is the reason why Arborvitae is a popular decorative shrub. It is one unique and natural wall covering pool privacy ideas that are also good for the environment.

13. Vinyl Pool Fence

Do you have conflicting feelings about using wood due to its durability? But you want the aesthetics it provides? Here is a solution to your dilemma, use Vinyl to make your pool fence. Vinyl is made of a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is about five times tougher than wood and easy to install. Therefore this is a good pool privacy idea to secure the vicinity of your pool from stray animals and strangers. It can take the shape of the usual wood and metal design of fences. It is also easy to maintain and clean. A popular color for this material is white. It is a neutral color that can suit any type of theme your pool has. Talk about being versatile and fashionable at the same time.

14. Laser Cut Decorative Panels

Are you tired of the plain patterns using metal and wood? Then add some originality to your pool privacy idea by utilizing Laser Cut Decorative options. Unleash your imagination by choosing a creative design to be etched on either wood or metal. Choose from geometric shapes, nature patterns, or even your original artwork. You can also be playful and experimental with the colors to be painted on it. If you want it more private and exclusive, you can even customize it with initials or family insignias. Just talk directly to your provider; they will be more than happy to give you what you want.

15. Wood Wall and Glass Fence

Do you want your backyard pool area to have a vibe of a relaxing sauna? Turn this dream into a reality by combining a wood wall and glass fence to your poolside. The natural color of wood gives a relaxing atmosphere. It gives a sense of calm that is good for the nervous system. Having this set-up at home is like enjoying a day in a nature retreat facility. Of course, you want to show this amazing structure to many while keeping unwanted visitors out. That is why enclosing the entrance area with a glass fence is a genius idea. People can admire it but cannot immediately access space which still makes it very private.