Printer paper storage ideas: 15 Ideas on Storing and Organizing Your Printer Paper

image source: decoratorchoice

An organized workplace will increase your productivity levels and boost your motivation. Of course, a messy desk doesn’t look appealing. When the printer paper makes the space look cluttered, it is time to organize it. With so many ideas to pick from, you will always find the organization option that works well for your space and budget.

Whether you have a craft room or a home office, we share the best printer paper storage ideas. Once you go through them, you will get the inspiration you need for organizing your printer paper. Let’s get through the ideas together and find the perfect fit for your requirements!

Printer paper storage ideas:

1. File organizers

Having an organized home office doesn’t have to cost you much. When you already have the cabinets, revamp them with file organizers to store your printer paper. Each file organizer will comfortably hold one package of printer paper while allowing easy access. Also, this method is convenient if you use paper in different colors or quality and want to sort them accordingly. 

2. Thin drawers

If you love making paper crafts, then you want to have access to your printing paper. When having it stowed somewhere in a cabinet doesn’t work for you, these thin drawers will be of enormous help. You can leave them on the tabletop and have your printer paper accessible at all times. This hack is particularly convenient if kids also use paper. 

3. DIY paper organizer

Another printer paper storage idea is creating a bespoke solution to fit your space. This simple storage solution provides different compartments but makes the paper easily accessible. The best thing is that it will save you so much precious space. If you’re feeling crafty, head to your local DIY store and get the needed supplies. 

4. Storage rack

A storage rack tucked under the desk is the ideal space-saving solution for compact workspaces. It doesn’t take much of your precious space but remains functional. The smart design features sliding racks, so the printer paper is within arm’s reach. Plus, you have the option to add many different colors and keep them organized. 

5. Basket organizers

A basket will be an excellent start if you’re looking for printer paper storage ideas to match your office aesthetic. With a decorative and distinctive woven texture, they will add visual appeal to the space. On the other hand, you can get wicker baskets for cheap. The narrow baskets stacked on each other will provide storage for your printer paper while looking adorable. 

6. Printer stand

Some of you are using the printer frequently and would want to have the needed supplies in one place. In such a case, create a printing station with a simple stand that hosts your needed materials. The small cabinet provides shelving for the paper, with a glass door to make them visible. The printer is on top of the cabinet, bringing functionality with this compact design. 

7. Desktop printer shelf 

When you don’t have enough space for printer paper storage, use the tabletop. We love how they fitted a printer paper storage station with all the necessities. A stackable shoe organizer is a smart way to increase the storage space on your desk. The small printer fits perfectly in, while the shelf provides space for storing your paper. 

8. Vertical storage

When you work in a small space, it is important to play smart. Use the vertical space available to fit a wise storage system for your paper. Use the wall storage options for newspapers to organize your printer paper and keep it within arm’s reach. The printer is located on a floating shelf for convenience. 

9. Wicker baskets and shelving unit

In the world of organizing hacks, wicker baskets at everything. They will help you hide any clutter while contributing to the room’s aesthetics. The simple storage solution involves a shelving unit with two compartments. The square baskets with a handle make the paper easily accessible while having a presentable look. The top is ideal for storing your printer and creating a DIY printer station for your convenience. 

10. Cart

If you’re looking for an affordable and quick solution, a cart can help you. All you need to do is find a tiered cart at an affordable price. We love the fact that this creates a portable printer station, so you can quickly move it around to fit your needs. Get a wireless printer and finish your tasks quickly with this smart design. The printer paper goes on the bottom shelf, while the paper-cutting machine goes on top. 

11. Concealed printer and drawers

 A streamlined office will increase your motivation and boost your performance. Therefore, you want to reduce the visual clutter to a minimum. Office devices can create a cluttered look. Therefore, designers would try to conceal the devices behind cabinets. If you want a minimalist office with less visual clutter, a concealed printer will do the job. Tuck the printer station in a cabinet and create an expandable shelf for easy access. The boxes are also extendable, making it easy to access your printer paper and other bare essentials.

12. Plastic storage boxes

Organizing your craft closet can be challenging. To do this without spending much time and money, get some of the cheap plastic boxes in your local home store. The deep boxes are ideal for storing your printer paper, while the handles make it easily accessible. For convenience, add labels to each box. This will keep your closet organized and neat while having everything closely. 

13. Rolling shelf cart under the desk

This simple yet charming home office implements an intelligent storage solution for printer paper. The rolling shelf cart is tucked under the desk for maximum space efficiency. We love how they customized the cart, painting the inside with a vivid coral color. It is a charming detail that does its job of storing the essentials at the same time. The jute rug, patterned window treatments, and striped chair bring personality to the space. 

14. Printer station

A sleek printer station that fits the minimalist vibe of your office will also keep the printer paper organized and neat. The shelving unit by Ikea is a cheap find that can be used in many different ways. Use your creativity to make an office station that gathers the ultimate essentials for your work tasks. With plenty of space for storage and styling, it will become a stylish focal point in your workspace. 

15. Repurposed shoe rack

This is another one of the partner paper storage ideas that showcases clever use of the affordable Ikea finds. You will be amazed to see how they used vertical shoe storage to organize the partner paper. This is a cheap and easy hack for the ones that work with lots of printer paper. Despite keeping everything within arms reach, you will easily conceal the paper for a streamlined office look. The shoe storage can be easily mounted on the wall so that you can use the extra vertical space available. You are free to include as many of these compartments as you need for storing your essentials.