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A swimming pool is the superior domestic luxury every homeowner would love to have. After a long day of hard work, you enter your pool relax your body with no disturbance.

Have you ever considered the beautiful bright color designs that your pool gives if its steps are constructed from different types of tiles, giving you the feeling that you were in a tropical paradise? Did you know your pool tile steps can attract customers to your hotel every day after seeing the fantastic reflection from your pool step tiles? 

Benefits of Pool steps

Pool steps are safer to use than a pool ladder. When you incorporate a pool step in your pool construction, you enjoy its robust benefits. The pool step is commonly used for people with less mobility, such as children or aging people. When they feel like swimming, they can easily use the steps to get into the pool rather than a ladder.

A comprehensive pool step helps you step in and out of your pool easily. You can also decide to add railing to your pool step design for easy gripping. This article will show you pool step tile ideas so you can choose the step tile idea suitable for your pool.

Pool step tile ideas

Pool and tiles have been dated back to 4000 years in the Greek and Roman. Tiles have dual-function in pool construction. It makes a pool durable and beautiful. You can transform your pool into an art masterpiece using different types of pool steps tile ideas you can use to give you great beautification. The following are the step tile ideas you can use for your pool steps. 

1. Trim Tile on Pool Steps

Having a trim tile at the edge between the tread and riser of your pool step doesn’t only give you the sensation that you are at the extreme edge of your tile step but also gives your pool its finished look. Trim tile is of various designs, colors, patterns, and shapes. You can decide to give your tile any pattern or design you want.

It’s a norm to get a sharp edge for your pool step as sharp edges of a pool step tile can easily chip off or break, therefore causing injuries. But if you use trim tile, your pool steps get finished with clean edges that protect you from injury even if you have a slight slip or trip from your pool step.

2. Pool Step Accent Tiles

The accent tile is another choice to make your pool step eye appealing. If you want a pool with a low budget yet with high quality of beautification, accent tile is the best for you. 

Accent tiles have variable designs that are suitable for your pool steps. Primarily, Accent tiles are used for finish touching in tiles arrangement. You can use the idea of different arrangements of accent tiles at either the riser or tread of your pool step for easy viewing and beautification when stepping in and out of your pool.

When you use accent tile, you don’t need to use other trim tiles at the edges of your pool steps because accents are smooth, protecting your foot from injury while stepping in or out of your pool.

The accent tile is the best for you if you have a low time frame for your pool step construction because it’s easy to install.

If you want a compelling look in your pool steps, it’s best to choose an accent tile because accent tile is used as a border between two tiles. You can use the idea of using a darker accent tile color than the other tiles you use for your pool. You can also decide to choose several different colors, shapes, and even decorative patterns for your riser or tread border, depending on the design of your choice.

You can also use the idea of shape forming on your pool step riser and tread. That is, use dark-colored accent tiles to create a diamond shape, or you alternate a dark accent tile with a light one at either of your pool step risers or tread or bother for a decorative, attractive look and protection.

3. Glass Tile on Pool Steps

If you want spectacular and aesthetic finishing value for your pool step, then the pool step idea you should use is the glass tile. But the question you would probably think of is, can I use a glass tile on my pool step without tripping or slipping? Yes, you can use a glass tile on your pool step without slipping or tripping. All you have to do is use a glass tile that is properly designed as solid glass floor tiles with ASTM standard approval pasted in it.

A glass floor tile is designed to be stepped on without slipping or tripping. It’s also advisable to seek an expert’s advice when choosing the suitable floor tile for your step.

Glass tile has a lot of benefits which makes it useful for your pool steps. You get a versatile beauty and light reflection which you can’t get from other tiles. You get the joy of looking at its elegant design while you relax in your pool. And it’s easy to disinfect.

Your pool step will always maintain its integrity if you choose glass tile as it is durable and chemical resistant, unlike other tiles, which can get cracks and even chip off when affected by chemicals. You can also blend three or four different glass tiles to form a diagonal shape with bright optical reflective color as you step into your pool after getting Sun’s light.

One last thing is to get an expert tile installer to help you install your pool step glass tile properly because glass tile installation is not as easy as the other tiles.

4. Pool Step Marker Tiles

Step marker tiles’ function is to incorporate unique design elements into the pool and act as a protective sign while swimming in your pool. Step marker tiles are contrasting tiles indicating where the edges of your steps, bench, and swim out lie.

Step marker tiles help you locate steps quickly while stepping in or out of your pool. It also helps to highlight where shallow and deep areas are in your pool water as you enjoy your swimming.

You can decide to use a contracting marker tile for your pool step for sharp view and safety. Alternatively, you can choose to form any design or alternate the marker tile. 

5. Pool Step Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile has been in use for many centuries, yet it still maintains its classic design trend. Using mosaic tiles in your pool is regarded as a premium pool interior finish and a stunning focal point in your home or hotel.

Mosaic tiles are available in limitless designs and colors, which you can use at your pool steps’ edges, giving you an eye-catching effect that makes you step in or out of the pool without falling. Mosaic tiles are highly durable, making your pool steps strong without cracking.

You can easily use mosaic tiles to create any design of a continuous rope style or spotter medallion style at the tread and riser of your pool steps giving your pool step an appealing appearance while you step in and out of your pool.


Tiles are a premium finish for concrete pools and are durable to keep your pool for an extended period. But sometimes, tiles can be dangerous in pool steps when not used properly. If you use the pool step tiles ideas of trim, accent, glass, marker, and mosaic tiles given in this article to design your pool steps, you’ll have dual functionality of beautification and protection of tiles in your pool.